30 before 30 – What did I accomplish?

Back when I started this blog I did a post on 30 things I would like to do before 30.

The list of goals covered a variety of areas of life: Some goals were for health and well-being, some were travel goals, some were professional, some were family and some were personal.

So it is fitting that for my 200th post I revisit that original challenge post and see what I was able to accomplish in those 5 years…

Here is the list in bold and whether I completed it, and if not, why I changed my mind…

  1. Get my drivers licence: Check. I (finally) got it at 27, after having to renew my learner’s licence way too many times. I am very proud of myself as I was able to face my anxiety with driving, I passed my final drive, and I will have my full licence this year!
  1. Get married: Lol. Why is this on my bucket list? I am in a committed long term relationship so close enough.
  2. Learn French: I’m still trying to learn. I downloaded the Babble app so this can still be accomplished by my 30th birthday!
  3. Become admitted as a solicitor in the ACT: Check. (see my picture below for my Vintage Barbie meets Elle Woods photo from my admission!)
  4. Go sky diving: Not yet. I’m not as keen on this anymore so I’m not fussed about this one.
  5. See the Great Barrier Reef: Still hoping to see it before it is destroyed by pollution…
  6. Climb the Eiffel Tower: Check. Did this on my big Europe trip in 2014.
  7. Run a half marathon: Nope. And as the years go on I get less fit. I definitely want to do this at some point though.
  8. Purchase an investment property: Pretty much done this (because of my partner).
  9. Feed a tiger: Not yet. But now I only want to do it at an organisation that helps wild animals or raises money for a good cause.
  10. Volunteer for Life Line’s Telephone Crisis & Support Line: Not yet.
  11. Fly in a hot air balloon at sunrise: Not yet. Still really really want to do this and I was hoping to do this while I still lived in Canberra during the annual balloon festival. However, now I’m keen to do it in a wine region.
  12. Climb a volcano in a tropical location: Not yet. I saw a Volcano in Bali though so it’s getting closer to being completed 😉
  13. Learn how to snorkel without freaking out: Nope and don’t even care that I can’t snorkel.
  14. Ride in a gondola in Venice: Even though I went to Venice in 2014, I didn’t get to do a gondola ride.
  15. Re-learn how to play the piano and become much better at it: Nope.
  16. Learn how to knit: Nope.
  17. Restore old furniture into something new: I just found a table the other day to up-cycle so I could do this before my birthday.
  18. Learn salsa dancing: Not yet.
  19. Party in Ibiza: This definitely WILL happen at some point!
  20. Volunteer in Cambodia: Finally got to do this in 2016 and loved every minute of it! See my review of the IVHQ Volunteer program in Cambodia for more details.
  21. Have a fully organised walk in wardrobe or wardrobe room: I had a fabulous wardrobe room for 4.5 years. Click here to see my post on my wardrobe room. 
  22. Adopt a pet from a rescue or foster organisation: Our older cat was a rescue cat before we adopted her from my friend so I have basically done this.
  23. Ride an elephant in Thailand: I now realise that this is cruel and no longer want to do this.
  24. Learn photography with my DSLR: Yes and no. I have certainly taught myself how to use the DSLR, but there’s still a lot to learn!
  25. Grow and sustain a vegetable garden: I tried. I failed. I will not try again.
  26. Ride a Junk boat in Vietnam: Not yet.
  27. Complete a first aid course and learn CPR: Not yet.
  28. Host a family Christmas at my house: Did this for Christmas 2018. It was lots of fun and I’m really glad that I finally did it.
  29. Donate blood: Not yet. But I’m sure I can do this before I’m 30.


I think that this was a fun list of different goals to set myself for the last 5 years.

The problem was that I forgot about many of them! Which explains why I only achieved 9 out of 30. I started some of the goals but never finished them, like learning French. Or some goals I just forgot about like learn CPR, and others I simply haven’t had the time, like volunteer for Lifeline.

I will be looking to do a new list of goals for the next year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

I think that my new goals will only be achieved if I put these in plain sight and look back on them regularly to evaluate my progress (thank you Kikki.K for your stationary and motivational planners!).

Do you have any goals you set for yourself to complete by a particular age or time? Did you accomplish them? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now


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