5 Work From Home Outfits You Can Easily Recreate

Working from home has become so normalised this year. It’s crazy how the pandemic has completely changed what we see as normal.

I always wanted to work from home. Sleep ins, wearing pyjamas all day, not worrying about traffic or public transport, no listening to the workplace gossip go on and on and on…

But working from home is definitely not what it’s cracked up to be.

Many of us have had to navigate juggling home and work balance, which is a lot harder when your office is also your home. We have to find motivation in a a time when we feel despair and hopelessness. And we miss it on much of the social interaction that we regularly need.

I personally have a newfound respect for people who were already working from home!

It’s no surprise that many people working from home are struggling with mental health issues.

Trawling recommendations online, it’s a common thing where experts suggest regular breaks and exercise while working at home.

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Another recommendation to make yourself feel better about working from home is to dress for work, rather than in your pyjamas all day.

Now many of us are not going to be wearing a full face of makeup, with our favourite pair of work heels (if you are though then go for it and do what makes you happy!) so we kind of need a “work from home wardrobe”.

That’s why I decided to share a few of my “go-to” looks for working from home. They can easily be recreated and I have included links for similar or the same items so you can create your own go to looks.

Look 1: Classic Jeans Combo

This look is your classic work from home look with jeans, a comfy but stylish shirt, and a long cardigan. It can also be worn in the office on casual Friday’s too, so it will be something you can wear when you return to the office.

Outfit Details

Jeans: Jeans West | Top: Review Australia | Cardigan: Boohoo | Sandals: Rubi Shoes | Earrings: Handmade

Look 2: Meeting Ready

When working from home, you may have important meetings where you can’t get away with dressing like you just rolled out of bed. that’s where a nice shirt never goes astray. Team with some high waisted culottes and a blazer and you’ll be stylish yet comfy.

Outfit details

Top: Hell Bunny | Culottes: Forever New | Blazer: Forever New | Necklace: Lovisa | Shoes: Betti Page

Look 3: Let’s Get Physical

Some days you’ll just want to do some physical activity to break up the day. It’s important to keep up physical activity during lock down and working from home not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health and to keep up your motivation.

Depending on your work place and whether you have video meetings, this may be better for days when you don’t have to see your colleagues.

Outfit details

Crop: Cotton On | Singlet: St Frock | Cardigan: Cotton On | Leggings: Cotton On | Sneakers: Kmart

Look 4: Maxi Cool

Lock down can come about in any weather, and some days it’s a bit hot outside. Maxi dresses may not have been appropriate in the office on hot days, but they can be when working from home. This is my go-to dres for hot days.

Outfit details

Dress: Ally | Belt: Forever New | Sandals: Ally | Earrings: Vintage

Look 5: Rugged Up and Ready

When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to just rug up in pjs, a dressing gown, or a deliciously warm hoodie. But you can keep warm, look good and in turn not be embarrassed if there area any surprise video conferences!

Outfit details

Sweater: Showpo | Leggings: Cotton On | Sneakers: Vans | Earrings: Mimco

What’s been your go to working from home outfit? Have you recreated any of the outfits above? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,

All opinions in this post are my own. Unless otherwise stated, this post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid for this post

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