Travel Guide: Steavenson Falls

Steavenson  Falls travel guide

With restrictions lifted, we decided it was time to go exploring more natural wonders in Victoria.

We hadn’t been out as far as Marysville before, so we decided to take a weekend drive out there and check out Steavensons Waterfall.

I’ve been told that Steavensons Falls is one of the best in Victoria, so I was pretty excited to check it out.

It’s definitely a scenic drive to Maryville. We snaked up and down the mountains while seeing the tallest trees I’ve ever seen with a thick blanket of germs at their bases. It was quite pretty!

Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide

When we got to Marysville, there was clear signage directing us to the falls. The road there was a thin road but it was sealed and easy to drive on.

Driving up to the waterfall, we could see some of the devastation from the bushfires in 2019/2020 summer. There were large sections of white dead sticks coming out of the bush land. It was sad seeing how some of the bush hadn’t recovered a year on from the devastating fires.

Steavenson  Falls travel guide

Before going, we didn’t realise there was an “entry fee”. There is a small sign showing the fee is a few dollars depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving. I recall seeing it was $1 for a motorbike and $3 for a car.

Although it says it’s an entry fee, there wasn’t a gate stopping people from entering. It’s just a parking ticket to be bought at one of the pay stations.

Some people had parked a few hundred metres away from the parking area, which seemed like it was the area for people who didn’t want to pay the “fee”.

The path to the waterfall was an easy walk. You could easily bring a pram along this path as it’s not too steep.

Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide

I could see some large lights around the falls. Turns out the falls are lit up at night – I think it would be pretty spectacular to see at night!

There’s lots of different viewing platforms to look at the waterfall. The first one is when you stand directly over the running river and look up at the 122m falls. It’s really quite impressive when you’re at the bottom of the falls looking up!

Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide

Then if you continue over the bridge platform, there’s a viewing platform at the left of the falls. You get to see the weir and be really amazed at the volume of water at the bottom of the falls.

If you go back down to the bridge platform and over to the right of the weir, there is a larger platform.

Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide

All the platforms are modern and well built so they are perfectly safe. The bottom of the platform is like a diamond shaped grill though, so you wouldn’t want to drop anything on them – if it falls through the large holes, you would lose that item forever!

There’s also a walk up to the top of the falls. The sign said it was 800 meters and there were steep steps. It said it would take 15 to 30 minutes but someone has used a marker to write 50 minutes.

Being six months pregnant, I decided against that steep walk.

When we walked back towards the car, we took the detour to the turbine. The path followed the river downstream to this small turbine that generates electricity. I suppose this is how the lights are powered.

Steavenson  Falls travel guide
Steavenson  Falls travel guide

I saw a sign that said there’s a 4km track that goes back to Marysville. Seems like there’s lots of different options for people to walk around the falls.

There’s also some toilets at the car park. They are very basic metal toilets with no hand wash at the basins, so you might want to make sure you’ve got sanitiser and tissues on hand.

I didn’t notice any picnic tables sit and have lunch. Lots of people sat down at the wooden bench chairs along the tracks to eat and drink, but I think it would have been good if there some actual tables to sit at.

As I didn’t go to the top, I’m not sure if it’s different up there with picnic tables. I didn’t see any signs to say there would be though.

Steavenson  Falls travel guide

I would definitely go back here. As it’s out at the beginning of Victoria’s alpine country, I would think in spring there would be lots of water at the falls after the snow melts. So I would like to see it in springtime.

I also want to hike up to the top as I think it would be an impressive view. Plus it would be great exercise.

Perhaps after Baby V is born we can take him out here to see his first waterfall…


Steavenson  Falls travel guide

My Rating: 8/10

Have you been to Steavenson’s Falls? If so, what is the hike to the top like? Let me know in the comments section!

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