The Quick Flick Product Review: Is it really worth the hype?

The Quick Flick has been hailed as a revolutionary makeup product.

The Quick Flick brand rests on the priniples of being time savers and hassle free. Whether you’re time poor or lazy or just like makeup being quick and easy, this is always a good quality… if it’s true.

I was super keen to try this product, so during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales in November, I decided to get a few products to try out.

There’s a positive of the brand being vegan and cruelty free, which I always like in a beauty or makeup brand.

Intense Black Eyeliner Stamp

This is the product that started the brand, and started many copy cat products thereafter (hello Thin Lizzy…). It comes in four sizes with a stamp for each eye, and the pen on the end of each stamp.

I chose two sizes – To The Point and Modest.

I chose Modest as it seemed to be the middle size of the main eyeliners. It is slightly curved and there is a stamp for the left eye and the right eye. I think it’s a really good size to start off with.

The To The Point stamp seemed thinner and smaller than the Modest stamp. The stamp was quite long when I got it, and had a really nice thin point. Unfortunately the tip of both of the stamps broke off almost straight away. I was really disappointed with this when I barely even touched or used the stamps.

It was only a couple of millimeters off the end, so when I use the actual stamp it is probably better for me anyway. This is because I like that I can make the wing bigger if I wish.

The pen itself is good but it’s not great. I found sometimes I need to go over where I had drawn more than once as it didn’t always go on easily. It is very similar to Thin Lizzy eyeliner pen.

Click here to read my review on Thin Lizzy products.

The key thing to remember is not to use the stamp right next to the lash line – the wing looks better if the stamp is a bit further away from the lash.

Although I will continue to use this pen, I probably wouldn’t buy it again. I would still choose an eyeliner pen like the Stilla eyeliner pen.

Rating: 5/10

Makeup Eraser Pen

I think this is a great invention. I’ve found this pen is great for removing eyeliner or mascara that gets in places it shouldn’t be. It can also be used for removing lipstick bleeds.

The pen uses micellar water, but can also be cleaned with simple running water.

This is so much more precise than using things like cotton tips or makeup wipes, and definitely means less waste so it is beneficial for the environment too.

I love this product and would definitely recommend it.

Rating 10/10

Lash Adhesive

This is also touted as a revolutionary product s it hold lashes without glue. It is also meant to work with all types of lashes. I got the Quick Flick lashes though to make sure it worked as it should first…

The black liner is a 2 in 1 because it can be used as eyeliner as well as the lash adhesive. I didn’t particularly like using the adhesive as an eyeliner because I found it made the corners of my eyelids feel like they stuck together – not good for someone with slightly hooded eyes!

The actual functionality of the adhesive is… questionable. I practised on the back of my hand first to see how long it took for the glue to dry and found it dried in a few seconds.

Then when I tried to put the lashes on my actual eyes, the lashes would not stick. I tried a few times, but I wasn’t very successful. It took a few goes of applying more and more adhesive liner and eventually I got the lashes to stick slightly.

I also tried to ‘wait 30 seconds’ before applying, but the lashes did not stick.

I tried with the clear adhesive as well on a different occasion. and had a similar experience. The clear liner picks up the colour on lashes (including if you have eyeliner) so it feels like it loses a lot of its adhesive ability. I ended up giving up on this adhesive.

I feel like this needs a lot of practice to get it right. This is kind of at odds with The Quick Flick trying to be a time saving brand.

If you can master this application, then I’m sure it would be good as there is no sticky residue left on your eyelids. I always find eyelash glue can stay on lashes well after you remove them and wash your face, so this quality is a definitely a big positive of these products.

Rating: 7/10

Dual-Ended Lash Applicator Tool

This is a great alternative to using tweezers because it is designed specifically for lashes with its curved end.

I don’t think you necessarily need this applicator – they are basically fancy tweezers. But I still think they are a good little invention.

Rating: 7/10

False Lashes

There’s quite a few different lash sizes and styles from The Quick Flick. I bought a three lashes from The Quick Flick: the Grande False Lashes in Size One, To The Point False Lashes in Size One and Modest in Size One.

The Grande One is fluffy and full looking. These are great for a more dramatic look at night. They work well with smokey eyes and big eyeliner.

The To The Point Lashes are thinner/less full than The Grande lashes, and perfect for a dramatic day look or a night look without liquid eyeliner. I find these lashes are great for a variety of looks.

The Modest lashes are the most natural looking out of the three lashes I bought. They are the best ones for natural and day time looks.

All lashes are quite big in size so I had to trim all of them. However, I found I trimmed the modest lashes in half and it was like having two sets of lashes!

All the lashes feel soft and quite natural so they look really nice when they are on. I like these lashes and have been able to reuse them.

Rating: 9/10

Overall Thoughts

After trying the key products, I’m not entirely sold on The Quick Flick. I think they are great ideas, but they are not as easy to execute as the brand says it is.

If I practice at using the liner & adhesive products, I may be able to get them to work for me. However, I think I would probably not buy these products again.

I do like the lashes and would definitely buy these again.

Overall rating: 5/10

Have you used items from The Quick Flick? What products do you like? Or would you not use these products again? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,

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One thought on “The Quick Flick Product Review: Is it really worth the hype?

  1. linacorn19 says:

    Great review! I use the Thin Lizzy magnetic lashes and they work really well. On the downside the liner has to go on thick and takes a while to dry. But it’s good to know this type of adhesive isn’t great.

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