Review of Sephora Collection Makeup: The Items You Need to Know About

Sephora is like makeup heaven.

Or church.

Or maybe even a cult.

Either way, you can’t escape it and once you’re in, you’re hooked.

When I first travelled to Europe in 2012, I walked into Sephora in Paris and my mind was blown. I was so happy and excited and spent way too much money.

Ever since I first went to Sephora, I have been obsessed with the Sephora Collection Mascara. I always stocked up on some each time I went overseas.

Then Australia finally got Sephora a few years ago. Unfortunately for me, this was not in my state (go figure…) so I had to make sure I stopped by when I went to Sydney or Melbourne and stocked up on a few essentials.

Now, that I live in Melbourne, I have a selection of Sephora stores to attend.

And I absolutely love many of the Sephora Collection items. In fact, I chose some of these items over other high end or luxury brands.

It seems fitting that I share some of my favourites with my readers. Those of you who haven’t tried Sephora Collection items, or if you are curious to try new items, read on and find out more.

This post is not a sponsored post but it does have affiliate links.

10 Hour Wear Foundation

I love this foundation and it is usually my go-to daily foundation.

This foundation seems to have a medium coverage which is good for a foundation that you want to be long-lasting, but still looking somewhat natural. The foundation definitely lasts throughout the day or night. If I am going from day to night, I usually need to do a small top-up around my T zone because I may have sweated some off or touched my face through the day.

I often find some foundations have too much of a yellow undertone for my pale skin, but the Sephora Collection Foundation seems to be the right type of shade thereby keeping my look natural.

It also sits really nicely on the skin, and doesn’t enlarge pores (or show them) like many other medium coverage foundations do. I find that it blends nicely with other makeup too such as contour, bronzer, blush, concealer and powder.

Price AU$32 – Click here to buy

High Coverage Concealer

This concealer is very good at concealing dark circles and blemishes. It is meant to be lightweight but I have found it is more of a medium/heavy coverage. It is also long-lasting.

I find this concealer is on par with Nars concealer in terms of coverage, however, in my experience I generally needed to use a little more of the Sephora brand concealer than Nars concealer.

Since buying this recently, it has now entered my essential daily makeup routine and I love it.

Price: AU$24 – Click here to buy

V for Volume Mascara

Like many other makeup brands, Sephora has a few different types of mascara available. I can’t quite remember which one I picked for that first Mascara that made me fall in love with the Sephora brand. But recently I have been using the V or Volume Mascara and it is pretty good.

This mascara gave me thick lashes without clumps. I also quite liked the brush with the mascara as it properly brushed the mascara onto my lashes without freely scratchy.

I don’t think this mascara is waterproof though. I feel like it’s not always easy to tell which Sephora Collection mascaras are waterproof, and I’ve accidentally got the wrong one a few times… However, it is still a good cheaper option and gives you nice voluminous lashes.

I have also tried the Outrageous Oversized Mascara which seems to be very similar to the V or Volume Mascara. I am yet to try a waterproof mascara from Sephora, but that is next on my list.

Price: AU$16 for V for Volume Mascara and AU$20 for Outrageous Oversized Mascara.

Brow Thickener

We all know that brows are important and frame the face. It’s something that I will do every day, I think I know a few things about brow products.

I generally don’t use this item by itself. I generally use my pencil to outline the brows and use this product as a filler.

I quite like this item, but I don’t use it every day – I like to use it for doing my dressier or night time looks. The reason being is that I found the brunette brown colour to quite dark and with there being a lot of powder, it’s difficult to only apply a small amount. I do really like the brush as it is fairly easy to apply the colour to brows. 

There’s also the potential for a lot of product to fall onto your cheek when you use this. This happens quite often for me so that is why I usually do foundation, brows, wipe away the fallout with a large powder brush, and then apply concealer.

Price AU$18 – Click here to buy 

8 Hr Mattifying Pressed Powder

I used to be a big fan of pressed powder, and I used to use this one every day, but I don’t use it as much anymore. I don’t think it is especially good coverage on its own. Instead, I found it was best as a light finishing cover over liquid foundation.

However, this is a good little one to have when travelling or to keep in your handbag, as it is good for little touch-ups and for natural looks.

Price: AU$22 – Click here to buy

Bronzing Powder

This bronzer is definitely made for summer by giving off a dewy, shimmery, and sun-kissed effect. However, I often felt it was more of a light highlighter than a bronzer. A few times I went a bit overboard and looked a little too shimmery in photos… Despite that I do really like it and now know that less is more.

I am unsure of the exact colour I used (I no longer have it) but from memory it was Mykonos. I also remember a summery scent to it, similar to the Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach blush.

I definitely used this product a lot in summer and I’ll be buying it again when we reach summer here in Australia.

Price: AU$28 – Click here to buy

Colourful Blush

This is definitely a product where you should start with a very light and small amount, and build up if you want more colour. I have found the brighter colours like Fascinated or I’m In Love to be very pigmented and it is easy to start looking like you are sunburnt or like a china doll.

I liked the muted blush colours as they were not as pigmented and looked more natural. I would say that Shame On You is my favourite colour.

Price: AU$21 – click here to buy

To Try

I have not yet tried any lip stains, lip liners or lipsticks. This is next on my list and I hope to give a review on these soon.

Have you tried Sephora Collection makeup? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a favourite item or are you inspired to try something new after this post? Let me know in the comments section?

Bye for now,


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