Travel Tuesday: Postcards from Hong Kong

Has anyone every gone on a holiday and then struggled to remember what you actually did?

You know you went, you experienced a fair bit of culture, but you can’t quite remember the details of the days or what you actually saw.

I feel like that about my week in Hong Kong. It was a last-minute decision to go to Hong Kong for a week-long break. Well, kinda last-minute – we booked it three weeks before departure. My partner and I hadn’t been overseas together, and his mum had just been to Hong Kong and said how great it was so we decided to pack up and go!

There’s nothing wrong with a last-minute decision to travel. In fact, we had a great time.

The only problem was that we did no research on what to see or do. And we both had never thought of going to Hong Kong before, so we decided to just wing it. This meant that we were unprepared. We had no idea what we were doing or what we should see. Sometimes its fun to get lost in a city. Other times you just feel frustrated and realised you missed out on a lot of important things.

Nonetheless, we still did a lot of fun things. I remember that we explored the city streets, including the funky Soho district. We visited Ocean Park with its fun theme part rides, massive aquarium and zoo of exotic creatures. We went up to the Peak to get an amazing 360 degree view of the city and its surrounds. We ate and drank a lot. We went up to the highest building in Hong Kong and drank wine in the worlds tallest bar. We saw the nightly lazer show. We drank cocktails in the rooftop pool at our hotel. We visited some street markets. We got lost my partner was too stubborn to listen to my directions in the subway…

We definitely did a lot. But sometimes it’s a little hard to remember. That’s why I try to take lots of photos. The jog the memory and keep you reminiscing for many years to come.

Here’s some snapshots of what we got up to:

A kaleidoscope of lights and coloured signs: Exploring the streets of down town Hong Kong

The Junk stopping by the pier walkway to say hello… and give us tourists some excellent photo opportunities!

It rains a lot in summer in Hong Kong, so there’s the perfect opportunity for a rainbow to brighten up the towers and city skyline

The stunning view from the top of our hotel on the Kowloon side of the city

The picture-perfect place for an afternoon swim… and poolside cocktails!

A traditional Cantonese dinner for two

Quintessential Asia: a panda bear at an enclosure at Ocean Park Theme Park

There eerie glow of jellyfish swimming around the darkened aquarium at Ocean Park

The tallest building in Hong Kong… this building has a 5 star hotel contained within its walls, leading all the way up to the bar around 500 metres off the ground!

The perfect viewing point above the city skyline: Up on top of The Peak


These photos were all taken on a worn out point and shoot camera, so I’m really keen to go back to Hong Kong and take some fabulous photos of the skyline, including the amazing laser show that is on every night at 8pm. I wish I got better photos of the outside of a temple we visited, and the funky street markets. I would also love to visit the Giant Buddha and see the Ladies Market. This is all on my to-do list for my next visit to Hong Kong!

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Vintage Sunday Lemonade

I’ve been a bit naughty… I am not supposed to be shopping as I’m trying to use items from my capsule wardrobe. But when I began my shift at Forever New on Saturday I decided I was sick of my white tee and really didn’t like how it looked with my lemon coloured midi skirt. It wasn’t bad… It just wasn’t good… And I don’t want to settle for just ok when it comes to my clothes.

So I bought a few new things… I bought a top, earrings and a headband. I decided the new white top could replace my old white tee, and I think I might also use it in my corporate capsule wardrobe.

I decided to pair it up with my lemon midi skirt for a pin up and vintage twist on a modern look. I am still loving the lemon colours that have been around this spring. This outfit is perfect for a casual Sunday afternoon…

All items: Forever New –

Felicity Bow Headband: $16.99

Imogen Crackle Glam Drops Earrings: $16.99

Stella Leopard Print Scarf: $24.99

Tansia Crepe Sleeve Crop Tee: $59.99

Lani Midi Length Tube Skirt: $49.99

Wedges: Last Season




Spring Style for Under $35


I went to the mall the the other day to buy groceries. It’s the closest cheap supermarket to me and it’s easy to get to without a car. The only problem with going to the mall is walking past clothes shops with all their sales.

I admit I went in to a few shops to try on some clothes. Sometimes just trying things on and realising they don’t look good actually helps me with my shopping addiction – It stops me from buying clothes that I’ll never wear.

But there is the inevitable problem of finding something you love. Or something you have been searching for for ages. Or something that fits amazingly. Or all of the above.

That happened on Tuesday.

I found a pair of mint stretch jeans in Factorie. Now I have difficulty finding jeans that fit me well. Often jeans are too small to go past my thighs, or too big around the hips or waist. Some jeans are made for curvier girls like me, but then they are to tight around the waist and give me an awful muffin top.

So when I put on these jeans and they fitted me perfectly, there was no resisting. They were on sale as well so I definitely couldn’t say no.

Then I realised something even more awesome – they were reduced to $9.95. Yep, that’s right – sale items are reduced to $9.95 at Factorie right now!


I also found that Factorie have a fabulous section of cute crops. I am loving the crop trend right now, and there are a few different styles of crops available in Factorie, so I definitely tried on a few!

Considering it’s spring, I am drawn to all the pastel colours. I couldn’t say no to this pastel pink crop in Factorie. It’s perfect for spring and lets you dip into the pastel trend without going overboard. Plus I think it perfectly compliments the mint colour jeans as well.


I found two tank style crops that were part of the 2 for $20 range. There’s also some t-shirt crops that you can mix and match as part of this deal.

Equip also have a great sale on plenty of bags and jewellery right now. I got two necklace and earring sets for only $8! Bargain!

IMG_4118 IMG_4110

And remember, whenever you need some basic yet stylish shoes, definitely head to Kmart! I love Kmart shoes, and as per usual, I got a great pair for next to nothing.


Jeans – Factorie $9.95 reduced from $39.95 | Tank Crop – Factorie 2 for $20 or $14.95 each | Bag – Factorie $2 (goes towards charity) | Shoes – Kmart $4 | Necklace & Earring set – Equip $3.50 |

Total Outfit Cost – $34.40

Now I’m off to enjoy the fabulous warm spring sun…