I Finally Got Kylie Jenner Lip Colours

If you have paid attention to makeup industry news (or even celebrity news) you surely would have heard of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits.

I don’t even know why I wanted a lip kit so much… But I decided to jump in, fork out the money and just buy it anyway. And I didn’t stop at one… I got four… There goes my money for this payday! But I was very excited to try them out and see if they were worth it…

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Travel Makeup Kit

If you’re anything like me, you like to still look good when travelling. But unless you are a makeup artist, you probably don’t want to be dragging along a full make up kit. It’s even harder to figure out what to bring when you’ve got luggage weight restrictions.

Lucky for you I have perfected a small travel make up kit that is perfect for overseas trips, road trips, or even for a short break. It have all the essentials you need and can easily fit into your hand bag or carry on luggage.

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A Luxurious Bath Experience with LUSH

My first experience with Lush was using one of their amazing soaps to treat acne. But I forgot about Lush for quite some time. I occasionally walked past a store and was always entranced by the smell, but I never actually bought anything from there.

It wasn’t until a store opened up right out the front of a Forever New store in the Canberra Centre that I remembered how good it was…. And how it would likely drain my bank account!

But after a long week at work. I decided I should treat myself to a relaxing bath. A work friend recommended that I try the Avo-bomb. She said it was an avocado bath bomb which actually made the bath go green and left you feeling silky smooth.

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What’s in my handbag?

Sometimes you need to reward yourself with a brand new something rather.

I decided that landing a new full time job, after months of searching, is one of those things that needs to be rewarded. My hard work paid off and I wanted to celebrate and congratulate myself. So a new handbag was just the thing.

I needed something that was corporate like but big enough to carry all my belongings. And I stumbled upon a fabulous bag at Equip:


This bag perfectly matches my corporate capsule wardrobe colour scheme so I know I will work perfectly. But then there is the dreaded transferring over of items from the existing bag to the new one.

I am known to have a large handbag. My boyfriend can’t understand why I need to carry so much around with me all the time. But when you constantly catch public transport like myself, you are bound to carry a fair bit of junk around. Contrary to what my boyfriend believes, most all of it is actually very useful.

When I transferred things over to my new handbag I also decided to organize my bag a bit better. Not with one if those handbag organiser inserts though. I do have one and it is fairly useful only semi useful – I still lost everything throughout my bag. I decided that it would be better to place things in small pencil cases to make it easier in transferring and finding items in my bag.

I grouped items into specific groups:

Health Bag: the blue army print zip bag

This blue army print zip bag from Napoleon Perdis stored most of my handbag items. It’s mainly for health related items such as:

  • Pain killers: You never know when pain will strike, so keep them in your bag. It can stop a nasty headache or keep period pain away, so definitely a useful item to keep in your bag.
  • Bandaids: Anything from a paper cut to blisters can be fixed with a little plastic strip! I keep the whole packet in my bag because you never know how many you’ll need!
  • Hand sanitiser: perfect little handbag item, especially if you’re out and about during the day.
  • Tissues: obviously good for when you sneeze but what about other sticky situations, or blotting lipstick?
  • Wet wipes: Perfect for getting rid of sticky fingers or wiping something off your dress because you didn’t see it when you sat down… (yep, that’s happened to me before!)
  • Antibacterial wipes: these are mainly for removing makeup so I generally use them to get rid of my bright lipstick when I go in between jobs. There are also good to wipe over your neck and body when you need to freshen up on a hot day.


There’s also a few other items I like to place in this bag to make them easier to find. These items are:

  • Nail kit: A nail kit usually has things like a nail file, nail clippers, tweezers and small scissors. It’s amazing how useful this kit can be. For example, there’s been so many times that I’ve broken or chipped a nail when out and about or at work. Having a nail file and clippers on hands helps you get the nail back into shape and stop it from scratching yourself or someone else. The scissors are great for when you find a loose thread in clothing. You don’t want to pull on this thread to get rid of it because you could damage your clothes or risk the entire hem coming apart. So a quick snip will help fix it temporarily.
  • Roll on deodorant: good for quick fixes during the day to keep you fresh.
  • Perfume spray: A lot of girls keep their perfume in their handbag. I rather keep a cheaper scent of a similar smell. Only because you don’t want your favourite signature scent breaking and spilling through your entire bag. I use The Body Shop scents in either strawberry, vanilla or grapefruit.
  • Hand cream: Our hands go through a lot. And they age a lot faster than we realise. To keep your hands happy (and looking young) lather them up with a nourishing hand cream. My current favourite is the hand cream that matches my perfume, Dot by Marc Jacobs.



Emergency bag:

This little pencil case bag contains some of my lady products and a change of underwear. I also like to keep panty liners in here too.

Makeup bag:

I used to carry around a full makeup bag with me but I no longer do that. Occassionally I might throw in it if I’m doing my makeup on the way to work, but at the moment it hasn’t been necessary to do that. I’m going to put in my travel size mascara from Napoleon Perdis and possible a bronzer & brush for touch ups throughout the day. At the moment the items I’m carrying in there are:

  • Lipgloss, lip liner and lipsticks: I like to have a variety of choices and they normally end up all throughout my bag so putting them together in a pencil case makes sense to me. Makes it’s easy to touch up throughout the day or completely change my look for day to night.
  • Compact mirror: this also lives in the pencil case for obvious reasons. These are perfect for when you’re on the go. You can check your teeth after a meal to make sure you don’t go walking around with a piece of food stuck in there all day. You can touch up your makeup if you need to. You can fix your hair. It seems obvious as to why you would pack it, but so many people don’t think about carrying this simple item
  • Paw paw cream: I love paw law cream because it’s the perfect on the go lip balm. Another pencil case accessory

Hair bag:

This clear bag is for all my hair related items. I often loose or break hair accessories in my bag, so this case makes it easy to store and easy to see what I have put in there. I normally have a travel size hairspray in there, but not at the moment. Currently I have:

  • Hair tie and bobby pins. You never know when you might need these.
  • Small comb and travel brush: great for touching up hair but I sometimes do my hair on the bus in the morning so it’s helpful to have these in my handbag.



There’s also a few little other bits and pieces I keep in my handbag:

  • Sunglasses and case: You should be wearing sunglasses all wear round to protect your eyes, so don’t ever forget a pair of fabulous shades! But if you carry lots of things around like I do, then sooner or later your sunnies might get a little destroyed. Make sure you have a hard sunglasses case so you don’t get caught out with broken shades.
  • Shopping bag: I have a small one that rolls up perfectly and fits so snug into my bag you might think that it’s not even there! After all, I’m an environmentally friendly girl 😉
  • Umbrella: People think it’s silly of me to have an umbrella in my bag, but when a freak storm hits, you will be thanking your lucky stars this was in your bag.
  • Pen and notepad: You never know when you need to write something down.
  • Phone: Well duh. Basically everyone has a smartphone these days so they are useful on so many levels. Unfortunately I’ve got my little black temporary phone until I get my iphone replaced…
  • Ipad: because I don’t have my phone, and because I like to blog on the to, I bring my iPad with me everywhere now. It’s also helping me discover the many places of free wifi!
  • Wallet: These days I only keep my essential cards in there, my ID and a couple of rewards program’s I actually use.
  • Mini torch: ok this might seem a bit strange BUT when you get home late at night you might need it. Plus it makes it harder to loose my keys… (I actually used it tonight to get inside my house after work late at night!)
  • Keys: I have my keys attached to the mini torch to ensure it is always easy to find the in my bag. But I also try to put the keys into the little zip pocket in my handbag.
  • Healthy snacks: I like to keep protein bars and gluten free muesli bars in my bag for the times when I’m hungry but want to go buy something unhealthy. Not only does it stop me from binging in bad food,but I also saves me money too!
  • Travel cutlery kit: I try not to buy lunch and try to take my own with me. But I often forget my knife and fork… luckily I keep this little kit with me! It’s also great for when you grab a quick yoghurt-on-the-go…
  • Water bottle: Although not pictured, I always carry a water bottle around with me. It is so important to keep hydrated so I always keep a bottle in my bag. I’m constantly sipping on water and it keeps me feeling fresh. Plus I don’t have to worry about stopping at the shops and buying the expensive mineral water.


Hope you enjoyed my post on the contents of my handbag. What’s in your handbag? What do you consider handbag essentials?
















My Travel Beauty Essentials

A little while ago I created a set on Polyvore about my travel beauty essentials.  Here is what I came up with:


Travel beauty essentials


These are items that I have taken with me on previous trips, and items that I regularly use. I think it’s important to take along items that you use regularly when travelling – I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying out completely new products when on the road for a significant time. If it’s just a week, I’m sure you’ll be alright. But more than a week and things might go a little awry… for example you can aggravate your skin or dry out your hair. Or it may not work the way you want it and then you’re carrying around a product you don’t need.

So with that in mind I picked products I used every day. With my list you can see a lot of The Body Shop products. This is because I have used a lot of these products in the past and know that they work for me. Also, the Redken hair product is something that I used to use a lot to keep my hair healthy, so it was considered an essential back then.

Now that it is closer to my trip, I have started to rethink this list and have come up with something a little different… I will be posting that shortly so stay tuned for an updated list about my travel beauty essentials…

Product Review – Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow Palette + Free Gift Bag


A little while ago I had my makeup done at the Napoleon Perdis makeup counter in Myer for a photo shoot I did with Jessica Rue.

When I was getting my makeup done I noticed that there was a promotion ending that weekend, where you got a free bag of goodies when you buy over $79 worth of products. Looking at the picture of the items in the bag, I thought it was worth buying something. I remembered that I was getting low on my neutral eyeshadow palette so I should probably buy a new one that will be great for travel, and then I can get the freebies as well. Here’s my review:


Spooley Brush: I had never bought or used one of these before, but I am so glad I bought it now! It kind of looks like a mascara brush, but it is used for your eyebrows. It is great for brushing out and blending colour in your eyebrows to give a more natural look. I’ve also been told you can spray hairspray onto the brush and brush it over your brows to make them stay in place. I’m yet to try that trick!

Eyeshadow Palette: I chose the same palette that was used on my eyes for the photo shoot. It was a good mixture of light and dark neutral colours which could easily be used for either day or night makeup. The top two colours are perfect for the lid, highlighting and blending, with the bottom two colours being great for the crease and to create a smokey eye look. There are plenty of other colour combinations available. But I thought this one would be best for me and great for travel.


Free Bag: The handbag that stored the freebies is actually a really nice handbag. Often when you get a free gift handbag, the bag is thin and flimsy. But this handbag is actually good quality! I have already used it as a day bag to take to work with my umbrella, high heels, jumper and lunchbag stored in it. There was even room for some sneaky shopping I did one day…(shhhh). It definitely has made my bus rides to and from work a bit easier.

Nail Polish: This full sized polish comes in a neutral tone. I like this colour and think it will be a good travel beauty product. It dries really quickly, and has a nice matte finish. I’ve actually been wearing this one a lot lately! 🙂

Primer: I was a little disappointed that this only came in the travel size, as this was one of the items I was particularly looking forward to. I know that you only need a little bit of the primer, but I feel like I might use it all in one go! Nonetheless it is a good travel size. I will probably go and buy the full size one soon. The primer is light and glides on. It sets into the skin quickly so it would be easy for foundation to be applied not longer after.

Foundation: Once again, disappointing that it came in a mini version (Also a bit strange that you didn’t get to pick a colour, you were just given whatever colour is in the bag…) The foundation is light, but I feel like it doesn’t have the best coverage. I think I’ll stick with my MAC foundation for the time being.

Blush: This one came a the normal size and it is a really nice natural looking colour. I often use very pink or very bronze blushes, so to have this one is a good change from the normal colours. It probably would be too big for me to take when travelling, but I will definitely use it when I return back from my travels.

Lipgloss: It has a yummy bubblegum smell – just like the bubblegum balls everyone would eat as a kid! The problem is that I found it quite thick and sticky. And it’s not easy to apply – you would need a brush or have to use your finger to apply the gloss. I like glosses that I can put straight onto my lips, rather than getting my fingers sticky. Nonetheless, its a nice colour with a bit of sparkle.

Complimentary Makeup Session: This will definitely be useful when I have a special event! But I should probably check when it needs to be used by…


Overall Review: I am really happy with Napoleon Perdis products. They have a nice light finish and work well with other products as well. I normally use a combination of MAC products (especially lipstick and foundation) and The Body Shop products, and Napoleon Perdis products seems to work well with these other products. This is definitely important, as I will never be one to use only one brand of products (and I’m sure a lot of other people will agree with me on that one!)


Have any of you tried a Napoleon Perdis eyeshadow palette? Or do you have a favourite eyeshawdow palette that you just can’t live without? Comment below and share your thoughts 🙂


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