30 x 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge May 2019

For a while I’ve been trying to live a more minimal life by cutting down on unnecessary items. Part of that process has been trying to make my wardrobe a capsule wardrobe.

But completely limiting my wardrobe is not an easy project.

That’s why I wanted to do a 30 x 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge.

A 30 x 30 wardrobe remix challenge is a great way to “shop your wardrobe” and get creative with clothes you already own.

The 30 by 30 Wardrobe Remix Challenge Rules

This fun challenge has a few simple rules:

1. Pick 30 clothing items (including shoes) from your closet.

2. Wear only these items over the next 30 days, wearing each item at least once.

3. No shopping right buying new clothes throughout challenge.

I have previously attempted this before, but I didn’t stick to it because I didn’t properly think out of everything matched and if the outfits were appropriate for my daily activities such as work.

My 30 by 30 Remix for May 2019

I chose to have 24 clothing items and 6 pairs of shoes. I know other people who have done this challenge have scarves and bags or other accessories in their limit, but I thought I would just do clothes and shoes this time.

This is essentially an introduction to a capsule wardrobe.

To make it easier to pick out my clothes, I decided to have a colour theme: black, white, red, blue and grey.

I used my Stylebook app to figure it determine what items I would have in this challenge, and also to set our my outfit ideas.

Click here for my post on how to use the Stylebook App

I had to keep in mind what I have in store for the next 30 days including work, travel and socialising. So I have chosen outfits that we see my though all my various events.

Here is my May 30 x 30 wardrobe:

What do I hope to achieve from this challenge?

1. Appreciation for what I already own;

2. Creativity in making new outfits that are interesting and stylish;

3. Saving a little bit of money;

4. A better sense of what is in my wardrobe;

5. Wearing items that are forgotten about or haven’t had much wear; and

6. Determining what I actually need and what no longer works for me.

All these are excellent reasons to do this challenge. And with the challenge only being 30 days, it won’t feel like I’m too restricted (like having a capsule wardrobe for a whole season).

I’m feeling really excited for this challenge!

At the end of the month I will have a post of my outfits through the month so I can share my different and creative ways I mixed up my wardrobe items.

I’ll also be posting outfits on Facebook and Instagram, through the month so make sure you follow me there to see my daily outfits.

Have you tried a 30 x 30 wardrobe remix challenge before? Or have you done a capsule wardrobe for a month? If so, let me know how you went in the comments section!

Bye for now,

All opinions in this post are my own. Unless otherwise stated, this post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid for this post

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