Packing for South East Asia + Printable Packing List

When trying to figure out what to pack for my trip of 6 weeks to South-East Asia, it was very hard to find any packing lists. There are plenty for Europe and America, but only a few for South-East Asia. In particular, there’s barely anything for countries like Cambodia.

My 6 week trip would primarily be in Cambodia, but I was also going to have a stop over in Kuala Lumpar, and possibly go to Vietnam and Thailand. I expected that it would be hot over there, but I also had to prepare for the cold weather in Australia for my departure and arrival back in the country.

So the question remained – what do I pack?

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Stylebook is the ultimate wardrobe organisation app. Check out the full review and how to on

Stylebook: Your Ultimate Wardrobe Organisation App


Clueless is one of my favourite 90’s movies. In particular I loved Cher’s style, wardrobe and her futuristic outfit generator technology. Considering the movie was over 20 years ago, and considering how far we’ve come with technology, you would have thought that there would be something like this available for us in the present day…

Well we are in luck – there is an app called Stylebook which is bringing that dream to life!

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Autumn Long Weekend Away With Special Event

Trying to pack for a weekend away with only a carry on can be hard work, but here’s how I did it:

Packing List:

  • Plain Tee: always pack a basic tee as it can take you anywhere. Plus it can double up as a pj top
  • Leggings: they are super comfortable, warm, lightweight and great for travelling.
  • Jeans: for cold days or nights, and can be worn but dressy or casually
  • Button shirt: I would usually pack a chambray or denim shirt, but this time a print like tartan or plain is definitely more fun!
  • Sweater: definitely needed if you’re going to or from a cool climate
  • Trench coat: can easily be worn on the plane and is great for dressier occasions
  • Cardigan: great for layering and keeping you warm
  • Casual tee dress: if it’s cold try a long sleeve variety in a neutral colour or a classic print like stripes or spots
  • Little black dress: for the special event
  • Two scarves: try two different styles, one with a print and one more neutral
  • Boots: if you choose boots with a slight heel they can also be used for dressier occasions
  • Heels: for the special event and going out for dinners
  • Flats: definitely pack a pair of flats or casual shoes. Even canvas runners like converse would be a good idea.
  • Hat or beanie: to keep your head warm
  • Gloves: check the weather first to see if you’ll actually need these
  • Crossbody bag: can be used as a day bag or can double up as a bag for the special event
  • Necklace: to dress up your outfit
  • Earrings: one pair can be worn on the plane
  • Watch: functional jewellery
  • Sunglasses: because you need to protect your eyes!
  • Overnight bag: I like to get one with lots of pockets so it’s easier to store everything in their when I’m travelling
Long weekend away packing list: Autumn


You would be amazed at how many outfits you can pull together with 8 pieces of clothing! After creating these outfit combinations, I realised that I probably wouldn’t even need all of the items – I might even be able to leave some things behind! This shows that it’s quite easy to come up with a variety of looks with only items in a carry on bag. Here are my combinations

On the Plane: go for something comfy. You can’t go past leggings, boots and a tee for a chic travel outfit. Take your trench coat on with y so you can stay warm when it gets chill, but also so you can make sure that you have plenty of room in your carry on. Don’t forget your scarf!

Plane Ride: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Out for Dinner: if you get to your destination during the day, you’ll most likely want to get changed. You may even have dinner plans. This is the time to break out your funky heels and dress up your casual dress. Wear it with your trench to make sure you keep nice and warm at night.

Dinner Outfit for Autumn Weekend Away with Carryon Only

Shopping Day: there’s nothing better than a day where you can relax and go shopping! You can’t go past a pair of jeans, plain tee and button up shirt. Make sure you wear flats so you can easily take your shoes off to try on clothes, but also so you don’t wear out your feet! This outfit also works if you are sightseeing in a new town.

Shopping Day: Autumn Weekend Away with Carryon Only

Special Event: a little black dress goes a long way! Change it up and add some colour with a cute cardigan and scarf. Make it dressy with a funky necklace.

Special Event: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Family Time: spending time with family means casual fun. You might just be hanging out at home or even going to the movies. Either way, you can stay stylish with this leggings and sweater combo. Add a printed scarf to add some stylish fun to the outfit.

Family Time: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Coffee Date: the only other thing I love more than shopping is sitting in a cafe drinking tea or coffee. This outfit is great for rainy days. One of the best print clash combinations is stripes and leopard print. Styling it with a hat also means that you can effortlessly hide any dirty or messy hair and instantly make it look magazine ready.

Coffee Date: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Plane Ride Home: wearing your heaviest items on the plane means you have less weight in your carry on (and possibly more room for the shopping you’ve done!) You’ll also stay warm on the plane and be warm when you get back home at night – definitely something to seriously consider when the weather starts getting colder!

Flying Home: Autumn Weekend Away With Carryon Only

Think twice about packing certain items…

I recently read an article telling people what not to pack when they travel. The problem is, I listened to an article like this and it cost me big time (in terms of both money and time) so I would like to share my response to this article by going through and telling you whether or not I agree with this post

15. Shampoo. Yes it can be bulky and take up important space and weight in your luggage. But if you are going away for an extended period of time, and you love your locks, then just take the shampoo (and conditioner). I took a travel size shampoo and conditioner and they lasted quite some time with me only washing my hair once a week. Only large scale chain hotels seem to offer shampoo and conditioner, and it's even harder to get it at hostels. I eventually had to go buy some more shampoo and conditioner and it was a struggle to (a) read the labels in another language and (b) find what stores actually stocked it! I did come across what appeared to be shampoo and conditioner 2 pack but later realised it was a 2 pack of combined shampoo and conditioner in each bottle. Not what I wanted, and my hair has never been the same since.

Verdict: Pack shampoo and conditioner

14. Clothes for every occasion. I am guilty of this but I am getting better. It's part of being a woman with a shopping addiction! When I pack I will try to make it so my clothes can work for every occasion. And something to remember is that a lot of clothes can be bought at most destinations.

Verdict: make sure your clothes can mix and match for different occasions

13. Gadgets. I took my smartphone, camera and ipad with me when I travelled. This post says just take your smartphone. I think it would be down to personal preferemce, but I am extremely glad I took all three. Mainly because my camera got stolen in the first few days and my iphone was stolen later in the trip. Even without those unfortunate instances, I would have used all if my gadgets throughout the trip, because I constantly use them at home.

Verdict: if you use your gadgets at home, you'll want them on your trip.

12. Guidebooks. The post says use the internet or talk to hotel staff. Well news flash: the internet has a lot of useless crap on it and hotel staff don't always know the answer. A guidebook author has researched every little detail of the place of interest, so they know what they are talking about. I took one with me around Europe and I loved it. I read it when travelling on planes and trains. I've also got an electronic copy of the Lonely Planet's Europe on a Shoestring guide. Both were extremely helpful, and I would recommend getting at least one kind of guidebook to help you with your travels. But there is the downside: they do take up a lot of space and add to the weight in your bag. You can definitely get amazing advice and tips from people who live at your destination, but it also helps to be prepared and avoid the lost in translation situation.

Verdict: An electronic copy will save space and weight in your suitcase.

11. Medical kit. The post says that you can get bandaids and other things from your hotel… But this is not always the case. When I got to Greece, i needed bandaids for the blisters on my feet. It was extremely difficult trying to explain what a bandaid is – I didn't realise that it was the brand name for them, not the actual item itself! I think everyone should pack a simple medical kit for any extended travel with things like bandaids, pain killers, cold and flu tablets, sanitiser, throat losenges, and electrolyte drinks. This covers the basics. This also avoids the problem of trying to explain to someone what is wrong with you when they can't understand what you are trying to say.

Verdict: pack a basic medical kit for any extended travel

10. Sports Equipment. I do kinda agree with this one. I took snorkling gear with me to Vanuatu, but I only used it for about 30mins (because it was the first time I had ever snorkelled). It was a waste of money buying the snorkelling gear and a waste of precious suitcase space bringing them on the plane. As far as I'm aware, most places where you go for certain sports activities also offer sports equipment hire. I would definitely stick with hiring when you get there if you only have a small part of your trip based around the sporting activity.

Verdict: leave the sports gear at home

9. Workout Gear. Also another one I agree with. Unless you are a hardcore fitness fanatic, or you have scheduled in your workouts, there's no point taking the gear that you're not going to use. However, if the gear can also be worn during the day for things like walks and exploring, then definitely pack it. Comfortable walking shoes and comfy breathable clothes are definitely important for exploring sights.

Verdict: only bring if you can't go without a workout or if it has multiple uses.

8. Sunscreen. Yes, other places may sell sunscreen, but do you realise how much it would cost? I didn't pack sunscreen on my epic europe adventure because I thought I could just “buy it when I get there”. When I did get to Greece, it took me ages but eventually I found sunscreen… For €27! I'm not joking! It was actually that much. Then it cost me a further €17 when I fly in to Croatia. Essentially I spent $60aud on goey, gross sunscreen, when I could have just paid $15 in Australia for the sunscreen I like. Any tropical destination requires sunscreen, so they will definitely jack up the price for silly tourists who don't pack it.

Verdict: pack the sunscreen is going to a tropical or beach location

7. Towel. Whilst a lot of 4-5 star hotels provide towels, and some modern hostels, it is not guaranteed. Then you have to pay for hiring a towel or buying a towel. Towels may take up lots of space,but there's plenty of smaller, microfibres towels that are specifically designed for travel. Plus what if you go to the beach? Pretty sure you're not allowed to take the hotel towel with you…

Verdict: pack a lightweight, small, microfibres travel towel.

6. Anything valueable. Definitely agree with this one. For this reason, I didn't take my GHD hair straightener or my DSLR camera with my on my Europe trip. I knew that I would be staying in hostels and I didn't want anyone swiping my pretty (and expensive) straightener. I was also worried about my DSLR being damaged or stolen whilst overseas, and I didn't want to risk anything happening to it.

Verdict: valueables should be left at home.

5. Hiking boots. Yeah, I don't know why you would bring them along if you're not going hiking… But at the same time, if you love them, wear them often, they are comfy, they go with all your items and they are appropriate for the trip, then go ahead and pack them. It just means you won't be able to pack another pair of shoes…

Verdict: only pack if they're appropriate or they're a staple in your wardrobe.

4. A second jacket. This really depends in the situation. And depends on the jacket. I think it's ok to pack a second jacket if this jacket is completely different to the other one. For example you might pack a trench coat and a blazer. The blazer instantly dresses up jeans and a dress, and the trench coat can be layered over many different items, including the blazer. So you can wear them for varying temperatures.

Verdict: only pack if they are very different in style, occasion and purpose.

3. More than one book. Once again, this is situational. Are you spending lots of time sitting by the pool or lounging around? Are you spending a lot of time travelling on planes, trains, buses and boats? Will you have long flights or long layovers? Do you enjoy reading? Are you a fast reader? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the. It's likely you will pack more than one book. But be careful with your choices as heavy books can equal going over your luggage weight allowance.

Verdict: if you're a bookworm or need to pass the time, two books might be acceptable.

2. A pillow. Some airline companies provide travel pillows for long domestic flights, but not all airline companies are equal. I definitely would not recommend a regular size pillow for travle, but an inflatable travel pillow is an excellent alternative. I was so happy that I had my travel pillow with me on long flights and bus rides. The best part was that it can be rolled up neatly into a small roll and placed in my carry on bag when I'm not using it.

Verdict: take an inflatable travel pillow to save space

1. What if items. I do agree about the what if items. This mainly is for clothes though. If you plan your packing list and what you are going to wear then you will figure out how to make your items mix and match with one another. You should have versatile items that can be used for a variety of occasions.

Verdict: pack items with multiple purposes and forget about the what if items.





What I packed for Europe

I suppose I should actually do the blog post on what I packed for my Europe trip.

I was in such a rush before I left Australia that I didn’t get to post it beforehand. I originally wanted to post it and see what my readers thought, but life got in the way and I did the typical last minute pack.

After travelling for just over 2 weeks, I already have regrets on what I have packed and what I didn’t pack. There’s definitely quite a few things I haven’t worn yet, but I suppose I haven’t been to the places where I’ll need them. Am I just trying top justify overpacking? Probably.

Well here is the list, in pictures, of what I packed. (Please excuse the clarity of the pictures – they were taken in my hotel room, at night, with my iphone :/)


Ok so I accidentally deleted this photo when trying to write this post… Now I can’t find it at all… Hopefully you still get the same idea.

From left to right: plain brown K-mart fitted tee, speckled grey Just Jeans oversized tee, white Forever New loose tee, pink lace and chiffon button up shirt, white Valleygirl peplum, white with black tribal pattern Bardot tank, beige crocheted crop tee, plain black Forever New bodysuit, plain white Supre singlet.

I picked three tees in basic colours so I could wear them on casual days and so they could mix and match easily. I’ve worn all of them so far and know I will continue to wear them as I travel. Same goes for the white singlet. I’ve worn the tribal print shirt twice because I love it and it’s a great summer peice. The peplum was also good for dressing up an outfit without being too dressy. I’ve worn the crocheted top more than I thought I would which is great!

I’m yet to wear the bodysuit or pink top though. I know I will because I love both of them. The bodysuit will be great for travel days but can also be worn with some of my skirts and worn with a statement necklace to dress up an outfit. The pink top is my pop of colour in the shirts wardrobe, and I’m sure I will wear it more in the coming weeks.

I also forgot to take a photo of my plain beige button up Valleygirl shirt, as it was being washed.


The long sleeve tops consisted of: denim button up shirt, white with black polka dots Forever New button up shirt, striped 1/2 sleeve Forever New thin knit top.
I’ve only worn the denim shirt so far, and that was for my travel days on the plane. It’s just so effortless to throw the denim shirt over an outfit, yet it looks so stylish and polished. The other 2 shirts I love, and I know I’ll wear them in the coming weeks.
Cream Forever New thin trench coat, black with floral print chiffon jacket by Ice Design, tan Just Jeans leather jacket, 1/2 sleeve light pink Forever New jacket, plain black Ice Design cardigan.
I wore the trench as I got onto my flight when I left Sydney, and I said I would need it for London and the Swiss Alps…. That’s about a month away so we will have to see how useful it becomes! I kinda wish I didn’t pack my leather jacket now. I do love it but it’s not necessary and I don’t think I’ll need it, considering I have my trench coat for when it gets cold. Plus it’s extra weight in my suitcase… But the floral chiffon top was great as a coverup for a boat tour in The Greek Islands. I’ll definitely be using it again in Croatia. I am yet to wear the blazer and the cardigan. I’m unsure if I actually should have packed these two last items…
Pants and skirts:
Blue Supre high waisted fitted skirt, black Ally high waisted fitted skirt, navy blue high waisted shorts, black with lace trim Ice Design shorts, high waisted Ice Design denim shorts.
I love the blue skirt – it’s one of my favourites and I’ve worn it already. The black skirt is a staple and I’ve worn it with the peplum for a dressy night outfit. I feel like I’ve lived in my denim shorts, and the black lace trim shorts have also been a great item to bring with me. I’m yet to wear the blue shorts though. I bought them before I left and I just don’t know if they suit me or not.
Dusty pink Forever New high waisted maxi skirt, plain black Supre leggings, Blue Forever New jeggings.
I have already worn both the maxi and leggings twice during this trip. The high waisted skirt has been great for sightseeing days, and the leggings are great for travel days. Whilst I haven’t worn the jeggings, I know I will in the coming weeks, so I know they were worth packing.
Black and white striped oversize dress, Quicksilver denim button up sleeveless dress, Ally white and navy striped dress, Bardot leopard print dress, Motel Rocks red floral dress, Forever New black skater dress, Forever New pink floral bustier dress.
I also forgot to photograph another dress that was being washed – white pleated Forever New Dress.
I have worn almost all these dresses except for the pink one. The black and white striped one has been excellent for travel days and sightseeing days – it’s just so comfy! I’ve used the denim dress as a beach cover multiple times, as it means I can easily go from beach to bar. The Ally dress is best thrown over swimwear, as the slightest breeze lifts the dress up and exposes my bum! I love the leopard print dress and I have worn it with the crocheted top over the top of it. The red floral dress is a great going out dress but also works during the day. The black dress is my favourite little black dress, which I wore at home for both day and night, so I know it will be worn plenty of times throughout this trip. But when it comes to the pink one, I love it, but I kinda wish I left it at home.
Forever New blue and white printed maxi, Forever New black strapless maxi.
I love both of these dresses. The black one has already been worn multiple times with a top covering up my shoulders to stop me from being burnt, and it looks like I’ve got a black maxi skirt on – talk about versatility! The blue one has only been worn once, in Santorini, and mainly because it is my “Santorini dress”. I’m sure I will wear it again, but it probably won’t be many times.
From left to right, top to bottom: black Big W heels, Kmart beige cork wedges, Big W white embellished sandals, black lace Forever New ballet flats, black canvas Kmart shoes, dark brown Cotton On flip flops.
I’ve worn all the flats so far. I only started wearing the canvas shoes in the last few days tho, as they weren’t exactly appropriate for my beachside activities. I thought I would have worn my heels out in Mykonos and Santorini, but everyone just wore flats. I’m starting to regret bringing both my heels and wedges, but I have a feeling once I reach Western Europe, I will use them more often.
Black and white polka dot Forever New scarf, black and pink floral Forever New scarf, Forever New leopard print scarf, pink leopard print scarf.
I’ve only used the brown leopard print and floral scarves so far, and only on travel days. I probably didn’t need to bring the other two, but I love the black with white spots scarf so I had to bring it. I also thought that the pink leopard print scarf would be a good idea as it is a smaller scarf and it could be used as a cover up for religious sights, without taking up too much space in my handbag. In hindsight, I probably should have left this pink leopard print scarf at home.
Beige Forever New handbag, black multi zip cross body bag.
I only brought two bags along with me and I’m happy with that. The black bag is good for going out at night, or for quick day trips when I don’t need to bring the whole handbag. It’s also good for using when flying instead of using a big handbag. Now the beige bag broke on my first day so I was a big annoyed about that. I went and bought another beige handbag, which is actually better because it’s more practical.
Naturally, I will go shopping when travelling and buy bits and pieces. On my first day I bought a few things that I forgot to pack like more underwear (I definitely didn’t pack enough!), ankle socks (I didn’t even think to pack these), new sunglasses (I only bought one pair and they are a bit too out there for travel in Eastern Europe).
Then when I was by myself in Thessaloniki, I hit the shops and found some great pieces:
Most of these items I should have packed but didn’t. Here’s why I bought them:
  1. Plain thin & stretchy skater dress. This is a great day dress that takes up a minimal amount of space in luggage, is lightweight and can be worn both casually and dressed up. Cost €9,99.
  2. Floral skater dress. Whilst I didn’t need to buy this, it’s absolutely my style so I felt that I had to buy it. It’s was a great fit and it was on sale for €6,99.
  3. Plain grey tank. I really just wanted a good tank for casual days. I think I underestimated how much casual wear I should have brought along with me. Good thing it was only €4,99. Although, it’s kinda become a PJ top, I’m sure I’ll still wear it for casual outfits.
  4. Sheer printed button up sleeveless shirt. I did bring along my pink one, it is nice to have a printed one that can be thrown over swimwear and still look nice. I didn’t need this but I really liked it, and it was also on sale for €4,99.
  5. Beige stretchy maxi dress. I probably didn’t really need this, but this skirt is so versatile – because of the stretchy material and style, it can be worn as a dress or a maxi skirt. You can change the length and the style of if by rolling up the top hem, and I think it is a nice item that you can dress up with accessories.
  6. Printed pants. These are the perfect travel clothing – they are lightweight, comfy and stylish. It seems that everyone in Europe wears these and they are a steal at the markets for only €5
  7. Navy blue and white striped maxi dress (not pictured). This dress is actually amazing. It’s so comfy and cool on hot days, and it’s super stylish with the low back and ruffles. This style of dress is all around Greece right now, so I definitely felt stylish wearing it.
In hindsight, I would have packed differently, but I am only a few weeks into my trip, so we will have to wait and see how I feel about everything in a few weeks.


Until then,


Love Vintage Barbie xoxo




Planning My Europe Packing List

I’ve got about a week and a half before I travel to Europe for my awesome overseas adventure. I normally would have started packing weeks ago but that’s been delayed due to moving house last weekend. I’ve also worked 26 days straight over the last month so I haven’t had a day to properly unpack everything. So far I’ve unpacked all my clothes, shoes, bags and scarves but I still need to sort out my jewellery.

[Stay tuned for a post about my new wardrobe room!]

I started feeling a little stressed last week about all the things I need to do before I leave. I’m working right up until I leave and I have plenty of social commitments as well. When I get stressed about everything I tend to make checklists and to-do lists and daily planners. It helps me gather and organise my thoughts and figure out a plan of attack. I did this throughout uni and in my later years I finally figured out a method to stop me from over-committing myself and going crazy.

I’m starting to feel like I’m going a bit crazy now, hence the need to create checklists and to-do lists. I’m going to use this blog to create a checklist of what I think I should pack for my Europe trip.

Things I need to keep in mind:

  • It’s winter in Australia right now and will still be when I return, so I will need warm clothes for that.
  • I’m also having two days in Sydney before I leave, so I need clothes for the road trip from Canberra to Sydney, and clothes for activities on those two days.
  • I’m going into Europe summer. In particular, I’m starting off in the warm Mediterranean, so I will need summer clothes.
  • I’m going on sailing tours around the Greek Islands and Croatia, so multiple swimwear and beach clothing options are essential.
  • Ultra Europe will be on the agenda with the 3 day festival, a boat party and the beach party. Comfy festival clothes are going to be needed for these days.
  • I’ll be partying it up in clubs in the Greek Islands, London, Barcelona, Prague and Amsterdam. Going out clothes are essential.
  • It’s important to have conservative clothes for when I visit religious sights like the Vatican.
  • I will be going up to the Swiss Alps. Even in summer it’s going to be cold up there with the snow.
  • I’m going to be doing a lot of walking, so comfy shoes are a must.
  • I will be going on tours with Busabout, Contiki & Topdeck. This means I am restricted to luggage that weighs no more than 20kg.
  • Travelling with budget airlines between major cities means that my carry-on luggage is restricted as well.
  • I’m spending a week in London, but I feel the cold easily, so the London summer may still feel cold for me.
  • I want to do physical activities like bike riding and water sports – basically I don’t want to miss out on the extra activities.
  • I’m going to be away from home for just over 10 weeks. So I will need a fair few clothes with lots of outfit options.
  • I’m a shopaholic, so I probably will buy a fair few new items when I am over there.

In a nutshell: I need to pack for summer, with pieces that can be layered for cooler climates, that are versatile enough for casual and dressy occasions, and not too many items because I have a weight restriction to think about.

young woman standing on over packed suitcase in bedroom

This is why I have been researching Europe summer packing lists for months. After my research, I have come up with this packing list:


  1. Jeans
  2. Leggings
  3. Maxi Skirt
  4. Mini Skirt
  5. denim shorts
  6. black shorts


  1. White blouse
  2. Denim shirt
  3. light cardigan
  4. light sweater
  5. singlets/camisols
  6. 3 casual shirts
  7. 1 dressy shirt
  8. summer blazer
  9. light trench coat
  10. leather jacket
  11. button up sleeveless blouse


  1. Maxi dress
  2.  LBD
  3. printed dress
  4. plain light fabric dress
  5. plain cotton dress


  1. 2 scarves
  2. 2 necklaces
  3. 1 watch
  4. 3 pairs of earrings
  5. Day bag
  6. cross body bag
  7. 2 belts
  8. 1 hat
  9. 2 headbands
  10. 2 swimwear


  1. lace up canvas shoes
  2. ballet flats
  3. gladiator sandals
  4. wedges
  5. Flip Flops


This doesn’t seem like a lot of things (ok actually it does…), but I’m sure I will turn the list into double the size when I actually start packing. I think there’s some things I’ve missed on the list… I’m getting a little worried about overpacking now…

I’m going to lay everything out on the couch and cull items from there. I’m also going to be trying on outfits and different combinations to make sure that the clothes work together and that I’ll get the most out of them when I’m travelling…

Stay tuned for more on my packing… hopefully I wont overpack!

Take 2 – European Summer Packing List inspired by Travel Fashion Girl

After posting my European Summer Packing List inspired by Travel Fashion Girl, a reader pointed out that the items did not match well. I realised this before posting, but thought I would keep it to show some idea about what to pack.

I’ve decided to re-do this pic with some better choices that give you more options. So here is take 2 on my European Packing List Inspired by Travel Fashion Girl:

European Summer Packing List

The list includes:

  • 3 short sleeve tops: dark grey tea, white button up sleeveless shirt, pink sleeveless shirt. The grey one is super casual and because it is plain you can change it up with different accessories. The white collared one can be layered or worn on its own. The pink sleeveless shirt adds a bit of colour to the tops so you can make your outfits more interesting.
  • 2 tanks: The beige and off white tanks. The neutral colours mean that it’s easier to layer and mix and match.
  • 2 long sleeve tops: the denim shirt and the beige chiffon collared top. The denim one is perfect for layering and can easily be used as a jacket. The chiffon top could also work for layering, or for a cute night time top.
  • 2 dresses: a plain black skater dress, and a casual stripe dress. The black dress, although a little casual in design, can be dressed up with different accessories and layering. It will work in lots of different situations. The stripe dress is a comfy day dress, but again can be dressed up with accessories.
  • 2 shorts: one denim and one dressier black pair. I was going to choose a black mini skirt again, but the black shorts might be more practical, and they can easily be dressed up because of the fabric. And it’s good to have a nice pair of denim shorts in summer. Great for the travel days when its warm but you still want to be comfortable.
  • 1 skirt: Grey maxi skirt. The maxi skirt is great for travelling and should be a travel essential. This one is a stretchy fabric, so you could easily pull it up above your chest and turn it into a strapless dress – just use the belt to secure it under your chest. So versatile!
  • 1 pair of jeans: Dark denim jeans. The dark colour means you wont have to wash them as often
  • 1 pair of leggings: Black leggings. Leggings can be slept in, great for travel, layer under dresses or even wear in place of pants (as long as they’re not see-through leggings!)
  • 1 swimsuit: bustier style swimsuit. If you get a bustier style swimwuit, you can often wear this as a top (they can look like crop tops) with a high waisted skirt, or layer it with a chiffon / light shirt.
  • 1 knit: Pink button up cardigan. I chose a cardi to go over tops and dresses because it could effortlessly change an outfit whilst keeping you warm when it gets a bit chilly.
  • 1 scarf: leopard print scarf. I would probably bring more than one scarf, but my favourite kind of scarf is the leopard print or floral print. These two kinds of prints look great as scarves and can completely change the look of your outfit.
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewellery: I chose 2 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings and 1 watch. They are all gold so they will match each other if I wear any of them together.
  • Thongs: a necessity for travel
  • Comfortable walking shoes: I chose some dark canvas shoes because they look good with jeans and it isn’t too obvious when they are dirty.
  • Flats: Ballet flats are cute and casual and don’t weigh too much so are great for travel.

The extras:

Ok so I didn’t completely stick to the list this time. I added the blazer, the floral peplum top and the embelished gold top. I consider these the ‘going out’ clothes. I could have added a mini skirt too but decided that I should have enough options with the tops and the blazer. There’s also a hat, and two hair accessories – the bow and the spot tie scrunchie. Pretty sure the belt isn’t included in the original list either.  The strappy shoes with the slight heel were also an addition of mine, because they could be worn both day and night, and will instantly dress up an outfit.

So now I wanted to see if I could create different outfits with this packing list. Here are some of the outfit ideas and combinations…

Casual Black Dress Outfit Combinations:

Travel Fashion Outfit combinations - casual dresses
Scarves are great for travel. They completely change the look of an outfit. I only used one in my example, but I would recommend to pack a second one, either in a plain colour or a floral print.
As you can see from the above picture, shirts can be worn over the top or underneath this black dress. In my examples of wearing tops over the dress, you can turn the denim shirt into a jacket, and the white sleeveless shirt can be turned into a vest. Or you can wear them underneath and button up the shirts. Even the grey t-shirt looks good underneath the dress – giving the dress a casual-cool feel.

Dressy Black Dress Outfit Combinations:

Dressy travel fashion
Wearing jewellery or a chiffon shirt definitely makes the black dress look glammed up.

 Black Shorts Outfit Combinations:

shorts outfit combinations

As you can see, tucking a shirt into your shorts makes the outfit look completely different.

These kind of shorts can work well for both casual and dressier situations.

Jeans Outfit Combinations:

Jean outfit combinations

Note that the third outfit uses the striped dress – if you have a dress that is a light fabric, you can normally fold it up to turn it into a top. Now you have even more outfit options with your dress!

Dressy jean combinations
Now here’s some dressy options for the jeans.

Striped Dress Outfit Combinations:

Striped dress outfit combinations

I’ve realised that I can come up with many different outfit combinations with only a few items! I never knew there were this many options available! This will definitely help me when it comes time to pack for my 10 week Europe adventure.

Until next time

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Europe Summer Packing List Inspired by TravelFashionGirl

When I’ve been trying to figure out what clothes to take away with me, I’ve been drawing inspiration and tips from Travel Fashion Girl, a website dedicated to helping women pack less but stay stylish.

I’ve decided to do up a packing list inspired by Travel Fashion Girl’s European Summer Packing List. Here is a picture of what Travel Fashion Girl recommends for a maximista packing list for Europe:


The list includes:

  • 2 or 3 short sleeved tops

  • 1-2 long sleeved tops

  • 2 tank tops

  • 1 dress

  • 2 or 3 shorts/skirts (any length is fine)

  • 1-2 pairs of light trousers / leggings

  • 1 swimsuit

  • 1 x sleepwear

  • 1 rainproof jacket

  • 1 knit or light sweater

  • 1 scarf

  • sunglasses

  • jewellery

  • umbrella
  • waterproof thongs/sandals

  • cute and comfortable flats that can be worn casually/dressy

  • comfortable walking shoes


And here is what I came up with:

Europe Summer Packing List



I followed the packing list pretty closely. Here are some things to note about my list:

  • I excluded the raincoat as the list included an umbrella and I think it’s  a waste of space to take an umbrella AND a raincoat.
  • A maxi skirt is a travel essential – they are comfortable, lightweight, can be hitched up when its super hot to make a mini skirt, or be worn down when you are travelling to religious or culturally conservative places.
  • The PJ’s are versatile because the top can be worn as a shirt during the day, as well as a pj top at night.
  • The swimmers are reversible.
  • I chose some strappy sandals which can be used to make a casual outfit dressier.
  • The black day bag also works well for going out at night.


How I would improve this list:

  • I would add another dress. I think it’s a good idea to have a patterned dress and a dress in a solid colour. I would add a little black dress to the above list because it’s something that can be worn both day and night, and can be layered with other items to create a different look. I still think the patterned dress is a good choice as well because it is also versatile, but it’s a bit more casual than the LBD.
  • I would add ‘going out clothes’. Not a heap of clothes, but something simple like an embellished top. Wear this with jeans or the black skirt and you’ve got a dressier outfit for nights out.
  • The original picture showed a lot of jewellery – I would probably take just one watch, 2 necklaces and a pair of funky earrings. I think that’s probably enough, and it’s likely you will pick up interesting pieces during your travels.
  • I would still like to pack heels. Maybe wedges though, with just a slight heel. They would really make a difference to an outfit!
  • I did this a couple of months ago. Looking at it now, I don’t really like the colour choices. If I did it again, I would make better choices with a colour palette.


What do you guys think of the list? What do you think of my choices?

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Road Trip Packing List

I’m on a mission. A mission to learn the art of packing, and packing light.

Packing light has never been one of my strengths…

On a week trip to Vanuatu I packed a suitcase that is about 85cm x 55cm x 30cm (yes – it’s probably the largest suitcase size that you could find!) and it was almost packed full. I packed at least 5 pairs of shoes, all my normal size toiletries, and who knows how many items of clothes. I was just under the airlines baggage allowance of 23kg.

It’s a little bit ridiculous.

I came home with so many clean clothes. The rational side of me knows how silly this is, but my inner diva simply must have all those clothes and accessories and beauty products… Just in case…

Well it’s time to stop being such a diva. Ok, maybe just a little bit of a diva, because I still want to look good and stylish. I just want to stop overpacking.

So I’m beginning to teach myself how to pack less. My first test is a road trip to the coast for the Easter long weekend.

It’s very easy to overpack when going on a road trip. You don’t have any weight restrictions and can take as much as you can fit onto the car. I often fall into this trap.

Not this time.

I actually planned things out.

I started by virtually planning what I wanted to take with me via Polyvore (I’m actually addicted to this website!) Here is what I came up with:


Autumn Long Weekend Road Trip Packing List

This packing list is pretty basic, but perfect for a weekend away. In 4 days, I can come up with a variety of outfits for different occasions. Here’s the breakdown and why I thought I should pack these items for my road trip vacation:

Jeans: a staple clothing item for Autumn. They are so versatile and will keep you warm at night.
Leggings: perfect for wearing in the car, or for cool days. They are also great for layering.
Plain dress: I’m picking a maxi dress in a thicker fabric. This is great for warmer days, and you can also fold or tie it up to make it a mini dress. You can also layer different tops with it and it’s great to wear in the car as well.
T-shirt: another staple to take with you. I would pick a solid colour that goes with all the other items.
Tank: another great staple for warmer days.
Thin jumper: definitely needed for the cooler Autumn nights, but thin so it’s not too hot during the day.
Leather jacket: great for both casual and dressy occasions, and will keep you warm
Chiffon cardigan: good for warm days when you still want to be slightly warm, or good for dressing up your outfits for dinners or lunches
Scarves: my favourite accessory for travel – they keep you warm and instantly makes your outfit stylish and fashionable
Jewellery: one long necklace and one short necklace would be all you need.
Hat: In autumn a nice felt hat is the best kind of hat to pack.
Beanie: just in case it gets really cold, or if you have a bad hair day
Boots: keep your feet warm and stylish
Flats: depending on what activities you will be doing, you should pack either some canvas shoes or ballet flats.
Sunglasses: don’t forget your sunnies (believe me, it’s easy to forget these!)
Belt: pack one that can be worn with jeans as well as a waist belt
After all that planning, this is what I packed:


My packing list: Forever New black maxi dress, Forever New Taylor jeans, Supre leggings, Cotton On plaid flannel shirt, Valleygirl brown jumper, Cotton On black long sleeve shirt, Jeans West grey t-shirt, Forever New black button up blouse, Just Jeans leather jacket, Forever New gold necklace, Big W silver heart necklace, Ruby Shoes grey ankle boots, Big W canvas black shoes, Big W ballet flats, Valleygirl brown belt (not pictured) Forever New sunglasses & case, Forever New black felt hat, Cotton On grey beanie, Cotton On fringe scarf, Ruby Shoes white fringe scarf (not pictured)

I decided on 3 pairs of shoes because I wanted some nice flats that were easy to take off and put back on, some boots to keep my feet warm, and some casual shoes for the activities I would be doing like going to the beach and fishing.

I also packed 2 extra tops from what I originally planned – a 3/4 sleeve plain black top because I was worried about getting cold at night, and a plaid shirt because it can be worn as a jacket and works well when it is layered with a jumper.

What I actually wore

Car ride: jeans, singlet, Flanny, jumper, leather jacket, canvas shoes, white scarf, gold necklace (I was freezing cold when we left early in the morning)

Fishing Trip: jeans, canvas shoes, singlet, Flanny, hat.


Fishing at Broulee Beach, South Coast, NSW

Dinner: leggings, singlet, jumper, necklace, ballet flats.

Beach day: shorts borrowed from my sister, grey shirt, chiffon jacket, canvas shoes, hat.


Morning Fishing with my sister and the boys

Afternoon family activities: black maxi dress, ballet flats, chiffon jacket

Night time lounging around: black maxi, jumper, leather jacket, ballet flats

Family breakfast and car ride home: stripped shirt, leggings, leather jacket, ballet flats, silver heart necklace


With my man before the car ride back home ❤

What I didn’t use: black long sleeve top, boots, extra scarf.

It ended up being a lot warmer than what the weather forecast said. I remember wanting to pack shorts but thought I shouldn’t because the weather forecast said it would be cool. I was lucky I could borrow shorts off my sister.

We ended up leaving a day earlier (we were unsure if we would stay an extra day) so the items I didn’t use I may have been used on the extra day. I’m pretty happy with what I packed – I feel that I almost have this packing thing under control. But next time I will pack those just-in-case shorts, especially because they could be layered with my leggings or stockings. And I might chose a plain dress that is a shorter length so I can layer it with tights or stockings.

So hopefully I have learnt something for the next time I pack my bags…

Until next time,

Vintage Barbie xo