Returning back to Wonderland: The Hatter and the Hare

A while back I visited the Hatter and the Hare restaurant in Bayswater. I really loved how the cafe was set up and the Alice in Wonderland themed food was delicious.

When lockdown was lifted, I was definitely keen to meet up with friends. So just before Christmas 2020, we decided to go for a catch-up at The Hatter and The Hare.

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Because of COVID and all the restrictions in place, we were only able to be seated for an hour and fifteen minutes. This isn’t a long time when you’ve got lots to catch up on!

I understand the need for these restrictions, but I did feel that the wait staff were quite pushy with things.

I was early and the first to get there so I got to sit at the table before the reversation even started. Definitely a plus in my books, although I would have completely been fine with waiting as I was early.

One friend arrived and as soon as she got there, the wait staff told us we only had the table for the hour and fifteen minutes (although the friend who just sat down had booked it and said the booking said it was for longer…)

When a everyone arrived, the wait staff asked us if we were ready to order straight away when we hadn’t even seen the menus. Then reminded us of our time slot. Then, about 5 mins later, asked us again if we were ready to order. It definitely felt a bit rushed and pushed.

This time I was excited to try the delicious food again, but I needed to pick something both gluten free and pregnancy friendly. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, especially considering as I was super hungry.

The menu also seems to be the same as last time. I’m not surprised considering COVID shut down Melbourne for most of 2020, so many cafes and restaurants were struggling to keep afloat anyway.

Three of the four of us ordered the Luke Milkshakes that are reminiscent of Freakshakes in Canberra.

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I chose The Mad Dash which was a salted caramel flavoured milkshake with banana and dates. It was delicious and presented so well!

For my meal I chose the Curiouser & Curiouser Avo. It’s a delicious vegan smashed avocado on toast. There was no feta in the avocado, so I decided to get this meal on gluten free bread. The saltiness of the halloumi mixed with the eggplant and muhammara sauce makes for a satisfying mouthful each time.

I realised after the fact that it had sundried tomato and this may be something I should avoid during pregnancy (if it comes directly from a delicatessen).

You can add a poached egg on this if you want, which I avoided this time as it’s also on the list of things pregnant women need to be careful of. But after having it as it was, I don’t think it needs a poached egg – it’s filling enough anyway and doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything without the egg.

Even though the place seemed pretty busy, the food came out really quickly. We easily ordered, received our food and finished it well within our time slot with plenty of time to spare!

It’s still a great place to visit and I was surprised at how much effort went into the Christmas decorations.

Usually, The Hatter and the Hare is decked out with Alice in Wonderland themed decor. But during Christmas time, this place really steps it up a few notches. There’s a cute Santa’s workshop section at one end of the building, and there’s even decorations at the sink outside the bathrooms!


Atmosphere: 4.5/5 | Service: 3.5/5 | Taste: 5/5 | Presentation: 4.5/5 | Value for Money: 4.5/5

Overall: 22/25

Have you been to The Hatter and The Hare? What’s your favourite dish on the menu? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,

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