Review: Fingers Crossed Cafe Ringwood

I’ve been loving trying out plenty of new cafes and restaurants around Melbourne.

A place I’ve been to a few times now is out in the far eastern suburbs in Ringwood.

It’s definitely very ‘Melbourne’ cafe with a typical industrial feel and fake plants on a brick wall. What is also very typical of Melbourne cafes is putting new twists on classic dishes.

The first time I went here I tried the eggs benedict with crispy duck leg. I love eggs benedict but I would normally order it with salmon. I was happy to try something a little different and decided to see how duck tasted with egg benedict.

It came with a spring onion rosti rather than toasted bread as the base. There was also a medley of mushrooms with the dish.

I thought that the individual components were all very tasty. Although it was quite nice, the combination of a fatty protein like duck, and the creamy sauce, made it very rich for breakfast. I felt that it needed more fresh vegetables with it to truly balance out the flavours.

My friend got this amazing looking french toast with icecream. The presentation was fantastic and I wish it was gluten free because it looked so delicious. My friend also confirmed that it was in fact delicious…

Recently I returned with my friends to this cafe. We didn’t book a table, and even though we had a bulky pram to squeeze in, they were able to seat us quickly on their busy Saturday morning rush. 

The menu has changed since last time, but it is more that aspects of certain dishes have changed.

For example, the eggs benedict was now with braised beef cheeks instead of duck leg.

I decided to skip the eggs benedict and try something a little different. I chose the Token Avo Smash. I added on the egg because it’s breakfast and I like my breakfast with eggs.

The presentation was once again fantastic – they had curled strips of zuchinni and also put drops of beetroot petso on the plate.

I ate every last bit of this dish.

Every compenonent worked together with this dish. The different textures with the egg, halumi and petitas made it very enjoyable. I thought it was fresh, not heavy, and left me satisfied at the end.

My friend got the Deep Fried Mars Bar Waffle. Once again I wish this was gluten fee because it looked so delicious!

The service as good as well – even after my friend knocked her water all over the table! The staff were happy to quickly help us clean up the mess.

Oh and the coffee is good as well.

I quite like this cafe and it is definitely a place that and friends and I will continue to return to.

Rating of Restaurant

Atmosphere: 4/5 | Service: 4.5/5 | Taste: 4/5 | Presentation 5/5 | Value for Money: 4/5

Overall: 21.5/25

Have you been to Fingers Crossed Cafe before? What’s your favourite meal on the menu? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now

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