Review of Keisha & Co Products + Giveaway!

There’s currently so many beauty products on the market, it’s honestly so hard to choose which one is right for you. The difficulty with choosing products is that you often don’t know what goes into them – the list is a mile long with preservatives and chemicals that you would need a Masters in Science to pronounce!

On top of that there are a lot of companies and brands that test on animals and are frankly, cruel to innocent creatures. I personally have been taking steps to live a more cruelty free lifestyle, and the beauty department is the area of my life that is getting a major shakeup.

Enter Keisha & Co.

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A Luxurious Bath Experience with LUSH

My first experience with Lush was using one of their amazing soaps to treat acne. But I forgot about Lush for quite some time. I occasionally walked past a store and was always entranced by the smell, but I never actually bought anything from there.

It wasn’t until a store opened up right out the front of a Forever New store in the Canberra Centre that I remembered how good it was…. And how it would likely drain my bank account!

But after a long week at work. I decided I should treat myself to a relaxing bath. A work friend recommended that I try the Avo-bomb. She said it was an avocado bath bomb which actually made the bath go green and left you feeling silky smooth.

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The Body Shop Beauty Buys

A few years back I worked as a party consultant for The Body Shop. I basically went to people’s houses and ran parties for people that might be focused on certain beauty products like a make up party, face routine parties or bath and shower products. I would play games with everyone and answer their questions, and it was a lot of fun.

It was also a lot of hard work, but I got a fabulous kit of $1000 worth of products. I got to truly discover all the awesome products that The Body Shop has. I finally developed a skin care routine and had products that worked so well.

The Body Shop Beauty Buys

So here is the list of my favourite beauty and body products provided by The Body Shop.

  1. Vitamin E Moister Cream: The range of vitamin e facial products at The Body Shop do wonders for your face.
  2. Vitamin E Sorbet: This is only a recently discovered product as it is relatively new at The Body shop. It is like smoothing water over your face and I love how lightweight this is on your skin. It soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling stick.
  3. Grapefruit Body Sorbet: the body sorbet is also lightweight on your skin which doesn’t leave you feeling sticky like body butter. The grapefruit scent is also so yummy!
  4. Strawberry Body polish: wth real fruit extracts and the seeds from strawberries and kiwi fruit, this is a great addition to the shower… And leaves you smelling like a delicious punch!
  5. Shea Body Butter: this is one of The Body shops biggest selling products and once you use it you can understand why. The body butter is extremely nourishing for your skin, leaving it feel silky. The scent is also a great understated smell and allows you to layer it with other perfumes.
  6. Pumice Foot Scrub: I love using this on my feet. It gently scrubs away the rough skin and the peppermint also helps with any foot smells.
  7. Hemp Hand Cream: This cream is an essential in my beauty bag. It is a heavy hand cream so I generally use it before bed. By the morning any dermatitis, callouses or dry skin is starting to fade away. After a few days my hands are soft, silky and look healthy.
  8. Grapefruit Body Scrub: this body scrub is perfect for preparing yourself for a fake tan. I generally use it in combination with an exfoliation glove to achieve the maximum effect. It also leaves you smelling like a delicious fruit drink!
  9. Strawberry Body Mist: I actually have this in the grapefruit and coconut as well. They are great to keep in your handbag as a top up perfume throughout the day.
  10. Deep Sleep Pillow Mist: I keep this next yo my bed and use this whenever I have trouble falling asleep. It seems like dreams!
  11. Warming Face Mask (not pictured): this mask actually warms up when you put it on your face! It’s a great once-a-week face mask.
  12. Tea Tree Blemish Night Cream: this is best for those annoying blemishes that pop up and you want to get rid of quickly. Tea tree is a natural wonder.
  13. Lip and Cheek Stain: this little beauty was a must in my beauty bag when travelling. You can give your lips a little but of colour or put some pink into your cheek.
  14. Shea Shower Cream: I also have this in coconut and I love the moisturising effect of this shower gel.