How to do a 30 by 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge: Your Ultimate Guide


Ah the 30 by 30 wardrobe remix challenge.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

But it’s quite simple. And a lot of fun.

What is a 30 by 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge

This challenge has been around for some time, and credit should be given to blogs like Kendi Everyday and Keira Lennox for having some amazing 30 by 30 wardrobe remix challenges

You pick 30 items from your closet and wear only those items for 30 days.

Typically the challenge only includes clothing and shoes, but some people like to challenge themselves with bags and accessories too.

It’s essentially a capsule wardrobe starter kit.

You also should limit or cut out shopping too, so you can focus on “shopping your wardrobe” instead.

untitled design

Why do a 30 by 30 Challenge

  • Stop unnecessary shopping
  • Save money
  • Shop your wardrobe
  • Get creative
  • Figure out your style
  • Discard items that no longer serve you
  • Find what items you need to replace or actually own



Start it whenever you want. I find starting on a Monday always works for me. Other people like to start the challenge at the start of the month, season, or even the start of a holiday.

Get Inspiration from Pinterest – there’s lots of capsule wardrobes, packing lists or 30 by 30 remix ideas on what to pick. A lot of bloggers also post collections of their outfits on there so it’s a great place to get some motivation to do the challenge.

When you do decide to do one, think about what you will be doing in those 30 days. For example: work, running errands, activities with kids, social activities and what ever else you have planned. I typically don’t include workout gear in this challenge as I am trying to get creative and make the most of my everyday clothing items, but if activewear is your thing then you go for gold and remix whatever makes you happy!

To see how I figured out what clothes to pick, click here for my first wardrobe remix wrap up.

Try combinations you wouldn’t normally do to really see how creative you can get. Some creative combinations I have tried include wearing a long sleeve shirt under a sleeveless dress, or wearing a dress as a top and tucking it into a skirt.

Work with a colour scheme if you are new to this challenge or working with capsule wardrobes.

Pick items you love and feel comfortable in, but also pick some items you haven’t worn for a hot minute.

If you are picking items you haven’t worn for a while, check that they still fit and don’t need mending. I have definitely tried on items and realised they are a bit snug compared to last season. This takes the fun out of the challenge when you get a great outfit idea but then it looks less than desirable because of an item not fitting properly.

It is definitely worth coming up with some outfit ideas before you start the challenge. I would recommend using the Stylebook app for this. I use the Packing tab for each of my remixes by putting all the possible clothes in that ‘packing list’ and editing it until there are only 30 items in there. Then I make potential outfits using those items and save each outfit in its own 30×30 outfit folder.

For a full rundown on how to use Stylebook App, click here for my post.

And finally, don’t forget to have fun! I find sharing pics of this challenge on social media really helped me enjoy the challenge by sharing my creative and fun ways to mix up my wardrobe. You can check out all my posts shared on my Facebook page.


Have you done a 30 by 30 wardrobe remix? If so, how did you go? I not, are you ready to do one now? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now,


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