How to Make a Travel Corporate Capsule Wardrobe

After my 14 months of travelling far and wide throughout Australia for work, I realised the importance of having a travel corporate capsule wardrobe.

Whether you are travelling for a week or just a few days, having a Travel Corporate Capsule Wardrobe helps immensely with packing.


  1. You pack less.
  2. Items match and it makes it easier to change up your outfits to fit your needs.
  3. Packing becomes a lot quicker and easier as you know what to pack.

You can also turn a Packing List into a Capsule Wardrobe (and vice versa).

It is super easy to do in only 4 steps. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Choose Blazer and Matching Bottoms

The easiest way to do this is by having a go to matching suit and skirt and/or pants suit set. If you don’t have a corporate suit in your wardrobe (which I recommend that you definitely should have!) then you can just use a black blazer and skirt and/or pants.

The good thing about having a matching suit set means that you may choose to bring pants and a skirt on your work trip. This may be because of the weather or the duration of the trip. Or maybe you want to bring both to have more options! (Although in general I would only recommend bringing a skirt or pants on short work trips.)

In this step you should also consider adding a dress. This dress should be something that matches your blazer and can be taken from work to casual.

Step 2 – Add Tops

Once you have a blazer and matching bottom, it is a lot easier to start adding in your tops. Pick one or two colours that go with your blazer combo.

You should have a few long sleeve and a few short sleeve. Try and mix it up wit necklines too.

If your blazer and bottoms are a solid colour, this is where you can have some fun and play with prints.

I would recommend picking 4 to 6 tops.

I would also include a light cardigan in your tops section too.

Step 3 – Add Some Casual Clothes

Think about how you will spend your down time: will it be at the gym? Will you explore the town? Will you hang out with friends? Will you have dinners with work colleagues?

Pack a few outfits that can be mixed and matched easily and possibly with your corporate clothes. Jeans and a white tee can be dressed up with your work blazer. Or perhaps your work shirts match well with jeans. Try to make everything mix and match easily so you can easily go from day to night.

Activewear is always good to pack on work trips as well. Whether you’re going to the gym, exploring the town or just relaxing, you’ll be happy if you’ve packed some leggings, a couple of workout tops and a light jumper.

Step 4 – Finish with Shoes and Accessories

My rule is to never pack more than 3 pairs of shoes for work travel. All you really need is a pair of (comfortable) heels, stylish plain flats, and a pair of stylish runners.

Other accessories should be limited as well – a scarf, one or two necklaces, a watch, a few pairs of earrings and a belt would be more than enough.

Items like scarves and belts are “functional fashion” in that they can be functional, like keeping you warm, but look really stylish and completely change an outfit! Make sure you have a scarf and belt in your capsule so you can completely change up your outfits.

And finish it all off with a great stylish tote. I recommend having it in a colour that matches your suit, and making sure it is large enough to fit a laptop or tablet!

You may also like to have a smaller bag for when you are not working. If this is the case I would recommend a medium pouch style bag or a small crossbody bag.

Ready for Travel

Now that you have everything figured out, it will make packing a lot easier for your work trips.

Your capsule can easily be changed with you adding in new items or removing items that no longer work.

Bonus Example

For a little bit of inspiration, here is a version of my own travel corporate capsule wardrobe that I have used on multiple trips.

This one is a pretty and colourful corporate capsule, which shows that you don’t have to be plain and boring with your corporate wardrobe! It also fits comfortably into a carry on suitcase.

It includes:

  1. 7 tops – 1 jumper, 1 long sleeve button up shirt, 1 formal sleeveless blouse, 1 pattern sleeveless blouse, and 2 casual tanks;
  2. 1 dress – I can also wear my long sleeve shirt and jumper either under or over this dress;
  3. 1 formal blazer;
  4. 1 casual cardigan;
  5. 2 pants – 1 pair of leggings and 1 pair of culottes;
  6. 1 skirt;
  7. 3 pairs of shoes – 1 pair of sneakers/runners, 1 pair of flats and 1 pair of heels;
  8. Minimal accessories – 1 handbag, 1 scarf, 1 sunglasses and 2 pairs of earrings; and
  9. Not pictured – underwear, socks and sleepwear.

What do you think of the above tips for a travel or capsule corproate wardrobe? Do you have your own travel or corporate capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for now

Vintage Barbie

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