Restaurant Review: Glen Iris Pantry

When I first moved to Melbourne, I tried out places close to me, because it was pretty overwhelming learning about places to go in a new city.

As much as I like going into the city, I thought it would be good to try out something close by and see what else there is for food, other than the city.

One of the first places I tried was the Glen Iris Pantry.

It’s a cute little cafe on Glen Iris Road. I can see that the cafe has been a long-standing part of the suburb with pictures on the wall of the cafe when it was a corner store (you know it’s old because there are ads plastered everywhere for cigarettes!).

The cafe still has the corner store feel with bread, milk and pantry items for sale on the dark wood shelves. However, it almost looks like this pantry food has been on there since the corner store opened… It makes me wonder if the staff have checked the use-by date of the food recently…

The cafe also makes sandwiches at a small sandwich bar and sells little baked treats at the register, like cookies and muffins.

The cafe is deceivingly big. There’s a nice lounge area at the back of the cafe which is definitely good for a coffee catchup.

There’s lots of indoor seating with the option of using a large wooden dining table for a big group. This was particularly good when we had a few kids with us.

You can also sit outside, which is really nice in the autumn and spring. It does get hot in summer outside though.

The Glen Iris Pantry is a dog-friendly cafe too and plenty of people will bring their pooches with them for weekend brunch or coffee. I actually love seeing all the doggies at the cafe and I would say that is part of the appeal of the place.

Every time I have gone for breakfast or lunch, they are generally not super busy. There’s usually a table or two available or you may need to wait 5-10 minutes to get a table.

The food is served relatively quickly, even when the place is full.

One thing I have noticed is that the customer service is average.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with the customer service. The staff are friendly and nice enough. I have just noticed that staff will put in the effort to chat with people they know as the “regulars”, but don’t really bother to go out of their way to chat with “less regular customers” like myself.

I suspect they feel under the pump of the business so they probably don’t have the time to put into stellar customer service.

Even though I say the customer service is average, that hasn’t stopped me returning to Glen Iris Pantry.

I’ve returned to Glen Iris Pantry countless times since moving to Melbourne and tried a few different breakfast dishes for my brunch dates.

However, I’m not a fan of everything here…

The only thing I don’t rate is the coffee. At the start of the year I used to walk down here and get coffees and they weren’t bad but not great either. I still can’t put my finger on it, but it might be the coffee beans used.

I guess you could say the coffee is kind of “meh”. I suppose I’ve become some sort of coffee snob since moving to Melbourne!

Anyway, let’s get onto the good stuff: the food.

The food at Glen Iris Pantry is yummy so I’m always leaving feeling full and satisfied. The reason I keep returning is definitely because of the food.

The food is reasonably priced and there are generous serving sizes.

The smashed avocado and pea was the first dish I tried at Glen Iris Pantry. It sounds weird at first but strangely works very well. Trust Melbourne to make a hipster meal more hipster.

The eggs Benedict is on a delicious potato hash brown looking rosti and is a great accompaniment to poached eggs.

However, I found the combination of eggs benedict with pulled pork was a little rich for breakfast. I would recommend this dish pork for a lunch dish if you are really hungry.

The good thing about the eggs Benedict is that it can be swapped for salmon. The next time I went I tried it with the smoked salmon and it was so delicious. I found that the eggs benedict was lighter with the salmon and still worked very well with the potato rosti bottom.

More recently I went and tried the chilli scrambled eggs. A friend has tried this when I went with her and she quite liked it so I decided to try it for myself.

There’s so much on the plate which made me think I would not be able to finish it all. But the eggs are light and fluffy, so I was able to easily finish everything on my plate. Unlike the pulled pork eggs benedict, this dish was not heavy at all.

It is also not too spicy. There’s a good balance of chilli, eggs and sauce so it makes the dish well balanced.

There’s also good fresh orange juice which I always enjoy with brunch or in summer.

The pikelets look deliciously sweet too. I haven’t personally tried them (because they are not gluten-free) but if there were gluten-free pikelets, I would definitely be trying them!

When we went with my friend and her kids we found that the kids could easily share the five stacked pikelets between the two of them. The kids loved it!

I’ve had a lot of breakfast items here but next time I will try to go for lunch and try out some lunch dishes that are on the menu.

Rating of Restaurant

Atmosphere: 3.5/5 | Service: 3/5 | Taste: 4.5/5 | Presentation 4/5 | Value for Money: 4/5

Overall: 19/25

Have you been to Glen Iris Pantry before? What’s your favourite meal on the menu? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now

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