The Surprising Kmart OXX Make-up Review

If you love makeup, or even if you wear makeup on a daily basis, it’s an expensive habit necessity to finance.

Sometimes you have to make concessions and buy cheaper products. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be inferior products…

I’ve been on the hunt for cheap but good quality makeup products and I recently started buying products from Kmart.

Kmart has this brand called OXX which is very cheap, so I was hesitant as to the quality. But as many Kmart lovers in Australia know, Kmart has some great products and even dupes of expensive products, for a fraction of the price.

I have now tried a lot of the OXX products so here is my ultimate review of Kmart OXX brand and which ones you should buy or avoid.

Liquid foundation

Price: $6

Unfortunately, you cannot try the shades and have to guess whether it will suit for your skin type. I got the second lightest shade, and it was too dark for me. It appeared to have a fair bit of yellow undertones as well.

Coverage appears pretty good and a moderate amount goes a long way.

If you do not use a setting powder or powder foundation over the top, the makeup will easily run off on everything throughout the day.

Verdict: Only get if desperate



Price: $4

There were only a few different colours, similar to the foundation. You also could not test the colour to match your skin (this is a common theme with all OXX products).

The product is very watery and has a very thin coverage. I found there was basically no point in using this product.

Verdict: Avoid

Powder foundation

Price: $6

This comes in the same colours as the foundation and concealer, but I got the porcelain shade.

I found if I had more of a natural look, this was fine for an all over powder without liquid foundation underneath.

But I found that it made my face look cakey if I used this powder foundation at the completion of your makeup routine. I found that it ended up being forgotten about after the first time I used it, and when I did finally use it, it was rock hard and no product would come off.

Verdict: Avoid

Beauty blender

Cost: $3

This definitely feels like a dupe of the original. But you can definitely notice the lack of quality! This product feels sponge like at first, but it quickly starts feeling plastic like the longer you use it.

I find that it needs replacing very quickly and is difficult to clean.

Verdict: Only get if desperate


Price: $5

I found the mascara to be very gluggy and glue like. It clumped my lashes together and was difficult to get off. I really did not like anything about the mascara.

Verdict: Avoid

Liquid eyeliner

Price: $4

Love love love. This eyeliner rivals some of the top brands with similar quality. It has a nice fine tip and is easy to apply.

It is a little stubborn to remove though and requires good makeup remover.

Verdict: Buy!


Price: from $2 per pot or from $10 per palette

There are a few different eyeshadows available. You can buy individuals in their own pot, or palettes. There is a good selection of colours and tones.

I bought a palette with four purple tones. I found that they were creamy and blended nicely with each other. The pot eyeshadows are even creamier and easier to blend than the palette colours. They did not blend that great with other blends though.

They last well throughout the day with the pigment still fresh at the end of the day.

Verdict: Buy!


Price: $5 per blush

There is a nice selection of colours. I found the colours to be very bright, meaning that only a small amount is needed. This can make it difficult to find the right colour consistency on your face, and I found it easy to go overboard.

Verdict: Only get if desperate

Eyebrow kit

Price: $6

The kit is quite a good deal with an eyebrow gel, tweezers, large brow pencil and brow brush.

The brow gel is good as it sets your brows without feeling crunchy.

The tweezers are useless as they have a flat edge and not a diagonal edge, so it is impossible to pluck any hairs with them.

The eyebrow pencil is a nice shade, and the formula is nice and creamy. It gave me a really natural look. But make sure you have a sharpener the size of the large pencil!

Verdict: Buy!


Price: $5.50

There are limited lashes available, and most of the lashes available are natural in style. However, they are quite nice. They don’t feel cheap at all. They come with eyelash glue that is not gross and keeps the lashes on for a relatively long amount of time.

Verdict: Definitely Buy!


Liquid Lipstick Duo

Price: $5

This duo looks suspiciously similar to a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. The formula for the lip pencil is actually quite smooth and creamy. The liquid lipstick also dries quite quickly, but it did dry out my lips slightly.

There’s 5 colours to choose from, which gives you the basic colours you would need like red, nude, and peachy-pink.

Verdict: Buy!

Overall Verdict

The brand is definitely branching out in an attempt to reach the makeup lovers who need more affordable makeup.

The price is definitely welcoming and you can’t argue with those prices.

However, not all makeup is created equally.

Some items are definitely showing that they are cheap by the fact that the formula is something most would want to avoid. Despite this some products are of fantastic quality and therefore, great value for money.

I would recommend some things and have used many of the items in a regular rotation.

Now that I’ve reviewed a lot of the products, let me know if you think that I should do a challenge where I only use Kmart OXX products for a full face of makeup!

Have you tried the Kmart OXX Brand of Makeup? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now


All opinions in this post are my own. Unless otherwise stated, this post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid for this post

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3 thoughts on “The Surprising Kmart OXX Make-up Review

  1. Cat@Life through the haze says:

    Awesome tips here! My new fav makeup is Flower Beauty everything is under $20 and has setting sprays and masks and all sorts. It is truly fantastic, available from Chemist Warehouse (in store – though some don’t have a full range or online for the full range). I have just ordered a crazy expensive mascara but it is supposed to make my lashes look like they have lashes on and has fibres in the tube it isn’t a 2 step, just a single step mascara.

    • vintagebarbie17 says:

      Oh I’ll have to check out Flower Beauty! I haven’t heard of it but I’m always keen to try out new products 🙂 hopefully the expensive mascara is worth the money and delivers on its promises!

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