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Pin-up Pageant Preparation

Those who know me, and those who have read this blog, know that I love the vintage, retro and pinup styles.

Unfortunately, being a lawyer means that I can’t wear this style all the time. So it is often saved for the weekend instead.

But sometimes I don’t have anywhere to go and I just want to wear the pinup style. That’s when I decide to dress up in it anyway.

When looking for inspiration of pinup styles on Pinterest, I came across some “pinup pageants” or contests, and it got me thinking – I wold love to enter one of those! It’s so much fun dressing up in the pinup style, why not make a day of it and meet some other like minded individuals?

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I’ve only been in Melbourne for 6 months, so I’m not too familiar with the city (let alone the state) but I’ve been doing some searching and it looks like there are some coming up later in the year.

So it makes sense to start practising pin up hair, makeup and working out different outfits.

I particularly love pin up style with bright, fun colours, so I decided to wear some bright colours and rock some bumper bangs with victory rolls.

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Even if I never go in a contest or pageant, it’s still fun dressing up in this style.

Here is my “practice” pin up look for a potential future pageant or contest!

Outfit details

Crop Top: Forever New | Cardigan: Review | Pants: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Betts | Brooch: Resin Doll | Earrings: Lovisa

What do you think of my pin-up look? Have you entered any pin-up pageants or contests? Let me know in the comments section!

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