Working From Home Essentials

Working from home office essentials

With the ongoing pandemic, it feels like working from home is the norm for many people for the foreseeable future.

In fact, I will be working from home for quite a long time.

When I started working from home, I thought I would be back in the office in a couple of months. I never would have guessed that 8 months later I’m still working at home…

So for those who are working from home, it pays to make your office or work space a space you actually take pride in and enjoy going to each day.

Taking the time out of your day to set up your space will pay off in the long run – benefits might include being more productive, feeling less stressed, and being able to properly leave work at “work” (even though it’s at home).

So here is my list of essentials you need to set up your office. Depending on your space, you may not be able to get all these items, but hopefully this list helps in setting up your space, wherever in the home that may be.

Working from home office essentials

Office furniture

Desk: a spacious desk is ideal, but not everyone will be able to get that. As a minimum you should have a desk (or table) that gives you enough space to do your work for the day without feeling cramped.

Office chair: A comfortable office chair is also a must. If your chair is more pretty than comfy, adding a cushion might help with the comfort ability aspect.

Drawers & bookcase: A set of draws and bookcase are great if you have a home office space that they will fit in. It also means you can store items here and use them for displaying decor.

Working from home office essentials


Computer or laptop: A computer or laptop (or even tablet) that allows you to do your work obviously is the most essential part of working from home. I love the Surface Pro which can be a tablet or laptop. It’s got a small screen but its great for doing various tasks needed for work.

Phone charger: you may find you’re on the phone more when you’re working from home. Make sure it doesn’t go flat by having a charger near by. A desktop charger is best so you can make sure you don’t miss any important calls or notifications while working.

Desk lamp: you would be amazed at how dark a room can get during the day. You may also work early morning or in the night. Having a desk lamp ensures you don’t ruin your eyesight and can see what you are doing.

Google home or google nest. I love having this at my desk. Perfect for telling you the weather, the time, answering a simple question, adding items to your shopping list, or playing a Spotify playlist to help you with your work day.

Working from home office essentials

Desk accessories

Clock: obviously for telling the time… but it’s also a nice accessory too. Whether on the wall or on your desk, a nice clock never goes out of fashion.

Mousepad: if you’re using a computer, you should definitely have a mousepad. There’s plenty of stylish ones out there that could match your decor and keep your space looking pretty.

Storage boxes: the easiest way to keep your space clean is to have storage options. Storage boxes are great for paperwork that hasn’t quite got a home, but needs to be kept somewhere. There’s lots of different boxes of Rene office but I recommend getting A4 or A3 sized boxes for important paperwork you need to keep but haven’t sorted yet.

Document holder: this is great to put on your desk for things that need to be dealt with in the coming week or two. Perfect for receipts or invoices, bills, and many more important documents.

Bin: bins can be so ugly, and so can mounds of paper or rubbish. Keep you space clean but stylish in a cute bin.

To do list or planner: the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything important is to write it down. A desktop planner for the week or a running to do list is a great way to keep on top of things. Keeping it at your desk means it doesn’t get lost in other household paperwork either.

Pens, stapler, scissors etc: even if you don’t usually use these items in your day to day work, keep these items at your desk so yo know exactly where they are when you need them. There’s also lost of cute and stylish versions of stationery for those stationery lovers (like me).

Pen holder: keep all your stationery items stylish and together so you know exactly where they are.

Calendar: some people prefer to use their phone diary, or email calendar for reminders. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a written physical version too in case of technical difficulties. It’s also good having it right in front of you so you don’t forget anything important.

Working from home office essentials


Fake plants and flowers: there’s so many options available at places like Target and IKEA, so it’s super easy to decorate your space. If you are able to keep plants alive, then go for the real thing, but it may be more sensible (and cheaper) for most people to get the fake versions.

Scented candles: this helps make your space a beautiful space that you enjoy being in. Also, certain scents can help increase concentration or could help you separate the space from the rest of your house.

Mug & teapot: can be used as decor or used for it’s actual purpose – to drink coffee or tea!

Picture frames: many people have photos of loved ones or pets at their desk at work, so why not keep that personality at home.

Posters with inspirational quotes: sometimes you may need a little something extra to get you through the tough working week. An inspiration quote or poster never hurts. I love Kikki.K and Typo for inspirational quotes that can be placed on your desk.

Pin board & push pins: perfect for work related reminders, important phone numbers, a calendar, or even photos & inspirational quotes.

Rug: a great way to make a space look and feel updated is to get a nice rug. It also keeps you warm in winter if you have hardwood floors.

String of lights: you can easily brighten up a space with some battery operated string fairy lights. You can get a lot of different versions of these lights like lanterns, shapes, flowers and so many more options to match your space.

Working from home office essentials

Have you spruced up your home office space? What are your working from home essentials? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,

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2 thoughts on “Working From Home Essentials

  1. traveladdictedunicorn says:

    Those are for sure essentials!! I absolutely need my planners and calendars!! Definitely need my mug especially with coffee in it lol.

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