What to Pack for a Week in Bali + Free Printable Packing List

Bali is a destination that (almost) everyone wants to go to.

It’s been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. After all, are you even an Aussie if you haven’t been to Bali?

Above: Dress was worn over swimmers for a day at the beach club. For a similar dress, click here.

There’s seriously so much that Bali can offer too:

Tropical climate: check

Beautiful people: check

Stunning scenery: check

Relaxation: check

Nightlife: check.

And all the above can be achieved on a budget.

Above: Outfit was worn for the Bali Swing, exploring rice paddies, visiting temples and even waterfalls. Click here for a similar dress. 

So when it was suggested by some friends that we might go to Bali, I was 110% on board!

But what to pack?

Bali is quite hot and humid all year round and I knew there would be a mix of physical activities, relaxing poolside and dinners that were a little bit fancy.

So I came up with a packing list that worked well for me and hopefully works well for others. I might add that my suitcase only weighed 13kg so I think I did quite well for the number of things packed.

Well here is my guide to a one week Bali vacation.

My guide includes being active ad exploring, relaxing by the pool or beach, and experiencing the delicious food and fun nightlife Bali has to offer.

Below: Gotta be sun-smart in Bali and coverup to avoid sunburn! Click here for a similar red wrap top. 

My Tips and Things to Keep in Mind

Don’t forget to include a travel outfit in your packing list. I find that leggings, a light shirt, a long button-up shirt and runners work perfectly for this.

One thing to keep in mind, you need to be respectful when going to temples and places of worship. You may not be allowed to enter them if you don’t cover-up.

It’s also quite humid so you can easily have a daytime outfit and a need to change into a different outfit for nighttime. I didn’t notice many laundrettes or clothes washing places so I am not sure if it is easy to wash your clothes. And if you’re going on a holiday for a week, do you want to be doing clothes washing?

So although my list might seem like a lot for a week, you can easily go through this whole packing list.

Here is my packing list for one week in Bali:


  • Tank dress: for casual days and throwing over swimmers
  • Sundress: for daytime activities – make it a cotton sundress so it’s light and breathable
  • Maxi dress: for fancy dinners or for covering up when going to religious dresses
  • Printed cotton dress: easy to put on for fun events like high tea
  • Playsuit: for dancing away at night


  • Midi skirt: Great for taking an outfit from day tonight
  • Maxi skirt: perfect to wear to or from the beach
  • Denim shorts: can be used for so many outfits from the beach to shopping and exploring.
  • Printed shorts: cute daytime or night outfit if worn with a matching crop top
  • Leggings: for activities like hiking or bike riding around the scenery


  • Wrap top: Great option for when you are at beach clubs or relaxing by the pool
  • Casual White Tee: a casual one for the plane makes travel so much easier
  • Tank-Top: for your physical activities
  • Printed crop: to match your shorts
  • Chambray shirt: perfect for layering and works great as a light cardigan when travelling
  • Crop top: a plain crop top to go with any of the skirts
  • 3/4 sleeve blouse: something light and flowy to wear for casual lunches


  • 8 pairs of underwear: always pack one extra above the number of days you are travelling
  • 2 bras: a nice plain white or skin colour and one sports bra will get you through the week
  • 2 x swimmers: always have a spare while the other dries in the humid heat
  • 2 pairs socks: for your runners
  • Pjs: pick light breathable ones


  • Thongs/flip flops: you’ll spend a lot of time in these
  • Sandals: something a little dressier than your thongs
  • Runners: for your physical activities or when you need closed-toe shoes
  • Low Wedges: the perfect way to dress up an outfit without wearing traditional heels


  • Backpack: perfect for exploring or doing physical activities
  • Tote: take one that is light and can easily be thrown into your suitcase as you’ll want a large tote for going to the beach or pool
  • Hip Bag: something smaller for going out
  • Hat: a nice wide brim straw hat is perfect
  • Sunglasses: don’t leave home without these!
  • A few pieces of jewellery: leave the expensive stuff at home and bring some fun costume jewellery
  • Small Beach towel: don’t pay for hiring a towel when you have your own!


  • Sunscreen: you’ll definitely need this!
  • After sun aloe vera spray: just in case you get sunburnt
  • Tropical strength insect repellant: especially if you are in the jungle areas like Ubud
  • Makeup wipes: even if you don’t wear makeup, you’ll likely feel sweaty or sticky and want to wipe that sweat off your face!
  • Face wash: always a given
  • Light Facial exfoliator: you’ll need to do this daily or every second day to help get rid of oil build-up
  • Light face cream: it’s always important to use face cream even in humid climates.
  • Body wash: I picked a tropical smelling one from the body shop.
  • Light body lotion: as it’s warm outside you don’t want to be applying something too heavy.
  • Roll-on deodorant

Above: Relaxing at a beach club in a gingham bikini. For similar bikinis, click here. 

As I love organisation and lists for travelling, I just had to make a printable Packing List! Click here for my Packing List – 1 Wk in Bali

What do you think of my packing list? Anything I missed or anything you wouldn’t take? Let me know in the comments section.

Bye for now,

All opinions in this post are my own. Unless otherwise stated, this post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid for this post

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