Travel Tuesdays


This page is all about sharing my travel experiences, packing tips and tricks, packing lists, and photos of my adventures. I would love to start making links to other people’s posts about travel, so if you have a post you would like to share, please email

Packing and Planning

My Travel Beauty Essentials

Autumn Long Weekend Away Packing List

European Packing List Inspired by Travel Fashion Girl

European Packing List – take 2 (with outfit combinations)

Planning My Europe Packing List

Suitcase Woes

Should I Pack My Jeans?

Travel Outfit Ideas

The Mistakes I Learnt When Travelling – Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

What to Pack: Croatian Sailing Tour

Road Trip Essentials

Autumn Long Weekend Away with Special Event

My Adventures

To the Centre of Greece: Meteora & Kalambaka

Vintage Barbie’s Best & Worst Travel Experiences of 2014

Travel Tuesday: Postcards from Hong Kong

What to Do in Geneva in Winter

Dangar Falls and Rainforrest Trek at Dorrigo

Postcards from an Aussie Summertime Roadtrip

My Time in Athens

Floriade Fun

Canberra Skyfire 2015

A Week at Twin Waters Resort

What to Do in Hong Kong – Day Time Activities and Night Time Activities

Coming Soon

Canberra’s Annual Multicultural Festival

Bushwalk to Turros Falls

A Week in Paradise: Vanuatu for New Years

My Technology Essentials

Carry-on Essentials

Summer European Packing List

What to Pack: Hong Kong

What to Pack: Camping in Australia

What to Pack: Summer in Greece

What to Pack: Summer in London

Suggested Itinerary for A Week in London

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