Legally Pink and Blonde

For those who don’t know what my full time job is, I am a lawyer.

Yes, a real lawyer. One that gives legal advice and goes to court. That kind of lawyer.

Not everyone has believed that I am a “real lawyer”. I think it’s because I have a positive and bubbly personality, and I love all things pink and girlie. I suppose that I don’t fit the standard “lawyer” persona.

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Autumn Retro Ride

Some girls love wearing dresses or skirts, while others prefer pants and shorts. I’m definitely more of a dress and skirt girl. You can probably tell that from my previous outfit posts – it’s actually rare that you see me in jeans or shorts!

But when it cools down, I do resort to pants as it keeps me warm. During autumn and spring I like to wear cropped pants. I love cropped pants because they have the retro and vintage feel to them. Add a button down blouse and a neck scarf and you have an effortless vintage look, just like my recent outfit during autumn.

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The “Simone” Dress

I recently resigned from my casual job at Forever New. I loved working there and always had so much fun. It was a great company to work for, the girls I worked with were amazing people and of course, I loved the clothes at Forever New.

Now that my full time job is starting to push me towards my career goal of being a lawyer, I do not have as much time as I used to. I am often exhausted by the weekend and it started becoming a struggle to go to a retail job on Friday nights and over the weekend. So unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the job. But I know that I will always still shop at Forever New and especially go into the store to say hello to the lovely Forever New Girls.

When I worked at Forever New I was a typical Forever New Girl. I love pastels, pink, florals, lace, pearls, embellishments… Anything feminine was always right up my ally, and lucky for me it was always quintessential Forever New. These feminine styles are what Forever New is known for, and it made it easy to sell clothes that I loved!

In the summer of 2014/2015 Forever New released a beautiful sundress. It looked like it was inspired by late fifties/early sixties styled dresses, and had a beautiful floral print on a mint green base colour. When I saw it come in to the store, I fell in love with it. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. When I saw that it was called “Simone” – I knew I had to buy it. After all, how often do you find a dress with your name that is everything you want in a dress? The girls in store also said that it was definitely “a Simone dress” (okay, a lot of dresses were referred to as that, hence the reason I am a typical Forever New girl!).

The only problem was that I didn’t have the money for it that week. So I decided to wait until the following week to buy it. But someone else obviously also fell in love with that dress – when I went back in store after payday, the only size 10 had already been bought by a customer. gone in my size. I really wanted the dress, so I went online to buy it at full price… All the size 10s were sold out online as well! I was heartbroken!

Skip ahead to September 2015. I am on a Facebook group called Forever New Buy Swap and Sell. I randomly came across a post with my dress – someone was selling a brand new with tags Simone dress! I was so excited!!! I bought it, it was delivered a few days later and I was so so happy!

It’s definitely my style, and I always get compliments in it. I was even told by a stranger that I look like a vintage barbie doll in it – obviously I picked the right name when naming my blog!

Dress: “Simone” Dress by Forever New | Shoes: Wittner | Hat: Forever New | Sunglasses: Vintage (found on eBay) | Earrings and Bracelet: Devine Goddess (from jeweller) | Bag: Valleygirl

What do you think of the Simone Dress by Forever New? Post your thoughts int the comments section.

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Chasing Kate for Christmas Day

First off, I just wanted to say a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my lovely readers and followers. I hope your Christmas was filled with joy, laughter and fun!

I definitely had a fun (and busy) Christmas this year. It was a big Christmas at my parents place on the Sapphire Coast with lots of family. We had planned to have a beautiful Christmas lunch outdoors in the lovely summer sun, but unfortunately the strong wind derailed our plans. We ended up eating indoors but it was still a great day. We played backyard cricket in the afternoon, and later on the kids (That is me, my partner, my sister and my sisters boyfriend) played some cheeky drinking games.

My sister has generally been my photographer for my outfit of the day posts, and she was keen to take some more photos of me over Christmas. Even though it was very windy, we eventually got some photos of my outfit… But it is definitely had trying to stop your hair blowing everywhere while trying to pose for photos!

For Christmas Day I chose to wear a gorgeous dress that I found on the St Frock website. I actually stumbled across this site from a Facebook advertisement! I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I noticed was that one of the models was probably around my size – she wasn’t your stock standard rake thin or bronzed fake everything type of model. She just seemed like a “normal” size girl. FINALLY! It’s about time clothes stores did this, because I’m sick of trying to figure out if an item would work on a body type that isn’t your typical model body type.

See my post on my maxi dress from St.Frock

The dress I chose to wear is from St Frock’s own label called “Chasing Kate”. The dress itself is called the “Victoria” dress and is made out of a crepe like fabric. It essentially looks like the fabric is crushed, yet you do not need to iron it. This makes me think that you can easily travel with this dress.

It is a very flattering style with the high neckline and being sleeveless. The fabric is lightweight but not see-through. It is a knee length dress which makes it perfect for many occasions, including work if you work in an office like me.

The dress does not come with the petticoat though – I added the white petticoat underneath to make it a bit more vintage. Also, the petticoat helps prevent any accidental flashing of underwear when it is windy outside.

This Chasing Kate brand is quintessential “Vintage Barbie” so you should expect to see many more outfit posts of me in the brand!

Dress: “Victoria” Dress by Chasing Kate via St Frock | Petticoat: eBay | Sunglasses: Quay Sunglasses | Earrings and Bracelet: Christmas Present from local jeweller | Shoes: Forever New (past season)

What do you think of my choice for Christmas Day? Have you tried the Chasing Kate brand by St Frock? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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The Sky Is Grey

As much as I love springtime, it’s not always sunshine and florals. In Canberra the weather changes quickly  and often, so you may experience a beautiful warm day but a freezing cold, windy and rainy night.

When it came into spring, I wanted a pretty skirt and crop set that could be matched with one another but also worn separately. As much as I wanted a pretty pastel or floral set, when I came across this set from Showpo I knew it would be perfect for the warmer days as well as the cooler days.

I love that this set is like a moden day twist on a vintage style print. The print makes the skirt perfect to wear for work, for a baby shower, for dinner, for a hens weekend and even for a wine tour! The crop is something I will probably wear a little less, but it will be great for a music festival or even a night out on the town.

I recently wore this set for a spring hens party With a print like this I knew I couldn’t go past red lips, which meant I decided to wear my favourite red lipstick: Red Russian by MAC. It’s my all time favourite colour, especially because the matte colour lasts forever.

This post does have qui a few photos, but it’s because I just could t decide on which photos were my favourite – so I apologise for the image overload but hope you enjoy them 🙂


Skirt and Crop: “Adore You” set by Showpo | Shoes: Target (old) | Earrings: Forever New (old) | Bracelet: Pandora | Ring: Michael Hill Jewellery (present from my man)

What do you think of my matching set? Do you have a favourite matching set? Post your thoughts and links in the comments!

See you again soon,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Blushing in Early Spring

Spring has sprung! Well kinda… It’s only the start of September and it’s still a little chilly outside. But the sun doesn’t set till I am home from work now, and the sun is even up when I leave the house bright and early in the morning. So that definitely makes me happy.

It’s also my favourite time of the year for clothing. It’s when you can bring out items that have been stashed away in your closet. It’s also time for floral prints, cute dresses start being released at shops, skirts can be worn without freezing your pins off… It’s an all round great time!

So I bring you a shot of a great spring outfit: a blush maxi skirt, white blouse and straw hat.

The blouse is a one I bought off eBay, but I am unsure what the brand is. There are always ones like this at places like Valleygirl, Dotti, and Zara, which would be my picks for cute spring blouses. I love blouses like this for spring as it is light and feminine. This kind of blouse is also versatile enough to be styled with different skirts or even jeans.

The skirt in the photos is my favourite maxi skirt. It is high waisted and the waist band cinches at the smallest point of the waist. There are small dainty pleats of fabric, and the fabric drapes in a flattering way. Forever New often release this skirt every spring/summer season in different colours or fabrics.

Top: eBay | skirt: Forever New | Shoes: BigW | Hat: Valleygirl | Sunglasses: Equip | Ring: Forever New | Bracelet: Lovisa | Handbag & Neckscarf : Forever New | Suitcase: Vintage

What do you think of my spring outfit?

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Step Back in Time: Black and White Barbie Girl

I had lots of fun doing my photo shoot in Vintage Barbie’s signature outfit.

Even though it was freezing cold outside and the wind didn’t always agree with my clothing or hair, it was still nice to get out and do a shoot in a dress I have loved since I first saw it.

I thought that it would be very appropriate to share some black and white photos of this shoot as well – it really makes me feel like I’m stepping back in time!

For all the details on my outfit, go to my She’s a Lady post.



She’s a Lady – Vintage Barbie’s Signature Look

Whenever I hear the term “Lady” I think of two things: the cocker spaniel dog in Lady and The Tramp, and the way that women dressed back in the thirties to fifties.

Also, I’m pretty sure there is a Tom Jones song called “She’s a Lady”… Which is now stuck in my head thanks to my choice of title!

Anyway, many decades ago, women wanted to be considered ladies. Their fashion also followed suit. There were modest hemlines, matching bags to hats, wearing gloves in public, beautifully styled hair and being all round polite, respectful and elegant in their manner.

I have always adored this time and how women dressed. I hope to emulate this time in my fashion and way I approach life.

That’s why when I saw this beautiful pink wiggle dress at the Canberra Vintage Fair in late 2014, I knew that I had to buy this dress. It spoke to me. It was a slightly sexy but remained modest. To make things better it was on sale. And it’s pink. How could I saw no??

I also found a pretty blush pink handbag from the 1950s. It is big enough to fit my essentials such as makeup, keys and phone, so it is definitely something that I can use regularly.

The pink ruffle collar jacket is something I purchased off eBay. I saw it years ago and had wanted to purchase it for ages, but never had the money for it. This time when I saw it I had to buy it straight away. It did take quite some time for it to arrive from Hong Kong, but it was well worth the wait. The jacket if lined well and is super comfortable. I’m glad I waited all these years for my precious pink coat! It works so well with my vintage pink dress.

The hat and sunglasses are two of my favourite purchases from Forever New. I love the star pink and white striped hat, and the sunglasses are a pair I wear quite regularly, because they are completely my style!

And to finish off the outfit, I had to wear my pretty baby pink Wittner heels. I bought these for a wedding and they have been a favourite ever since. I love closed toe heels like this because they match with so many clothing items. They also give you enough height without being too tall.

The combination is perfect for Vintage Barbie to create a post of her signature look!

I felt that it was about time I shared some of my signature looks, and the combination of the above outfits is certainly one of those. Scroll down to see me pose in a Vinatge Barbie look!

Details: Vintage Dress – Recycology | Ruffle Collar Coat – eBay | Vintage Handbag – Canberra Vintage Fair | Earrings and Bracelet – Forever New | Pink Heels – Wittner | Hat and Sunglasses – Forever New

What do you think of my signature look? Do you have a signature look? Comment and share links to your post on your own signature look! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @vintagebarbie17