Legally Pink and Blonde

For those who don’t know what my full time job is, I am a lawyer.

Yes, a real lawyer. One that gives legal advice and goes to court. That kind of lawyer.

Not everyone has believed that I am a “real lawyer”. I think it’s because I have a positive and bubbly personality, and I love all things pink and girlie. I suppose that I don’t fit the standard “lawyer” persona.

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Sweet Dusty Rose

Sometimes you buy a clothing item that you just fall in love with. It suits you, your style and you can wear it to many different occasions.

Maybe its your favourite pair of jeans. Or a blazer that always makes you feel like a boss lady. Whatever it is, everyone should have something in their wardrobe that they love and makes them feel amazing.

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What to Wear: On a Wine Tour

I’ve only been on a few wine tours but they were lots of fun and I’m keen to do some more! I’ve been to the Hunter Valley and also the Yarra Valley – some of Australia’s best vineyard areas. I most recently visited the Murrumbateman area for some tasting of wines in my local area. I definitely want to do a wine tour in the Barossa Valley and would be happy to go back to any of the wine regions I have already visited.

Click here for my post on a winter weekend in the Hunter Valley.

The thing about wine tours is that you can do them all year round. Obviously there are better seasons for some vineyards, and there may be times when it is busier, but I would recommend everyone go on a wine tour at least once.

For someone who is new to wine tours, you probably have questions about what to wear. This is where my style advice can help you!

Top Style Advce Tips

There are three key fashion and style tips to keep in mind

1. Wear the right footwear. You’ll need something that is comfortable enough to wear all day – because you don want to be that girl who takes her shoes off! You may also have to walk on uneven surfaces, unsealed roads, and even step through the grass to get to your location (or photo op!) I suggest that you go for ballet flats, boots, or a chunky heel.

2. Make it smart casual. Wine tours are about class, but a casual style. If you think you are too casual, wear a boyfriend blazer and add some jewellery. Layers are definitely your friend, as you may find it gets warmer after a few glasses of red, or it gets cooler as the sun goes down. When in doubt, wear your nicest pair of jeans

3. Skip the lipstick or too much gloss. You’re going to be sipping wine all day so rather than waste your lipstick on constant touch ups, choose a lip stain or a light lip balm.

4. Don’t wear perfume. The smell can confuse your receptors to the taste and smell of the wine, which are integral parts of wine tasting! You also do not want to upset any wine connosoirs with your wafts of perfume interfering with their tasting.

Wine Tour Outfit Inspiration

And what kind of style advice post would this be without some beautiful outfit combinations from my Polyvore account? I decided to split up the outfits depending on the season to tshow how you can dress for this event or hobby any time of the year.

Wine tour outfit #4

Autumn Wine Tour Outfit: this is a great example of keeping it casual and simple, but dressing it up and making it classy. The blazer not only brings some colour to the outfit, but instantly makes the outfit dressier. And accessorising with the scarf is a great idea because it gives interest to the outfit without having to go overboard on the accessories

Wine tour outfit #6

Winter Wine Tour Outfit: you will want to keep warm in winter, and you can’t go past a knitted turtleneck dress for winter. Knee high boots mean you will stay warm, and you can pair this with patterned stockings. You may choose thicker stockings if you are in a cooler climate. The fur vest not only keeps you warm, but also gives it a great sense of style.

Wine tour outfit #5

Summer Wine Tour Outfit: stripes always signify summer, and this combination is a classy way to stay cool whilst sipping on various drops. The hat is perfect for those bright days – it will keep you protected from any harsh sun rays. The combination of coral wedges makes it fun and very summery.

Spring wine tour outfit

Spring Wine Tour Outfit: the playsuit means you are kept comfortable, while the print keeps it fun. The long sleeves mean that you can wear it on a cooler day, even with beige stockings underneath. The heels give a slight peeptoe and they are a chunky heel meaning there will be less likelihood of sinking into the ground. Don’t forget your coat and scarf as it can get cooler later in the day during spring.

Want to see what I wore on a wine tour in the spring of 2015? Then click here for my outfit post!

What do you wear on a wine tour? If you have a wine tour outfit, please share links to it in the comments section – I would love to see your outfits!

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Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Wardrobe Room Reveal

Vintage Barbie's Wardrobe Room

I mentioned in earlier posts that I am very lucky to have a wardrobe room. I have had lots of requests recently to share pictures on my wardrobe room. So today is the day I take you on a tour of my wardrobe! It is still a work in progress and there are some things I need to do, but it is definitely worth a post to show all my lovely readers my beautiful room as well as how I organise it.
To the left of the room as you walk in you will see part of my vanities and jewellery displays. I have used two desks, set up in an L shape. The white desk can be found at Officeworks and is my main vanity. It has a vintage wooden mirror but I have had this for so long I have no idea where it would be from. Underneath I have a small cupboard from Deals Direct that cost $14 and I use this to store the majority of my makeup.
The espresso coloured study desk was $30 from Deals Direct and the small cube bookcase was $17 from Kmart. They are inexpensive ways I have used furniture and storage to make my dressing room. I have also made sure I used pretty decor like my DIY pink and white spot jar with artificial roses ($4 at the dollar store) and my white ceramic pineapple jar ($7 from Kmart) on top of the desk.

I have styled my room with a budget in mind. I have used a clear plastic container for my nail polish. This is bought from the local dollar shop for $2.

I love that you can be creative when you have your own space. I display my homemade earring display on this desk and I also keep my stud earrings in a clear plastic storage container at the front of my large earring display. This earring display can be found at Howard’s Storage World. My hair accessories are displayed and stored in a glass fishbowl from the dollar store for $4.

I have recycled old jars to use in this room, and decorated them with my own labels that I have printed out on the computer. I have made sure they match my decor theme by having the labels pink, white and black.
When we moved in the room already had two shelves on the wall that were placed in a mismatched way. The shelves were also painted the same colour as the walls. This is the perfect place to display my perfumes on a vintage glass serving tray. This tray was given to me from my mum, but I have seen similar trays at Op-Shops costing anywhere from $10 to $80.

I put mainly decorative items on the top shelf such as some photo frames and this mini parasole I sourced off eBay for $5. I also have a pretty decorated champagne glass I received for my 21st birthday, and a vintage cartoon flask I received recently for Christmas. I am not entirely sure where the flask is from but you can purchase similar ones from Zazzle.

This is my favourite corner of the wardrobe room. I absolutely love my geometric candle holder ($7 at Kmart) which gives my room a modern vintage look. I also love my cute blush and gold Cristina Re teacup and saucer combination ($34.95) This is the perfect place to discretely store loose bobby pins – No more losing all my bobby pins or having them scattered across my vanity! The diffuser is from Forever New for $20 and it makes my room smell like the artificial flowers are real! I also love my black bangle display which was sourced from eBay for $9.
Another example of my vintage modern styling is the use of an old wooden vanity mirror on top of the modern white desk. I also have a beautiful small crystal vase from my Nan, which I like to use for storing my commonly used lip liners. My makeup brushes are stored in recycled containers with matching labels I printed off.

I always struggled to store all my jewellery items, but the two tiered bangle display looks perfect on my vanity desk. It was from eBay and cost $17. My mini standing mannequin is also a perfect little decorative piece that can also house all of my rings. This was a gift but I remember seeing them in trinket and gift stores for around $30 each or online for under $10 each.

Makeup is stored in containers in a cabinet under the vanity. The containers were bought from the dollar shop and have plastic dividers in them, which makes keeping items organised a whole lot easier. Each container was $3 each. I hope to get some better storage in the future, but this will do for now.

The vanity is up against the window so I can have natural light when I am doing my makeup. This shot is a good view of my vanity and how I use organisation as a way to display my favourite items. I am a firm believer of having things where you can see them as you are more likely to use them.

I like to have everyday items in an easy to see location – such as my brush and comb. This is also true of the shelves on the wall. The bottom shelf has items that I use regularly as they are easy to reach. Also, because they are easy to see, I wear them more often. I have used a black rotating jewellery stand for my commonly used shorter necklaces (found on eBay for around $15). The to shelf is for photos and trinkets as I don’t need to reach them.

This is the fabulous shoe wall, along with clutches and scarves. The scarf holder is simply an over-the-door hanger with multiple hooks (Big W, $15) It makes it super quick and easy to grab a scarf before I run out the door to work in the morning.

The dark bookcase is from Deals Direct and cost around $25 but is no longer available online. Similar ones can be found at Fantastic Furniture for $29. I’ve kept similar kind of bags together on this dark shelf, with clutches on top, larger side bags in the middle, and small casual side bags or envelope clutches on the bottom.

I try to keep similar coloured shoes together, for example, pink tones on the top, black and blue on the next shelf, and so on. I clearly have more heels than space, which is why the less frequently used shoes are in boxes at the moment. I have used some clear boxes (3 for $14.95 from Howard’s Storage World) on a wooden bookcase from my parents house.

If we turn to the left there is a full built in wardrobe with three sliding doors. The shelving can be changed, depending on what I have and what season it is. I have used various storage boxes to keep some items neatly kept away. I have two fabric boxes at the top of my shelves from Kmart ($8.50 for a pack of 2). I also bought the long plastic container from the dollar store for $7. I also place a bedside table with wicker drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. I am unsure where these are from but I have seen similar ones at Kmart for $39.

There is also a small metal shoe rack that I use for my flats (until I build my proper shoe wall!). This shoe rack cost me around $15 from Big W.

I love that my wardrobe has secret storage components – like this pull out necklace holder. This item can be purchased from either IKEA or Bunnings. I am unsure what you call the necklace holder, but it has hooks that slide out like this:

It’s a very useful way to store my necklaces. The only problem is that I have so many necklaces, I have to put multiple ones on the single hook and they can often get tangled up. I’m still trying to figure out a way to effectively store my necklaces.

Next to the necklaces are my skirts. I made sure I used the same metal clip hangers for here as it makes it easier to keep everything neat and tidy when they are all the same hangers. They are from Big W and came in a box of 20 for $20 and a pack of 5 for $7.

I’ve stored my handbags up the top of my wardrobe and to help them keep their shape I’ve stuffed old plastic shopping bags inside them. I’ve reused boxes from clothing stores to store my delicate formal dresses. These boxes are on top of my plastic drawers – the drawers cost around $20 from Big W.

I bought 2 sets of 10 wooden coat hangers from Target for $10 each. This keep my coats in shape and keeps them neat and tidy.

Continuiting with my need for items to match, all the coat hangers used for my dresses are black plastic hangers. They are not all the same, but I hope to get black velvet coat hangers eventually, so this is just temporary. I have also organised my clothes by colour, which makes it super easy to find something I am looking for. I also have my playsuits and kimonos at the right side of the dresses where there is just enough space for them.

In the last part of my built in wardrobe I have used the space at the top to store things I do not often use. This includes fascinators, delicate items, and petticoats stored in boxes I have found at the dollar store. They range from $2 to $5 per box.

As you can see, part of the wardrobe is slightly crooked, but this was what the wardrobe was like when I moved in. I hope to fix this eventually. In this area you will see I’ve used a cane basket ($4 from the dollar store) for my large chunky belts. Underneath that I have all my maxi dresses (organised by colour of course!)

I have installed my own extra rail for hanging shirts. This rail that I bought from Bunnings ($15.14) is 1cm too long for the space, which is why this rail is slightly uneven. Once again I have used black plastics coat hangers from big w, the dollar store and Kmart.

There are a few things that I want to change in my wardrobe room, such as adding a nice chair with cushions, getting a large rug, adding a chandelier ceiling light and using floating shelves for my shoe wall. All of this will come in time and I will definitely share any additions and changes to my fabulous wardrobe room!

What do you think about my wardorbe room? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Polka Dots and Wine Tasting

Back in October 2015, went on a wine tour with some of the people in my office. It was lots of fun and I got to meet lots of people in my field of work.

Like many other events, I spent a lot of time planning my outfit. I jumped on to Pinterest for some inspiration and of course developed an outfit idea through Polyvore:


Spring wine tour outfit


The great thing about my Polyvore inspiration was that I could visualise exactly how my outfit would come together. And I ended up creating this whole outfit!

I bought the same cute vintage inspired dress off Rosegal. It had lots of small polka dots on a pale blue cotton fabric. It was a length that was long enough for a work related activity, and it really showed my vintage sense of style. Being outdoors and a sunny day, I knew that I should bring along my beige felt hat. I added my favourite Forever New handbag and my super comfy white cork wedge shoes to finish off the vintage inspired look for the day.

The details

Dress: Rosegal | Blazer: Forever New | Belt: Forever New | Hat: Dotti | Sunglasses: Equip | Handbag: Forever New | Shoes: SODA

What do you guys think about my vintage casual look for the wine tour? Post you thoughts in the comments section!

Want some wine tour outfit inspiration? See my post on What To Wear On A Wine Tour!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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sammy dress

The “Simone” Dress

I recently resigned from my casual job at Forever New. I loved working there and always had so much fun. It was a great company to work for, the girls I worked with were amazing people and of course, I loved the clothes at Forever New.

Now that my full time job is starting to push me towards my career goal of being a lawyer, I do not have as much time as I used to. I am often exhausted by the weekend and it started becoming a struggle to go to a retail job on Friday nights and over the weekend. So unfortunately I had to say goodbye to the job. But I know that I will always still shop at Forever New and especially go into the store to say hello to the lovely Forever New Girls.

When I worked at Forever New I was a typical Forever New Girl. I love pastels, pink, florals, lace, pearls, embellishments… Anything feminine was always right up my ally, and lucky for me it was always quintessential Forever New. These feminine styles are what Forever New is known for, and it made it easy to sell clothes that I loved!

In the summer of 2014/2015 Forever New released a beautiful sundress. It looked like it was inspired by late fifties/early sixties styled dresses, and had a beautiful floral print on a mint green base colour. When I saw it come in to the store, I fell in love with it. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. When I saw that it was called “Simone” – I knew I had to buy it. After all, how often do you find a dress with your name that is everything you want in a dress? The girls in store also said that it was definitely “a Simone dress” (okay, a lot of dresses were referred to as that, hence the reason I am a typical Forever New girl!).

The only problem was that I didn’t have the money for it that week. So I decided to wait until the following week to buy it. But someone else obviously also fell in love with that dress – when I went back in store after payday, the only size 10 had already been bought by a customer. gone in my size. I really wanted the dress, so I went online to buy it at full price… All the size 10s were sold out online as well! I was heartbroken!

Skip ahead to September 2015. I am on a Facebook group called Forever New Buy Swap and Sell. I randomly came across a post with my dress – someone was selling a brand new with tags Simone dress! I was so excited!!! I bought it, it was delivered a few days later and I was so so happy!

It’s definitely my style, and I always get compliments in it. I was even told by a stranger that I look like a vintage barbie doll in it – obviously I picked the right name when naming my blog!

Dress: “Simone” Dress by Forever New | Shoes: Wittner | Hat: Forever New | Sunglasses: Vintage (found on eBay) | Earrings and Bracelet: Devine Goddess (from jeweller) | Bag: Valleygirl

What do you think of the Simone Dress by Forever New? Post your thoughts int the comments section.

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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DIY Earring Display

I’m very lucky to have a wardrobe room. Yep, that’s right – a whole room for my clothes and accessories. It’s like a dream come true. Except it’s a big work in progress, and there’s still lots to do…

Luckily there was a large built in wardrobe in this spare room. There’s shelves on the other side of the room too, and lots of natural light through the window. I’ve also got a bookshelves for my heels, a smaller bookshelves for my small handbags and clutches, and a desk for my dressing table.

My aim is to have a fabulous wardrobe like those ones you see on Pinterest. I’ve been working at get everything organised and an earring display was another item on the DIY to do list. There’s a few good ones on pinterest such as these ones:

I particularly liked the idea of a cork board or some kind of display where you can see all of yr favourite pieces. But I couldn’t find anything that worked for me. So I decided to make my own display.
I used to have a full length mirrored jewellery stand, but unfortunately it was faulty and eventually fell apart. The stand went to the rubbish tip, but I kept the earring holder part because I knew I cod come up with a creative earring holder solution.
And I did!
I took a large photo frame of approximately 40cm by 60cm and took lined the backing with some funky floral wrapping paper. I cut the paper so it would fit the frame. I made sure I glued down the paper so it looked smooth and had a polished look. I then used the white wooden part of the display and fixed it to the paper with a hot glue gun. I secured the backing into place on the frame and there you have a fabulous earring display.
And then I had a finished product that u was very happy with:
I think it looks great and it matches the feel in my wardrobe room. I like that it’s a little bit modern but still a little bit vintage. This is the theme I’m hoping to achieve with my wardrobe room, so this display is just what I’m after!
Then it was time to put my earrings on display… I made sure I arranged the earrings so they were near similar coloured of styled items. This gives the display a shop like appearance. It also makes it easier on the eye therefore easier to co-ordinate with outfits, and easier to see what you actually have.

This earring display was super easy to make, and I love how it fashionably organises my earrings. I am hoping to hang it up on the wall, but I am undecided on where it should go. For now it is sitting on my dressing table.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Do you have any tips or tricks for organising you earrings or jewellery? Or do you have a DIY jewellery display? Share your tips, tricks or links to your own work in the comments!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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sammy dress

The Sky Is Grey

As much as I love springtime, it’s not always sunshine and florals. In Canberra the weather changes quickly  and often, so you may experience a beautiful warm day but a freezing cold, windy and rainy night.

When it came into spring, I wanted a pretty skirt and crop set that could be matched with one another but also worn separately. As much as I wanted a pretty pastel or floral set, when I came across this set from Showpo I knew it would be perfect for the warmer days as well as the cooler days.

I love that this set is like a moden day twist on a vintage style print. The print makes the skirt perfect to wear for work, for a baby shower, for dinner, for a hens weekend and even for a wine tour! The crop is something I will probably wear a little less, but it will be great for a music festival or even a night out on the town.

I recently wore this set for a spring hens party With a print like this I knew I couldn’t go past red lips, which meant I decided to wear my favourite red lipstick: Red Russian by MAC. It’s my all time favourite colour, especially because the matte colour lasts forever.

This post does have qui a few photos, but it’s because I just could t decide on which photos were my favourite – so I apologise for the image overload but hope you enjoy them 🙂


Skirt and Crop: “Adore You” set by Showpo | Shoes: Target (old) | Earrings: Forever New (old) | Bracelet: Pandora | Ring: Michael Hill Jewellery (present from my man)

What do you think of my matching set? Do you have a favourite matching set? Post your thoughts and links in the comments!

See you again soon,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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Casual Weekend Tartan

Tartan print is back with a bang! Maybe it’s because of hipsters with the casual cool look? Or maybe it’s just because it’s so damn easy to style? Either way, I love it and glad that there are plenty of tartan, plaid, flannelette and check prints around this season.

The trick to wearing any one of these prints is in not making it look grandma-ish or like pjs. So if you are new to wearing this print, definitely don’t go for the all tartan look. I would say the best way to style tartan, plaid, check or flannelette is in a casual outfit, for example with jeans.

This is where my photos come in. I hope the below photos show you a classy and stylish way to casually wear this print.

When I saw this tartan flannelette shirt on I knew I had to purchase it. It’s a great combination of colours: bright red, navy blue and white. These three colours can be styled easily – you can mix and match it with colours in that palette, as well as other neutrals such as black, grey and even beige. It can also work with silver and gold too.

I also purchased the jeans at the same time that I purchased the shirt. I really needed some new black jeans and it’s so hard to find jeans at the moment that aren’t the ripped denim style! So I jumped on purchasing these jeans as soon as I saw them.

At first I felt a bit wary about buying jeans online without trying them on first, but Showpo use this new Touch Payment system which means you can buy now, pay later. I can pay anywhere up to 16 days after ordering them, with the option of returning the item or even extending the due date for the payment of the clothes.That means that if the jeans didn’t fit, I could return them without having to worry about the hassle of waiting for a refund.

These jeans turned out to fit me perfectly and I’ve pretty much been living in them ever since! The tartan shirt has also had a few wears since purchase.

I recently wore the combination of the shirt and jeans tartan for some casual weekend activities. I did feel a little bit hipster in my tartan shirt and skinny jeans ensemble. But I kept it girly with my beaded necklace, my felt hat and ballet flats.

Hat: Forever New (old) | Tank: Kmart $7 | Tartan Shirt: $60 | Jeans: $59 | Belt: ? | Necklace: Forever New (old) | Black ring: Lovisa $9.99 | Bag: Forever New $49.99 | Ballet Flats: Kmart $12


Bye for now – Vintage Barbie xo

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