Thin Lizzy Makeup Product Review

The Thin Lizzy Makeup first came to my attention through an infomercial.

I remember seeing the ad on the tv which claimed one pressed powder could achieve six different things: blushed, bronzer, eye-shadow, face framer, contour, and lip colour. The ad said it would give full coverage on top of doing all those things and could cover blemishes, scars and discolouration.

I’m very sceptical when it comes to products like this.

Then the full line of products trickled into the beauty and makeup market. This included liquid foundation and concealer.

Not long after that, there was mascara and liner and lipstick too.

So I decided to buy a whole lot of products to try and determine whether the 6 in 1 is as good as it claims it is. And considering I was low on all my basic makeup, I decided it was a good time to try out the range.

Here is my brutally honest review of the range of products I bought.

Pore Minimising Primer

I used this first on a freshly washed and clean face. I found the consistency is very similar to the Porefessional Primer. It left my skin feeling very smooth. After the first time, I used it I was not sure if it really did much else though.

Rating 7/10

6 in 1 Powder

This was definitely a surprise to me. I opened it and it just looked like a bronzer. Honestly, that’s pretty much what it is.

I decided to try it as an all-over powder foundation, applied over the primer. I was really surprised! It had a light coverage that gave me a nice glow.

I would use this as a foundation on days when I don’t feel like doing the whole face routine.

I think it definitely works as a face framer and bronzer. The product also claims to be a blush but I wouldn’t really agree on that. It’s a bronzer.

One thing I was surprised on was using it as an eyeshadow. I usually use more than one colour for eyeshadow so I was pleasantly surprised when the 6 in 1 gave a layered eye shadow look with depth

I’ve started using it every day for a bronzer/face framer, light contouring, and occasionally eyeshadow

Rating: 8/10

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is always a difficult one. The coverage might be good but it can become flaky and patchy throughout the day. Or it might feel sticky and not blend well.

This liquid foundation looks like it would give good coverage as it has a nice consistency when it comes out the tube.

This foundation has a small pump to get out of the tube. It pumps out a small amount and I found I need 2-3 pumps for full-face coverage. One pump is enough for light, daily coverage, but I definitely needed more than one pump to get the coverage that fully spread evenly over my face.

The website says it should be applied with a brush in circular motions, in order to give the “airbrushed” finish. I have applied with both a brush and a beauty blender. I do find it’s easier to blend this product with a brush over a beauty blender, but I did not get the airbrushed look that I was expecting unless I applied a lot of product.

Rating: 6.5/10

Liquid Concealer

The liquid concealer is better than I expected. I like the coverage that it gives but it feels like a fair amount is needed to actually give that coverage. I also feel like there’s a fine line between good coverage and feeling cakey.

I also found that it didn’t last very long and didn’t mix too well with other products, but it does mix well with Thin Lizzy products.

Rating 7/10

Pressed Powder

I have used the pressed powder at the end of my makeup routine to help set my makeup. I’ve found this also helps ensure the liquid products are properly blended.

I like that there is a mirror in the compact case and it’s good to have this in your handbag for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

I would say this product is just above average. There’s nothing especially bad about it, but I just don’t see it as value for money and feel I can get other products that just feel better quality than this but for the same money.

Rating: 6/10

Mascara Duo

The duo includes an applicator gel mascara that is essentially your liquid mascara aspect, then there is this microfibre particle tube. You apply the applicator gel, the fibres and then set with the gel again. 

When I first used this item, I was really impressed. My lashes looked long, full and voluminous, and I like the look I achieved. But the happiness was fleeting. I started getting itchy eyes throughout the day from the microfibres getting in my eyes. This made me want to rub my eyes which only made the itchy eyes situation worse. 

The mascara does appear to come off easily when you wash your face, but some of the microfibres lingered. When I woke up the next morning, my eyes could feel the slight itch, like there were grains of sand stuck in my eyeballs.

So I generally don’t add on the fibres throughout the week. I only use the duo together when I am going out for the day and want voluminous lashes without adding fake ones. For my daily look, I’ve been using just the applicator gel as mascara and to be honest, it’s ok but it’s nothing special.

Rating: 6/10

Eyeliner Stamp and Pen

As soon as I saw this I thought: is this a rip off of The Quick Flick? I’ve been wanting to try The Quick Flick for ages so I thought I would try (what I believe to be) the cheaper, knock-off version by Thin Lizzy. 

This is probably one of my favourite thin Lizzy products. I like that the stamp helps guide you to do my favourite style of makeup: winged eyeliner. It definitely makes doing a winged eyeliner look a lot easier.

The texter applicator is ok. Unfortunately, it doesn’t glide on as easily as liquid eyeliner, and I don’t think its as good as other eyeliner pens as it can easily look like it’s a texter and not liquid eyeliner used. It’s still pretty good and so far I’ve liked this the most out of all the products.

Rating: 8/10

Eyebrow & Eyeliner Pencil Duo

I found this pencil is very good when it is very sharp. But it is super creamy so it doesn’t stay sharp for long. I find it’s easy to muck up your brows with this pencil as it smudges way too easily.

When I use this, I use as little as possible and use powder and a brush to fill in most of the brows.

I do like the eyeliner. I found the colour is strong and because of the creamy consistency it goes on easily. 

I also like that the pencil comes with a sharpener too as I always seem to misplace my larger one. Having this handy means that I’ll always be able to sharpen my pencils on the go, so I would recommend this for travel. 

Rating: 7/10

Eyebrow Powder

When I purchased the eye products bundle, they were sold out in brunette. In order to try this out, I decided to get this product in blonde. It’s obviously too light for me with my dark brows, so I tested some on the back of my hand instead.

I think this powder is quite good and appears to be long-lasting. It’s just a shame I couldn’t get it in brunette. 

Rating: 8/10

Overall Thoughts

Overall the quality is ok, but considering there are other products or brands out there for a similar price but better quality (eg Sephora Brand), I would go for those brands over Thin Lizzy.

Click here for my review on Sephora brand products

Despite feeling like the makeup didn’t sit well on my skin, I was happy with how nice my skin looked in photographs.

I was not greatly impressed by Thin Lizzy so I will not be changing over to use this as a brand all the time. I probably wouldn’t buy this brand again either.

Have you tried Thin Lizzy Makeup? What are your thoughts on this brand? Let me know in the comments section!

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