10 Easy & Budget-Friendly At Home Date Night Ideas

With coronavirus still keeping the world in uncertain times, many of us are put in lockdown after lockdown.

In fact, even though Melbourne is no longer in lockdown, I was forced into “self-quarantine” for 14 days after returning from interstate holidays at the start of January.

This coming Valentine’s Day, some (or many) of us, may be stuck in lockdown or quarantine when we would prefer to be out spending time with our special someone.

So here’s some ideas of what you can do at home.

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At Home Picnic

Picnics in the park are often a casual romantic date idea. But you don’t have to go to the park to have this date.

Pack your picnic basket with sandwiches, fruit, cheese, crackers, and drinks. Then grab a picnic blanket, some pillows, and your picnic basket and set up your picnic wherever you can – your backyard, courtyard, balcony or even your lounge room.

I recommend this picnic basket from Amazon for $59.95 as it is lightweight, insulated, comes with a picnic blanket, and is the perfect size for two people.

Movie Night

Snuggling up on the couch with a loved one is always a nice thing to do. It’s easy to do a regular Netflix and chill, but how can you make it a bit more special?

You can pick a theme for the movies like a romantic comedies or a horror movies fest. Or each pick a movie to surprise the other one with. With lots of different streaming services available you can easily find what you’re looking for ahead of time. I’m loving Amazon Prime Video right now, with lots of new releases you can rent or buy, and plenty of movies & shows included in the subscription price.

Make it like a proper movie night by getting some microwaveable popcorn, some chocolate coated ice creams, and your favourite lollies. Set it all out in your living room so you can snack on your delicious selection of food.

Feel free to open a bottle of wine, or make your favourite drink, and have a charcuterie board if you’re feeling fancy.

Make sure you get some comfy cushions and plush blankets to feel extra comfy. And don’t forget turn off the lights when the movie starts for the full movie experience!

Brunch in Bed

A nice surprise is greeting your loved one with their favourite brunch in bed. It’s like being in a fancy hotel without leaving your home!

You can cook up something special like poached eggs with fresh juice and coffee. Or, if you’re not so good with cooking, you can always order Uber eats.

Make sure you have a breakfast tray to serve everything on with some fresh flowers.

If you want to make things more like a hotel experience, make sure the night before you change the sheets and quilt covers so you two have a great nights sleep before your delicious breakfast in bed!

Board Game Night

There’s nothing like some healthy competition in the form of board games that can keep things interesting.

Pick about three board games you can play over a night. You might pick some classics like scrabble, chess or monopoly, or add in some new games. There’s also “adult” board games you might like to try at the later end of the night…

Some of my favourite and recommended games are:

  • Scrabble: a classic but a good one for couples.
  • Exploding Kittens: A really funny card game with pictures of cats being crazy. The purpose is to not “explode” and it can be enjoyed by everyone from crazy cat people to non-cat lovers.
  • Stratego: A game of strategy to capture your opponents flag, depending on how strong your moving piece. It’s different each time you play or who you play against and is a fun competitive game.
  • Monopoly: Another classic but there’s lots of different versions to try. We have played a lot of different versions including the Australian Monopoly, Christmas Monopoly and even Dragon Ball Z Monopoly.
  • Fireball Island: This is not a cheap board game but its definitely fun! It’s basically a race to get off a 3D volcanic island, complete with fireballs being slung at the characters!

Cork and Canvas

If you’re looking for something different, a cork and canvas night might be the way to go. There’s plenty of companies that offer a package where you pick the picture you would like to paint, and they send out the canvas, the design, and paints. All you need to do is add the alcohol.

You can pick the same design if you want to do a class together i, or pick different DIY designs so both can be displayed in your home afterwards.

I recommend Bubbles and Brushes. You can pick your design and it comes with easy to follow instructions. This means you can do it at a time that suits you and at a pace that works for you too. I did this in mid-2020 with a group of girls and it was a lot of fun! It’s also an Aussie business based in Orange NSW, so its a good feeling supporting local businesses too!

Alcohol Tasting

Many of us have been yearning for a wine tasting or would love to gift our loved one with a tasting at a brewery or distillery. But you can get those to come to you! Many places are offering tasting packages that can be sent to you.

Alternatively, you can buy a selection of alcohol online, and have it delivered to you. The great part is you don’t have to worry about getting home as you’ll already be safe and sound!

Backyard Glamping

If you have a backyard, why not set up your tent in the yard for the weekend?

Rather than rough it, you can make sure you have your favourite luxury items like a plush blanket, plump pillows, and lots of fairy lights. The great thing is you still have access to your shower and toilet!

Make sure you turn your phone off (kind of like if you were camping somewhere remote) so you can give all your attention to your loved one. Pull out your plush blanket and pillows and and spend the night star gazing instead of gazing at your phone.

Virtual Museum Tour

It’s been a while since a lot of us have visited a museum or gallery. But you don’t need to miss out on a fun museum or art date. Some museums have offered virtual tours while coronavirus has been ongoing.

In fact, there are many museums and galleries around the world offering this experience – so for your date night, why not take a virtual trip to another city or country by doing a virtual tour? You may also choose to get food specific to your location and finish the tour with a locally inspired meal!

Some well known museums and galleries doing virtual tours include:

  • British Museum, London
  • Musee d’Orsay Gallery, Paris
  • National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • The Picasso Museum, Barcelona
  • National Gallery of Art, Washington

Degustation Dinner

If you are good at cooking, why not do a fancy multiple course meal with some matching wines? You don’t have to be a somilier to try this out.

Pick a theme for dinner (such as an Italian inspired evening) or perhaps you want to include a particular ingredient in each dish like cheese or truffles.

Work out what your meals will be and either do a three course meal or make smaller versions of each dish. Then pick drinks to match. An easy guide is to start with sweet white wines and progress to red wines. Some wines you can buy in smaller or half bottles, which may make it easier to buy different wines.

Here’s an example menu:

  • Fish or a light salad matched with sparkling wine
  • Mushroom risotto matched with dry white wine
  • Pork belly matched with Pino Noir
  • Beef Steak matched with Shiraz
  • Honeycomb, Meringue and Raspberries, matched with dessert wine

Couples Spa Day

If you can’t get to a day spa for a couples any together, then make it at home.

Run a bath with scented bath salts and bubble bath gel and you can make it more romantic by adding rose petals to the bath after it has finished filling. Slip into the bath with your sweetie and have a relaxing soak.

While in the bath you can give each other a nice scrub like FrankBody Coffee Scrub.

Afterwards, if you feel like relaxing in a robe, you can do face masks together (although admittedly, some people may be hard to convince on this one!)

You might also want to take turns giving each other massages. However, things might get steamier than your bathroom mirror after that hot bath…

Will you try any of the above ideas for this coming Valentine’s day? Have you done any of the above in the past? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,

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