Maroondah Reservoir Park and Revells Falls

When you think of Melbourne, you think art, good coffee, and the birthplace of Australian hipsters.

What you probably don’t think of is waterfalls.

That’s probably because you need to take a bit of a drive to get to some of the pretty and often unknown areas just outside of Melbourne. But it’s definitely worth going for a drive to visit some of these natural wonders.

We recently went to Revells Falls and Maroondah Reservoir Park and it was a great weekend activity to get involved in.

What is it?

This is a hidden little gem in the Yarra Valley region. It is a large picnic and BBQ area around a dam built in the 1800s, a waterfall fed by the spill way, and walking tracks scattered around the area.

The gardens are quite pretty as well including a large compass on the grass below the dam walls, or the roses bordering the staircase up the hill.

You can walk across the top of the dam and continue walking up to a lookout. There’s also short and long walks through the jungle like bush too.


To get to Maroondah Reservoir Park, you would need to take about a 1.5 hour drive to the east of Melbourne towards the Yarra Valley. When you get close to the Yarra Valley, there will be some signs towards Healesville when you start on the Maroondah Highway.

You will need to drive through Healesville in order to get to the Reservoir Park. It’s about a 10 minute drive from Healesville main town and is a pretty drive winding through the greenery.

The good thing about Maroondah Reservoir Park being so close to Healesville is that you can stop in Healesville for food before or after your visit, or even stock up on picnic supplies before you head to the park.


Not including petrol for driving to get out here, the cost is free.

Best time to go

I would say springtime is the bets time to go because it will be green, birds will be out, and flowers will be blooming.

It would also be best just after rainfall. This is because the waterfall is fed by the spillway from the dam. It is likely the waterfall is all but a trickle when there has not been rain. Good thing this area of Australia gets a lot of rain so the waterfalls would likely look nice throughout the year.

It would be nice in summer, but I would say the walking tracks wild have jungle like humidity in summer, due to the foliage and being close to the water. It was humid when we were here on a cool spring day, so it would likely warm up significantly when the sun comes out.

Time Needed

You would need at least an hour to wander around and properly take time to take in the sights.

We spent around 1.5-2 hours here. We saw the waterfall, took the steep step climb up to the top of the dam, walked to above the waterfall, walked to the lookout, and then took the jungle trek back to the car park. We accidentally took the long way back to the car park, but it was nice taking in the jungle-like bushland on the walk back.

There’s plenty of other walking tacos here that we didn’t get to try so if you’re a keen and fit explorer, I would say allow a few hours here.

What to wear

The walking tracks here are steep and get slippery r muddy after rain. You should definitely wear good quality walking shoes for this visit.

I also recommend wearing jeans or thick, long leggings as there is stinging nettle on the walking tracks. I also recommend wearing things that can be lawyered like a thin scarf and jumper. It felt humid walking through the tracks but was cool in some parts like the top of the dam.

I would also recommend wearing a backpack to make carrying your things easier.

Don’t forget

Definitely take a drink bottle with you full with water. The hills and tracks are steep and having a drink of water was definitely what I needed after all that walking!

Overall Rating

I enjoyed this day of exploration. The waterfall was quite impressive as it had just rained a lot in Melbourne and surrounding areas. I also like that you could get so close to the falls that you could feel the spray of water on your face!

The viewpoint is not so good as there’s lots of trees in the way. Some walking tracks are muddy, slippery and a bit treacherous, so you need to be careful and make sure you watch where you’re going.

Overall it’s a really nice spot with lots of explore. It’s also got bbq and picnic facilities so you could easily spend the whole day there.

Overall rating I give is 8/10.

Have you been to Maroondah Reservoir Park and Revells Falls? Let me know about your experience in the comments section!

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