Foodie Fridays


Food and eating have always been a big part of my life. I love cooking for the people I love, as well as catching up over a delicious meal. Here you will find a selection of recipes from my home cooking and reviews of the various restaurants and cafes that I have visited since starting this blog. So eat, be merry and enjoy!



IMG_3451 IMG_3285  IMG_3264 IMG_3330

Lemon & Polenta Herb Crusted Fish FilletsBreakfast BruschettaStuffed Capsicums, Baked Eggs and Beans

image photo 4 wpid-Photo-20141211224133.jpg wpid-Photo-20150108132925.jpg

Koek (Dutch Spice Cake) | Mushroom and Bacon Quiche | Sausage Rolls | Gingerbread Men

wpid-Photo-20150728132341713.jpg wpid-Photo-20150702212459227.jpg wpid-Photo-20150311212941.jpg 

Rocky Road | Pear, Cinnamon & Almond Muffins | White Choc & Macadamia Cookies |


Restaurant Reviews

image image 20140526-125326.jpg image

Koko Black,                            Beach Burrito                      Suga Cube                  San Churro

wpid-Photo-20141123214437.jpg wpid-Photo-20150712200610217.jpg wpid-Photo-20150622224231804.jpg wpid-Photo-20150604211826.jpg

Waterfront Cafe | Canberra Convention Centre | Soju Girl | 5 Senses Tuggeranong

wpid-Photo-20150523200551.jpg wpid-Photo-20150311223245.jpg wpid-Photo-20150227063027.jpg 

Adore Tea | Deli on Kinghorne Nowra | Urban Pantry |



If you would like me to do a food review on your cafe or restaurant, please email Simone:

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