7 Tips to Make Returning from Holidays Easier

There is nothing worse than coming back from a holiday to a dirty house, worrying about work, and needing to go to the shops for food.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been a weekend holiday, a week or even an extended holiday – you are often tired and not keen on doing life chores.

By doing a few simple things before travelling, you can actually enjoy your holiday and not worry about what you need to do when you return.

So here are my top 5 tips that make life so much easier when you return from a holiday.

1. Make your bed

The easiest way to make life easier when coming home is having your bed made. It means that you can jump right into bed if you come home late. Or, you can dump your suitcase on it to make unpacking easier.

It’s a quick thing to do so make sure you do it the morning that you leave!

2. Have ready-to-go food

Often when you get home from a holiday, you have that feeling of “it’s good to be home”. One thing that quickly ruins that feeling is knowing there’s no food in the house. Sure, you could get uber eats or takeaway, but do you really want to unnecessarily spend money when you just got back from a holiday.

Make sure you are prepared and have some food that will be easy to cook and basically ready to go when you get home. Things like leftover pasta or stir fry work fine if reheated after being frozen. Alternatively, canned soup can easily be kept in the pantry while you’re away without going off.

This is a great opportunity to make sure you have healthy food that is ready to go, and that you can relax at home without having to unnecessarily run to the shops.

3. Empty the fridge

Whether you’re going for a weekend or a month, take a look at what is in your fridge before you leave. I have made the mistake of leaving a whole chicken in the fridge over a 4 day weekend (it had already been in there for a week) and when we returned from our trip, we had to deal with the awful smell of off chicken through the house!

You may not be as silly as me, but it’s always worth checking use by dates on things like dairy and meat before going away. Also get rid of any vegetables or fruit that are unlikely to last until your return.

4. Do a general tidy up

Cleaning up may not be the thing you want to do before going away, but believe me when I say that a clean house always makes life easier! It doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but tidying up your house makes life a lot easier upon return.

Simple things like washing dishes, putting away laundry, a quick vacuum, or wiping down benches means there are fewer things to do when you return from your trip. You’ll definitely feel less stressed knowing you have already done it – future you will thank you!

5. Prepare for the return

We often get so excited about our trip, we forget about what is on the other side of that – the return. Returning from a trip usually means getting back into your usual life or work, school, gym, or whatever you usually do.

Make life easier and get prepared for when you return. It might be something simple like having freshly ironed shirts for work, having a gym bag packed, or having your stationery ready for school or study.

6. Actually tell people you’re going

Returning from holidays and finding that you have lots of angry emails or messages from people trying to get in touch with you is never fun. In fact, sometimes dealing with all of those emails or messages makes you feel like you need another holiday!

Another issue can be that something happened to your house but no one knew you were away. That can be worrying for people who know you. Even worse is if you’re in a country where there is a natural disaster or an emergency and you have loved ones trying to find out if you are ok.

It can be as simple as putting an out of office on your emails, letting neighbours and/or family know when you’re away, and registering where you are on sites like http://www.smarttraveller.gov.au. 

7. Take an extra day off

If you’re able to, it’s always a good idea to take an extra day off before returning to usual activities like work or school. For example, if you return on a Saturday and you go to work on Monday, the Sunday will allow you that extra time to recover and reset your body for the return to work.

It also helps that holiday feel last a bit longer – and definitely adds to the feeling refreshed and relaxed.

You may also use this extra day to catch up on emails, do your post-holiday laundry, or meet up with family & friends and tell them all about your adventures.

What do you think of my tips? What are your top tips to make life easier when returning from a holiday? Let me know in the comments section!

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