The “Simone” Dress

I recently resigned from my casual job at Forever New. I loved working there and always had so much fun. It was a great company to work for, the girls I worked with were amazing people and of course, I loved the clothes at Forever New.

Now that my full time job is starting to push me towards my career goal of being a lawyer, I do not have as much time as I used to. I am often exhausted by the weekend and it started becoming a struggle to go to a retail job on Friday nights and over the weekend. So unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the job. But I know that I will always still shop at Forever New and especially go into the store to say hello to the lovely Forever New Girls.

When I worked at Forever New I was a typical Forever New Girl. I love pastels, pink, florals, lace, pearls, embellishments… Anything feminine was always right up my ally, and lucky for me it was always quintessential Forever New. These feminine styles are what Forever New is known for, and it made it easy to sell clothes that I loved!

In the summer of 2014/2015 Forever New released a beautiful sundress. It looked like it was inspired by late fifties/early sixties styled dresses, and had a beautiful floral print on a mint green base colour. When I saw it come in to the store, I fell in love with it. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. When I saw that it was called “Simone” – I knew I had to buy it. After all, how often do you find a dress with your name that is everything you want in a dress? The girls in store also said that it was definitely “a Simone dress” (okay, a lot of dresses were referred to as that, hence the reason I am a typical Forever New girl!).

The only problem was that I didn’t have the money for it that week. So I decided to wait until the following week to buy it. But someone else obviously also fell in love with that dress – when I went back in store after payday, the only size 10 had already been bought by a customer. gone in my size. I really wanted the dress, so I went online to buy it at full price… All the size 10s were sold out online as well! I was heartbroken!

Skip ahead to September 2015. I am on a Facebook group called Forever New Buy Swap and Sell. I randomly came across a post with my dress – someone was selling a brand new with tags Simone dress! I was so excited!!! I bought it, it was delivered a few days later and I was so so happy!

It’s definitely my style, and I always get compliments in it. I was even told by a stranger that I look like a vintage barbie doll in it – obviously I picked the right name when naming my blog!

Dress: “Simone” Dress by Forever New | Shoes: Wittner | Hat: Forever New | Sunglasses: Vintage (found on eBay) | Earrings and Bracelet: Devine Goddess (from jeweller) | Bag: Valleygirl

What do you think of the Simone Dress by Forever New? Post your thoughts int the comments section.

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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The Sky Is Grey

As much as I love springtime, it’s not always sunshine and florals. In Canberra the weather changes quickly  and often, so you may experience a beautiful warm day but a freezing cold, windy and rainy night.

When it came into spring, I wanted a pretty skirt and crop set that could be matched with one another but also worn separately. As much as I wanted a pretty pastel or floral set, when I came across this set from Showpo I knew it would be perfect for the warmer days as well as the cooler days.

I love that this set is like a moden day twist on a vintage style print. The print makes the skirt perfect to wear for work, for a baby shower, for dinner, for a hens weekend and even for a wine tour! The crop is something I will probably wear a little less, but it will be great for a music festival or even a night out on the town.

I recently wore this set for a spring hens party With a print like this I knew I couldn’t go past red lips, which meant I decided to wear my favourite red lipstick: Red Russian by MAC. It’s my all time favourite colour, especially because the matte colour lasts forever.

This post does have qui a few photos, but it’s because I just could t decide on which photos were my favourite – so I apologise for the image overload but hope you enjoy them 🙂


Skirt and Crop: “Adore You” set by Showpo | Shoes: Target (old) | Earrings: Forever New (old) | Bracelet: Pandora | Ring: Michael Hill Jewellery (present from my man)

What do you think of my matching set? Do you have a favourite matching set? Post your thoughts and links in the comments!

See you again soon,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Black Friday

I bought this dress off eBay for work, and I have since realised it is so versatile. Every woman should have a black work dress that can be worn for other events as well, such as dinners and special events.

The thing I love about this dress is that it’s a little bit vintage. The dress follows the earlies fifties sillohuette of sinching in at the waist and having a full circle skirt. It is also an appropriate length by covering my knees.

Pairing it with these shows also gives it that vintage vibe. I love these shoes and I wish more stores had shoes like this!

Anyway, here are the pics:

I love the invention of hair donuts. It has made my life so much easier – it looks like I take 30 minutes to do my hair but it actually takes around 5 minutes each morning. Therefore I can look professional, get a good first impression, and get to sleep in for 25 minutes longer each morning – now that’s what I call #winning

This look is essentially by court room look (wel, if I had my blazer then it would be the complete look): it is professional yet subtly shows my vintage style, without making me look gaudy or stand out for the wrong reasons.

Dress: eBay (also available on | Shoes: FSW Shoes | Bag: Bluebird | Hair Flowers: Forever New | Pearls: gift from my Great Nan 🙂

If you want to purchase this dress, click here
Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie

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Denim, Pink and Sand

I love going to the beach. The relaxing sound of the waves, the smell of salt in the air, the sand between my toes… even when the temperature is cold, I will still head down to the beach. It makes me feel relaxed and happy.

During my recent trip back to hometown to see my parents, we went for a quick visit to the beach after brunch. It was so nice. My sister and I ran around the beach taking photos whilst my parents sat and relaxed on the sand. It was a really nice afternoon.

I wore a simple but cute and casual outfit this day. I am so in love with my pink dress from Forever New – it fits so nicely and can be dressed up or down. I styled it with my wardrobe staple – my denim/chambray shirt. I lived in this shirt when I travelled around Europe, and I've continued to live in it since I got back! I finished off the look with a printed headband and my cat eye sunglasses. I was wearing some cute pastel kitten heels to brunch, but took them off so I could run around in the sand 🙂


Valentines Day Dates + Outfit Ideas

Valentines day is fast approaching us, and even if you choose not to celebrate it, you’ll surely have someone ask you what you are doing for it. Whether you are single, dating or in a relationship, there are plenty of fun things to do on the day. With Valentines day being on Saturday this year, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re stuck on ideas about what to do, or what to wear, then don’t fear – Vintage Barbie is here! I’ve got plenty of ideas for fun dates and cute outfits to match those date!

Dinner Date

The most common date for valentines day surely has to be dinner. Just the two of you, staring into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner… It certainly conjures up images of romance. This is the date you want to look sexy, polished and alluring. A red cocktail dress is definitely what embodies all of these traits. For this occasion it would be best to match it with black, white, silver or gold.

Valentines day outfit 4

Picnic in the Park

Second on the list of popular valentines day dates would definitely be a picnic in the park. You can easily find yourself a nice quiet spot and have some quiet one-on-one time. A picnic brings out images of femininity which you can display in a floral dress. A hat and sunglasses will definitely be a must, as will a cute cardigan as you almost never know what the weather can bring.

Valentines day outfit 2

Lunch date

Sometimes it’s a but too crazy at night to have a dinner date on valentines day. Often there will be a lot of ounch specials on offer, but at a fraction of the dinner prices. You can still dress up for this but keep it casual at the same time. A cute skirt and crop combo is definitely a great option here. This is also a great option for single girls who want to try out (and have a but of a laugh at) speed dating!

Valentines Day outfit 1

Active Date

Valentines day doesnt have to be all chocolates and rich food. After all, they say that a couple who works out together, stays together. Why not find a nice track to explore or climb up a local mountain for spectacular views? It would definitely be a romantic end to a workout.

Valentines day active outfit

Arcade Fun

For something a bit different, check out your local arcade. You can bring out your “inner nerd” and verse each other on the arcade style games, or even play a game of lazer tag. Keep it casual with shorts and a denim jacket, but make it Valentines sweet with hints of red tones.


Mini Golf

A slightly less active date, but fun nonetheless. You can bring out your competitiveness and verse in other with the winner buying dinner! This kind of date allows you to be silly with each other and often doesnt. It’s too much. Wear a cute casual dress to show your spunky sense of style!

Date outfit: mini golf

Cultural Insight

For those of you who love something a little cultural, there’s often exhibitions at the local art gallery or museum that you could visit as a couple. You can learn something whilst taking in culture. An additional bonus is that many permanent exhibitions are free, with a small fee for the temporary exhibitions. You could also catch a play or show, indulging in the showbiz side of your town. Wear something classy with block colours or wear a button up shirt buttoned up to your neck with a pretty necklace displayed at the top.

Date outfit: cultural experiences

Bowling for Love

Ten pin bowling is always a fun date! Even if you are not great, you can still have a few games against each other and see how it goes. A lot of places also offer alcoholic drinks and food, so you can grab a cheap meal and drink some liquid courage. You might actually notice an improvement in some of your games! Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as leggings and a loose funky top – you’ll be getting up and down a lot so you want to make sure you stay in style not matter how bad you are losing!

bowling date outfit

Theme park

If you have a theme park near you then why not check it out with your date? You can have some laughs and get the adrenaline pumping on a roller coaster. Then share some hot chips and a slushy before cosying up together for the final show. Pick shorts, a cute top and a chambray shirt to wear if it gets cool. Take a backpack to store your belongings in when the on rides, and take a cute headband so you can easily fix up your roller-coaster-hair!

Valentines day outfit 7

Movie night

Another popular date idea is a night at the movies. You can easily come up with a cute valentines day outfit to impress your honey, just make sure you take a cardigan for those cool temperatures in the cinema. An inexpensive movie might could involve each of you picking some movies and cuddling up on the couch at home… Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Valentines day outfit 3

Wine tour

For the wine buffs, a wine tour with your beloved is a nice way to spend the day. You get to sip on wines and buy some to share later. It’s a perfect couples day trip but you can also get a few of your single girls together for a day of fun! You want something comfortable but stylish, so I would recommend that you pick jeans and a nice loose top. Don’t forget a tench coat for the cooler temperatures.

Wine tour outfit

Weekend away

Who says you have only one day to be romantic? A weekend away is often a great way to unwind and relax, and it’s often nice to do this with your special partner. A beach weekend away should definitely involve your swimmers and beach gear, but also pack a nice dress to wear as well. A kimono works well as a coverup on the beach, but can also dress up your outfit if you go out.

Valentines weekend away

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Vintage Style Challenge: the colour edition

My last outfit post on the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Vintage Style Challenge was so much fun! I loved creating a look for the club in the Cosmopolitan Resort in Vegas. The outfit I picked reflected a 1920s vibe with modern items.

I decided to move away from the stereotypical gloves, fringing and strand of pearls. Instead, my look consisted of neutral colours and embellishments of pearls and feathers. This gave the outfit a glamorous Gatsby look.

I think this kind of outfit would be perfect for a night out at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. In fact – it’s now my go-to outfit for my next 1920’s themed party!

Because it was a lot of fun doing this post, I decided to do a colour photo post. My previous post had the photos in black and white, as I felt this went along with the theme. However, to truly capture my outfit and makeup, I want to share the colour pictures. Enjoy!

For the original post on the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. style challenge, please click here 

Vintage Style Challenge: Rose. Rabbit. Lie

IMG_1488 (1)

For my 21st birthday I decided to have a Roaring 20s themed Speakeasy party. It involved months of research and planning but it ended up being a fantastic and fun party. When I was researching the 1920s, I obviously started researching fashion and what the “flappers” wore back then. I fell in love with this style of clothing!

Since then, the beautiful and extravagant Great Gatsby movie has come out, with many designers and fashion chains taking inspiration from this movie. I’ve been to a few Gatsby themed parties since then and I love dressing up for these occasions!

Roaring 20s and great Gatsby outfit inspiration

So I was definitely excited when I knew I was one of a few select blogs taking part in a Vintage Style Challenge. This challenge involves creating a Roaring 20s look for a Rose. Rabbit. Lie party in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort.

Challenge gladly accepted!

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. has a “casual elegant” dress code, and after checking out their Instagram account, I can see that it has a speakeasy feel to it with the shabby chic decor. I think it would be easy and fun to create a look for attending a party here.

After discovering I’ve decided I need to book a trip to Las Vegas and I will definitely check out this funky yet sophisticated Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort! I’ve been daydreaming away thinking about how nice it would be to stay in a Terrace One Bedroom at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It looks so fresh and glamourous.

I could imagine just strolling down The Strip to gaze at all the glitz and glamour, doing a tour of the Grand Canyon or ATV Hidden Valley tour during the day, then checking out shows like Cirque de Soleil and nightclubs like Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub. Oh and who could forget about the Casinos?? So many things I want to do….

In the meantime, I will imagine that I am getting ready to attend a party there and put together a gatsby worthy outfit… Here’s what I came up with:

Now I’m off to continue daydreaming about my future trip to Las Vegas…

Dress: Blue Juice by Seduce | Vest: Caroline Morgan | Headband: Forever New | Earrings: Diva | Pearl Bracelet: Lovisa | Bangles: Forever New | Bag: Forever New | Shoes: Jolie

For more information on The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resort and all they have to offer, check out there website here

Vintage Barbie xoxo

Please note that all of the opinions in this post are my own and I have not been paid to write this post.

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Sammy Dress

Springtime Ballerina

I did ballet as a kid. I loved dancing. But my feet point in and my knees are weirdly shaped, so I could never fully pursue it.

I always liked dressing up like a ballerina though. They are poised and elegant and beautiful. Everything a lady should be. So when I put on this outfit and did my hair using a donut bun, I felt very much like a ballerina. The crop looks like a leotard, the skirt is reminisced of a tutu and of course the flower hair tie keeps my high bun securely in place.

Hair tie: Forever New | Earrings: Lovisa | Top: Factorie | Skirt: Forever New | Shoes: Wittner







Vintage Sunday Lemonade

I’ve been a bit naughty… I am not supposed to be shopping as I’m trying to use items from my capsule wardrobe. But when I began my shift at Forever New on Saturday I decided I was sick of my white tee and really didn’t like how it looked with my lemon coloured midi skirt. It wasn’t bad… It just wasn’t good… And I don’t want to settle for just ok when it comes to my clothes.

So I bought a few new things… I bought a top, earrings and a headband. I decided the new white top could replace my old white tee, and I think I might also use it in my corporate capsule wardrobe.

I decided to pair it up with my lemon midi skirt for a pin up and vintage twist on a modern look. I am still loving the lemon colours that have been around this spring. This outfit is perfect for a casual Sunday afternoon…

All items: Forever New –

Felicity Bow Headband: $16.99

Imogen Crackle Glam Drops Earrings: $16.99

Stella Leopard Print Scarf: $24.99

Tansia Crepe Sleeve Crop Tee: $59.99

Lani Midi Length Tube Skirt: $49.99

Wedges: Last Season




Fifties Floral Affair – Hairstyle Tutorial

Earlier this week I did my fun photo shoot in my blue floral dress. For this shoot I did my own hair and makeup and I was pretty proud of the result. So I thought I would share with my readers how I did the hairstyle.

I found a clip on youtube which had the exact hairstyle I was after. It was really easy to complete, but it is time consuming. If you haven’t pinned curls up before you may want to get some help or allow extra time to re-do things that do’t work.

Well without further ado, here is the tutorial clip. Hope you enjoy it!