Sign of the Times

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted – boy oh boy have I been busy!

I have been super caught up in work, trying to find a job as a solicitor, finishing my Masters in Legal Practice, organising travel over the next few months and trying to stay in touch with everyone! I also (finally) rejoined the gym and I’m trying to get my finances in order.

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Sweet Dusty Rose

Sometimes you buy a clothing item that you just fall in love with. It suits you, your style and you can wear it to many different occasions.

Maybe its your favourite pair of jeans. Or a blazer that always makes you feel like a boss lady. Whatever it is, everyone should have something in their wardrobe that they love and makes them feel amazing.

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Daisies and Denim in the Yarra Valley

A few weeks ago I visited the beautiful Yarra Valley with my man. We had a lovely time drinking wine, eating food and relaxing in the picturesque valley. One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to try delicious food and wine, so we definitely were in the right place!

When you are travelling it can be hard to decide what to wear – what will the weather be like? Will the weather change quickly? Is this appropriate for my activities? Will this pack well? Does it go with everything? Have I packed too much?

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Dressing Spiffy with St.Frock

I am absolutely in love with this online store I recently found: It’s a great store with quality prices at very reasonable prices. Their customer service is also fantastic and I highly recommend them.

See my first post on St.Frock

I bought this beautiful maxi dress just before Christmas, but I have been trying to figure out when to actually wear it! It is a little long for me so I have to wear heels with it otherwise it drags on the ground. Plus I’m too lazy busy to get it hemmed up by a tailor.

So it is great for a special event, except I’m in a wedding/engagement drought right now so there’s no special events to wear a pretty dress to…

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Polka Dots and Wine Tasting

Back in October 2015, went on a wine tour with some of the people in my office. It was lots of fun and I got to meet lots of people in my field of work.

Like many other events, I spent a lot of time planning my outfit. I jumped on to Pinterest for some inspiration and of course developed an outfit idea through Polyvore:


Spring wine tour outfit


The great thing about my Polyvore inspiration was that I could visualise exactly how my outfit would come together. And I ended up creating this whole outfit!

I bought the same cute vintage inspired dress off Rosegal. It had lots of small polka dots on a pale blue cotton fabric. It was a length that was long enough for a work related activity, and it really showed my vintage sense of style. Being outdoors and a sunny day, I knew that I should bring along my beige felt hat. I added my favourite Forever New handbag and my super comfy white cork wedge shoes to finish off the vintage inspired look for the day.

The details

Dress: Rosegal | Blazer: Forever New | Belt: Forever New | Hat: Dotti | Sunglasses: Equip | Handbag: Forever New | Shoes: SODA

What do you guys think about my vintage casual look for the wine tour? Post you thoughts in the comments section!

Want some wine tour outfit inspiration? See my post on What To Wear On A Wine Tour!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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sammy dress

Chasing Kate for Christmas Day

First off, I just wanted to say a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely readers and followers. I hope your Christmas was filled with joy, laughter and fun!

I definitely had a fun (and busy) Christmas this year. It was a big Christmas at my parents place on the Sapphire Coast with lots of family. We had planned to have a beautiful Christmas lunch outdoors in the lovely summer sun, but unfortunately the strong wind derailed our plans. We ended up eating indoors but it was still a great day. We played backyard cricket in the afternoon, and later on the kids (That is me, my partner, my sister and my sisters boyfriend) played some cheeky drinking games.

My sister has generally been my photographer for my outfit of the day posts, and she was keen to take some more photos of me over Christmas. Even though it was very windy, we eventually got some photos of my outfit… But it is definitely had trying to stop your hair blowing everywhere while trying to pose for photos!

For Christmas Day I chose to wear a gorgeous dress that I found on the St Frock website. I actually stumbled across this site from a Facebook advertisement! I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I noticed was that one of the models was probably around my size – she wasn’t your stock standard rake thin or bronzed fake everything type of model. She just seemed like a “normal” size girl. FINALLY! It’s about time clothes stores did this, because I’m sick of trying to figure out if an item would work on a body type that isn’t your typical model body type.

See my post on my maxi dress from St.Frock

The dress I chose to wear is from St Frock’s own label called “Chasing Kate”. The dress itself is called the “Victoria” dress and is made out of a crepe like fabric. It essentially looks like the fabric is crushed, yet you do not need to iron it. This makes me think that you can easily travel with this dress.

It is a very flattering style with the high neckline and being sleeveless. The fabric is lightweight but not see-through. It is a knee length dress which makes it perfect for many occasions, including work if you work in an office like me.

The dress does not come with the petticoat though – I added the white petticoat underneath to make it a bit more vintage. Also, the petticoat helps prevent any accidental flashing of underwear when it is windy outside.

This Chasing Kate brand is quintessential “Vintage Barbie” so you should expect to see many more outfit posts of me in the brand!

Dress: “Victoria” Dress by Chasing Kate via St Frock | Petticoat: eBay | Sunglasses: Quay Sunglasses | Earrings and Bracelet: Christmas Present from local jeweller | Shoes: Forever New (past season)

What do you think of my choice for Christmas Day? Have you tried the Chasing Kate brand by St Frock? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Blushing in Early Spring

Spring has sprung! Well kinda… It’s only the start of September and it’s still a little chilly outside. But the sun doesn’t set till I am home from work now, and the sun is even up when I leave the house bright and early in the morning. So that definitely makes me happy.

It’s also my favourite time of the year for clothing. It’s when you can bring out items that have been stashed away in your closet. It’s also time for floral prints, cute dresses start being released at shops, skirts can be worn without freezing your pins off… It’s an all round great time!

So I bring you a shot of a great spring outfit: a blush maxi skirt, white blouse and straw hat.

The blouse is a one I bought off eBay, but I am unsure what the brand is. There are always ones like this at places like Valleygirl, Dotti, and Zara, which would be my picks for cute spring blouses. I love blouses like this for spring as it is light and feminine. This kind of blouse is also versatile enough to be styled with different skirts or even jeans.

The skirt in the photos is my favourite maxi skirt. It is high waisted and the waist band cinches at the smallest point of the waist. There are small dainty pleats of fabric, and the fabric drapes in a flattering way. Forever New often release this skirt every spring/summer season in different colours or fabrics.

Top: eBay | skirt: Forever New | Shoes: BigW | Hat: Valleygirl | Sunglasses: Equip | Ring: Forever New | Bracelet: Lovisa | Handbag & Neckscarf : Forever New | Suitcase: Vintage

What do you think of my spring outfit?

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Valentines Day Dates + Outfit Ideas

Valentines day is fast approaching us, and even if you choose not to celebrate it, you’ll surely have someone ask you what you are doing for it. Whether you are single, dating or in a relationship, there are plenty of fun things to do on the day. With Valentines day being on Saturday this year, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re stuck on ideas about what to do, or what to wear, then don’t fear – Vintage Barbie is here! I’ve got plenty of ideas for fun dates and cute outfits to match those date!

Dinner Date

The most common date for valentines day surely has to be dinner. Just the two of you, staring into each other’s eyes over a candlelit dinner… It certainly conjures up images of romance. This is the date you want to look sexy, polished and alluring. A red cocktail dress is definitely what embodies all of these traits. For this occasion it would be best to match it with black, white, silver or gold.

Valentines day outfit 4

Picnic in the Park

Second on the list of popular valentines day dates would definitely be a picnic in the park. You can easily find yourself a nice quiet spot and have some quiet one-on-one time. A picnic brings out images of femininity which you can display in a floral dress. A hat and sunglasses will definitely be a must, as will a cute cardigan as you almost never know what the weather can bring.

Valentines day outfit 2

Lunch date

Sometimes it’s a but too crazy at night to have a dinner date on valentines day. Often there will be a lot of ounch specials on offer, but at a fraction of the dinner prices. You can still dress up for this but keep it casual at the same time. A cute skirt and crop combo is definitely a great option here. This is also a great option for single girls who want to try out (and have a but of a laugh at) speed dating!

Valentines Day outfit 1

Active Date

Valentines day doesnt have to be all chocolates and rich food. After all, they say that a couple who works out together, stays together. Why not find a nice track to explore or climb up a local mountain for spectacular views? It would definitely be a romantic end to a workout.

Valentines day active outfit

Arcade Fun

For something a bit different, check out your local arcade. You can bring out your “inner nerd” and verse each other on the arcade style games, or even play a game of lazer tag. Keep it casual with shorts and a denim jacket, but make it Valentines sweet with hints of red tones.


Mini Golf

A slightly less active date, but fun nonetheless. You can bring out your competitiveness and verse in other with the winner buying dinner! This kind of date allows you to be silly with each other and often doesnt. It’s too much. Wear a cute casual dress to show your spunky sense of style!

Date outfit: mini golf

Cultural Insight

For those of you who love something a little cultural, there’s often exhibitions at the local art gallery or museum that you could visit as a couple. You can learn something whilst taking in culture. An additional bonus is that many permanent exhibitions are free, with a small fee for the temporary exhibitions. You could also catch a play or show, indulging in the showbiz side of your town. Wear something classy with block colours or wear a button up shirt buttoned up to your neck with a pretty necklace displayed at the top.

Date outfit: cultural experiences

Bowling for Love

Ten pin bowling is always a fun date! Even if you are not great, you can still have a few games against each other and see how it goes. A lot of places also offer alcoholic drinks and food, so you can grab a cheap meal and drink some liquid courage. You might actually notice an improvement in some of your games! Wear something comfortable and easy to move in, such as leggings and a loose funky top – you’ll be getting up and down a lot so you want to make sure you stay in style not matter how bad you are losing!

bowling date outfit

Theme park

If you have a theme park near you then why not check it out with your date? You can have some laughs and get the adrenaline pumping on a roller coaster. Then share some hot chips and a slushy before cosying up together for the final show. Pick shorts, a cute top and a chambray shirt to wear if it gets cool. Take a backpack to store your belongings in when the on rides, and take a cute headband so you can easily fix up your roller-coaster-hair!

Valentines day outfit 7

Movie night

Another popular date idea is a night at the movies. You can easily come up with a cute valentines day outfit to impress your honey, just make sure you take a cardigan for those cool temperatures in the cinema. An inexpensive movie might could involve each of you picking some movies and cuddling up on the couch at home… Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Valentines day outfit 3

Wine tour

For the wine buffs, a wine tour with your beloved is a nice way to spend the day. You get to sip on wines and buy some to share later. It’s a perfect couples day trip but you can also get a few of your single girls together for a day of fun! You want something comfortable but stylish, so I would recommend that you pick jeans and a nice loose top. Don’t forget a tench coat for the cooler temperatures.

Wine tour outfit

Weekend away

Who says you have only one day to be romantic? A weekend away is often a great way to unwind and relax, and it’s often nice to do this with your special partner. A beach weekend away should definitely involve your swimmers and beach gear, but also pack a nice dress to wear as well. A kimono works well as a coverup on the beach, but can also dress up your outfit if you go out.

Valentines weekend away

Coastal Chills

I think I’m cursed.

Every time I go to the coast it rains.

I live just over 2 hours from Batemans Bay and 3 hrs from Merimbula, both on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It’s nice to get a little getaway for the weekend to visit family. But it is nice to relax at the beach.

Unfortunately I never get that opportunity. It’s always cold, windy and raining when I visit the coast. That’s why I always pack warm clothes to wear. I still pack my beach clothes in the anyication of a beach day. But unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to agree with me.

It started raining as we drove down to the family home in Pambula. It poured down all night. And it was windy and cool all day.

This didn’t stop me from visiting the beach… And having an icecream!

I used items out of my Spring Capsul Wardrobe. My Forever New top and jeans are two of my favourite items. They are both super comfy and go with everything in my wardrobe. My Kmart shoes are also my new favs, except it is definitely hard keeping them white and clean!
My scarf has been a favourite in my wardrobe since I bought it about 5 years ago. I can’t believe I’ve had it for so long! But it shows that we you think about purchasing an item you are more likely to love it and match it with other items in your wardrobe. This scarf has been a fantastic addition to my wardrobe.
Speaking of additions, the white blazer is a new addition to my wardrobe. I know… I wasn’t supposed to be buying anything… But I’ve wanted a white blazer for a long time now. Plus it was bought off eBay so I saved a bit of money 😉 I’ve already worn it about 7 times in the last 3 weeks, so I can definitely justify buying it!

Earrings – Forever New | Scarf – Jeans West | Top – Forever New | Blazer – eBay | Jeans – Forever New | Shoes – Kmart

Check out my other post from my trip to the coast: Waterfront Dining at Waterfront Cafe

Vintage Barbie at Vintage Canberra

On my way to work yesterday I noticed a big sign on the side of the road: It was advertising the Canberra Vintage event at an old hall in the city over this weekend…I was shocked I hadn’t heard about this earlier!

I decided this was an event I definitely had to attend… After all, how could I be called Vintage Barbie if I didn’t attend vintage events!?

It was a warm and sunny November day in the nations capital… It was really hard to decide on what to wear today! Considering it was a vintage fair I definitely had to wear a vintage style outfit. I decided the lightweight spot dress was effect for a day like today. And to complete the look I added on my pearls, cat eye sunnies and black rose hair clip.
The event had lots of vintage clothes, shoes, bags, millinery, vintage sewing patterns, books and homewards. It also had a vintage fashion competition when I got there. I didn’t enter because I thought I was a little too late and I didn’t wear my original outfit option seen in my Fifties Floral Affair post.
I still liked my spotty dress because I made it look modern-vintage. It’s also nice and light and good for the warmer days. It’s also a great dress to style with a necklace, and my pearl double necklace was the perfect choice for today.
When I got home, we decided to take a few more photos in the shade where it was cooler, because it was waaay to warm to stand outside in that sun today!
Dress – Mink Pink
Pearls & Flower Hair clip – Diva
Bag – Collette
Shoes – Second hand shop