Litchfield Day Trip from Darwin

When visiting Darwin in the Northern Territory, yo know you’re in for a treat of fair drinkim Aussie culture. There’s usually two things on the top of the list of must see sights – jumping crocodiles and Litchfield National Park. Crocodiles are definitely in abundance in Darwin, and you do not want to run into them in an unconctrolled environment (such as Crocodylus Park or Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise) so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to safely see crocodiles.

When you’re not watching the crocs, you definitely should be checking out the local natural wonders. So Litchfield National Park is a must see when in Darwin. Despite the fact that you have to drive out of Darwin to see the beautiful natural wonders, it’s actually fairly easy to get from Darwin to Litchfield National Park – and totally worth it!

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What to Do in Hong Kong – Day Time Activities

I had a friend tell me that she is planning on going to Hong Kong with her boyfriend and I had so many things to tell her! This made me realise that I never did a post on my time in Hong Kong… So here it FINALLY is – my tips on what to do in Hong Kong!

My first overseas trip with my man was a week trip to Hong Kong. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing but it was heaps of fun and definitely worth it. We were only there for 6 days/5 nights so we didn’t get to do everything, but I will share what I did and the things I will do during my next trip to Hong Kong.

What to do in hong kong

Day Time Activities

Tsim Sha Shui Promenade: This is the promenade down by the water, and it is definitely a nice place to go for a walk (both during the day and at night) and become familiar with the city. If you book boat trips, this will be the place you need to come to. The promenade also has the Avenue of Stars, which is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a great place for photo opportunities or for grabbing a bite to eat. We stopped for a refreshing drink – my partner had a beer and I had a delicious cocktail!

Soho: The swanky part of Hong Kong is called Soho and it has a huge variety of food and wine. There’s lots of fashion boutiques and art galleries that are intertwined with the older styled buildings stacked up on top of one another. The streets are narrow and winding, but have so much character and you could happily get lost amongst them. We found a funky bar that we had a few glasses of wine at while we stared at a traditional red building adorned with gold.

Man Mo Temple: After wandering around in Soho, this temple was a nice place to escape from the hustle and bustle. This temple is a tribute to two Gods (the God of Literature and the God of War) and it combines the three main Chinese traditions (Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism). It isn’t a particularly large temple, but it is still a decent size. There are huge coils of incense hanging from the ceiling, and I found it a very serene place to visit. You are permitted to take photos, provided you don’t use the flash or disturb those praying.

Disneyland: if you have kids, or if you are a big kid like me, you will probably be thinking about Disneyland. I didn’t go as it seemed too far out of the city for a visit, but I would definitely be going here next time I go to Hong Kong.

Ocean Park: Instead of going to Disneyland, my partner and I decided to do something different and go to Ocean Park. It was an amazing day and so much fun! Ocean Park is located a small distance out of Hong Kong city, right over a mountain. It is a family friendly amusement park with a small zoo and large aquarium on one side of the mountain, then rollercoasters and rides are located on the other side of the mountain. You need to take a cable car on the cliff face side of the mountain to get to the other side. Alternatively the train that goes straight through the mountain can also get you from one side to another. Another thing about Ocean Park is that it had one of the best rollercoasters I have ever been on – you are literally riding off the side of the cliff with the ocean down below! The zoo had cute pandas playing with one another, there was a toucan just casually sitting on a vendors cart, and there were about a million jellyfish and various sea life in the giant aquarium. I would definitely recommend anyone who goes to Hong Kong to go to this attraction!

Day trip to Deep Water Bay: If rollercoasters and aquariums arent your thing, you can still head out to Deep Water Bay, the bay that Ocean Park looks out on. It is considered a nice place to swim and it isn’t overcrowded with tour groups like some of the other Hong Kong bays and beaches, It is a really pretty area and you can just gaze at the expensive boats and yachts at the Yatch Club on Middle Island.

Shopping at Harbour City: The majority of goods in Hong Kong are tax free, so it is even more of a reason to go shopping! On our first day we went to Harbour City the largest mall in Hong Kong. The Habour City mall is actually a combination of smaller malls, which what has made it so big now. It has been designed so that there are four sections to Harbour City – Kids, Sports, Fashion, and Cosmetics & Beauty. There’s also lots of cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the mall, as well as a cinema and three hotels. Many stores are open until night time, and with the abundance of food and even places to sleep, you could really shop til you drop!

Ladies markets/floating markets: I never say no to markets, even if it is an over abundance of wallets, sunglasses, handbags and jewellery. The ladies markets (or also known as the floating markets) are still worth checking out, especially if you want to get souvenirs. I bought a cute Asian style dress for around $AU15.

Victoria Peak (The Peak): Hong Kong is surrounded by a large mountain, and this has been capitalised up on the top of a mountain that overlooks the city. It’s a fantastic view and you have to get this retro tram up to the top. The tram is on a 45 degree angle and it’s amazing it’s able to actually get up the hill! You will experience a perceptual illusion while riding this train… That the skyscrapers and tall buildings look like they are are “falling” towards the hill because of the step incline on the train up to the top. Half of the experience is taking this tram up to The Peak, so it’s definitely worth the nail biting 5-10 minute ride. The line to wait to actually get the tram can be a long wait, so I would recommend getting there early in the morning.

Once you are up there, you will see the Peak Tower. It’s a strange architectural piece, looking like a large bowl perched up on a stand. There’s plenty of nines to do inside this “bowl” including shops and restaurants. Apparently there are nature walks around The Peak, but we did not go on any.

You should also visit the viewing platform called The Sky Terrace 428. This 360 degree viewing platform is apparently 428 metres above sea level (hence the name). It is a fantastic view moving around from the stunning Hong Kong city skyline to the landscape greenery on the other side. It’s a great place for photo opportunities too, but it does get busy which makes getting a photo a little difficult!

Big Buddha: The Big Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha is a large bronze statue landmark on a hilltop. There are many steps leading up to this Buddha, as well as a Monestary and museum attached to this tourist attraction. It is a massive drive out of a drive out of the city – it is pretty much next to the Intermational Airport! There are many tours that can take you from your hotel to this attraction, but we chose not to see the Buddha this time round. I would definitely see it next time I go to Hong Kong as it’s one of the things Hong Kong is famous for.

Day trip to Macau: This is a really easy day trip, but there is a lot of information I would need to tell my readers, so I think it is best that this is saved for a separate post – stay tuned for this post!

There’s actually a lot more to do in Hong Kong than I originally thought, and I also have lots more to post about. So click here for the info on what to do in Hong Kong at night time.

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Road Trip Essentials

Road trips are always fun and exciting. Whether you have planned the exact route, you’ve already been there a million times before, or you’re just going to wing it, it’s a exciting thing to do.

Living in Australia, we drive a lot. And so there are plenty of road trips as well. Sometimes it’s a road trip to the coast or the city, or just a fun filled holiday adventure. Either way, us Aussies do a lot of road trips!

Even if you do “wing it” there’s certain things that you need to prepare yourself for. That’s why I’ve come up with my Road Trip Essentials Checklist.

Like a packing list, this list will help you make sure you don’t forget anything when you set out on the road.

  • Water: freeze a half filled bottle of water the night before. In the morning fill it up with water so you have chilled water for longer!
  • Energy drinks: to keep the driver alert. And it’s good for the passenger so they can stay awake and keep the driver company 😉
  • Snack bars: everyone gets hungry when travelling. It’s always good to have some snacks, especially if you get caught in traffic just around lunch time! (That’s happened to me before)
  • Fresh fruit: another snack but a healthy alternative to chips and lollies.
  • Sandwiches: road side takeaway food can be expensive, not to mention unhealthy. Choose the lighter option and pack some sandwhiches so you can eat them at a picturesque stop.


  • Tissues: there’s nothing worse than sneezing in the car and having no tissues… Also good just in case a roadside toilet has run out of toilet paper.
  • Wet wipes: can be used to freshen up, use to wipe sticky hands… And there’s plenty of other reasons you might need them. They definitely are a helpful thing to have on hand!
  • Sanitiser: many roadside toilets are not well maintained, so it’s nice to be able to properly sanitise your hands!
  • Bandaids: you honestly never know when you’ll need these. Considering they take up little space, I would definitely recommend packing some for the occasional emergency.
  • Pain killers: a headache can ruin a roadtrip, so pack these just incase.


  • Book or Magazine: reading material is a must to keep the passengers entertained whilst travelling long distances.
  • Crossword/Soduku: another great entertainment material that keeps the brain active – double win!
  • Pens: I always recommend having one on hand for when you need to take down details in an accident. Oh and you’ll need one for the crossword or Soduku puzzles!
  • CDs or iPod: create a roadtrip list and play it in the car to keep you pumped up until you reach your destination. My partner and I once played Ministry of Sound Decade 2000-2009 and remimisced about our younger years and the great songs from this time.
  • Car bingo: if your travelling with kids or a group of friends, a game like car bingo can make those kilometres fly by.

Car items

If you’re travelling some distance, I would definitely recommend being prepared for the worst… And that includes breaking down, being involved in an accident or getting a flat tyre. Make sure you have the following things in your car for your road trip:

  • Insurance info
  • Roadside assistance info
  • Wheel jack
  • Jump start leads
  • Extra oil and water


  • Travel pillow: because you don’t want a sore neck from sleeping upright in the car. There’s lots of different travel pillows around and I prefer the inflatable kind that you can easily stash away in your bag until you need it.
  • Blanket: to keep you snug when you’re a sleeping passenger. It’s also good to have a blanket just in case your accommodation is lacking in the blanket department.
  • Cooler bag: to keep your drinks and food cool and fresh.
  • Sunglasses: because you don’t want a bright and glaring sun ruining your road trip experience
  • Travel outfit: something comfy is best because you’ll be sitting down for a long period of time… But remember that you can be stylish when travelling!
  • Map: because Google maps doesn’t always tell you the information you want… Like when a road is an unsealed road! It’s also good to preplan part of your trip on the map just in case your phone has no reception or the battery dies.

Why not check out my post on Travel Outfit Ideas for some fashionable travel outfit inspiration?!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your trip along the way!

Planning My Europe Packing List

I’ve got about a week and a half before I travel to Europe for my awesome overseas adventure. I normally would have started packing weeks ago but that’s been delayed due to moving house last weekend. I’ve also worked 26 days straight over the last month so I haven’t had a day to properly unpack everything. So far I’ve unpacked all my clothes, shoes, bags and scarves but I still need to sort out my jewellery.

[Stay tuned for a post about my new wardrobe room!]

I started feeling a little stressed last week about all the things I need to do before I leave. I’m working right up until I leave and I have plenty of social commitments as well. When I get stressed about everything I tend to make checklists and to-do lists and daily planners. It helps me gather and organise my thoughts and figure out a plan of attack. I did this throughout uni and in my later years I finally figured out a method to stop me from over-committing myself and going crazy.

I’m starting to feel like I’m going a bit crazy now, hence the need to create checklists and to-do lists. I’m going to use this blog to create a checklist of what I think I should pack for my Europe trip.

Things I need to keep in mind:

  • It’s winter in Australia right now and will still be when I return, so I will need warm clothes for that.
  • I’m also having two days in Sydney before I leave, so I need clothes for the road trip from Canberra to Sydney, and clothes for activities on those two days.
  • I’m going into Europe summer. In particular, I’m starting off in the warm Mediterranean, so I will need summer clothes.
  • I’m going on sailing tours around the Greek Islands and Croatia, so multiple swimwear and beach clothing options are essential.
  • Ultra Europe will be on the agenda with the 3 day festival, a boat party and the beach party. Comfy festival clothes are going to be needed for these days.
  • I’ll be partying it up in clubs in the Greek Islands, London, Barcelona, Prague and Amsterdam. Going out clothes are essential.
  • It’s important to have conservative clothes for when I visit religious sights like the Vatican.
  • I will be going up to the Swiss Alps. Even in summer it’s going to be cold up there with the snow.
  • I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, so comfy shoes are a must.
  • I will be going on tours with Busabout, Contiki & Topdeck. This means I am restricted to luggage that weighs no more than 20kg.
  • Travelling with budget airlines between major cities means that my carry-on luggage is restricted as well.
  • I’m spending a week in London, but I feel the cold easily, so the London summer may still feel cold for me.
  • I want to do physical activities like bike riding and water sports – basically I don’t want to miss out on the extra activities.
  • I’m going to be away from home for just over 10 weeks. So I will need a fair few clothes with lots of outfit options.
  • I’m a shopaholic, so I probably will buy a fair few new items when I am over there.

In a nutshell: I need to pack for summer, with pieces that can be layered for cooler climates, that are versatile enough for casual and dressy occasions, and not too many items because I have a weight restriction to think about.

young woman standing on over packed suitcase in bedroom

This is why I have been researching Europe summer packing lists for months. After my research, I have come up with this packing list:


  1. Jeans
  2. Leggings
  3. Maxi Skirt
  4. Mini Skirt
  5. denim shorts
  6. black shorts


  1. White blouse
  2. Denim shirt
  3. light cardigan
  4. light sweater
  5. singlets/camisols
  6. 3 casual shirts
  7. 1 dressy shirt
  8. summer blazer
  9. light trench coat
  10. leather jacket
  11. button up sleeveless blouse


  1. Maxi dress
  2.  LBD
  3. printed dress
  4. plain light fabric dress
  5. plain cotton dress


  1. 2 scarves
  2. 2 necklaces
  3. 1 watch
  4. 3 pairs of earrings
  5. Day bag
  6. cross body bag
  7. 2 belts
  8. 1 hat
  9. 2 headbands
  10. 2 swimwear


  1. lace up canvas shoes
  2. ballet flats
  3. gladiator sandals
  4. wedges
  5. Flip Flops


This doesn’t seem like a lot of things (ok actually it does…), but I’m sure I will turn the list into double the size when I actually start packing. I think there’s some things I’ve missed on the list… I’m getting a little worried about overpacking now…

I’m going to lay everything out on the couch and cull items from there. I’m also going to be trying on outfits and different combinations to make sure that the clothes work together and that I’ll get the most out of them when I’m travelling…

Stay tuned for more on my packing… hopefully I wont overpack!