Review of Keisha & Co Products + Giveaway!

There’s currently so many beauty products on the market, it’s honestly so hard to choose which one is right for you. The difficulty with choosing products is that you often don’t know what goes into them – the list is a mile long with preservatives and chemicals that you would need a Masters in Science to pronounce!

On top of that there are a lot of companies and brands that test on animals and are frankly, cruel to innocent creatures. I personally have been taking steps to live a more cruelty free lifestyle, and the beauty department is the area of my life that is getting a major shakeup.

Enter Keisha & Co.

Recently I was approached by Keisha & Co to do a review on their products. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Keisha & Co before being approached, but after seeing that Keisha & Co could help me support my lifestyle changes, I definitely decided to give them a go!

The Brand

Keisha & Co is an Australian based business and I’m always very happy to support local Aussie businesses. The brand prides itself on being a vegan friendly and cruelty free company. The ingredients are natural, chemical & preservative free, and are things you would actually recognise! They also donate money to the Surin Dog Project, which is a fabulous project helping street dogs in Thailand.

When I asked about the story behind the name, I was told that the name was inspired by the owners favourite thing in the world – her 7 year old bull terrier cross called Keisha. We know that many beauty products, companies or salons don’t name their business after anything remotely related to beauty anyway. So the name Keisha & Co is creative, unique and meaningful. I love hearing cute stories like that!

The story behind the business itself is great too. The owner said to me:

“I have had a big interest in natural, cruelty free skincare for a while now, as I have always has quite bad skin and natural products seemed to be much better for it. Plus I figured, you try to eat chemical free, natural foods – why not extend that to what you put on your skin! Once I started making it for myself, I loved it, and wanted to share it with the world.”

When speaking to the owner about what she thinks makes Keisha & Co different to other beauty brands, she explained that not only is it natural, vegan, cruelty free, preservative & chemical free, BUT the product also actually works. And this isn’t just for one skin type – she has received feedback from customers with all skin types and they have all enjoyed the benefits of the product.

Plus as an added bonus, the products are moderately priced. This means that more customers can enjoy the benefits of a natural and cruelty free product, without the hefty price tag.

The Products

At the moment there are 2 products that are featured in Keisha & Co’s line: the Clay Cleansing Balm and the Skin Savior Oil. These can either be bought separately or as a duo.

These products clearly have the list of ingredients on them – all natural ingredients too. They are all ingredients that you would recognise (like sweet almond oil and lavender) rather than some 20 character long name for a chemical. This means I know exactly what I am putting on my body and I love products like this.

The products are to be used daily on your face, such as using the scrub in the morning and using the oil both day and night. They are suitable for all skin types too.

The Product Review

The products I tested were both the Clay Cleansing Balm and the Skin Savior Oil.

The first thing I noticed with the Clay Cleansing Balm was the delicious smell. I think it is also quite a unique smell of lavender and orange, and not one I have not come across before. It seemed like the mixture was very aerated with lots of pockets of air in it. The balm felt more like a light mousse. It definitely was not grainy (like a scrub).

I used it in the morning when I first woke up, kind of like an early morning refresher. After the first time I used it I found it definitely scrubbed my dead skin cells to the surface, so my skin was slightly flaky around my chin and nose after this first use. I think that I didn’t wet my face enough when I used it/my skin was already very dry from a hot shower (I was probably half asleep anyway!). 

The Skin Savour Oil has a very slight scent, but doesn’t have that thick “oil” smell that some facial or body oils might have. I like that the smell was not overpowering.

The products came just in time for winter, when I often get dry skin on my face from having hot showers (yep, I always do this beauty no-no…) But I started using the oil instead of moisteriser because I found it to be quite moisturising for my skin. I noticed that some of my breakups cleared up too, which you often don’t expect when you use an oil product!

I also used the oil on my cuticles and stretch marks too. I usually only used a couple of drops for each area of stretch marks and 5 to 6 drops on my face. The oil dried fairly quickly and didn’t leave lots of residue on my skin.

I found after only using the products for a week that my skin was in a really good condition. Both products quickly fixed up my dry skin and did not leave my skin oily. I also had some small breakouts on my chin (always happens when I drink too much alcohol or eat greasy foods!) and I found that by using Keisha & Co products, they cleared up a lot quicker than my breakouts usually do.

I found my stretch marks were quickly disappearing too, even after a few days of using the oil. I was pretty surprised at the speed of the stretch marks disappearing, particularly as these stretch marks have been there for a little while now.

Overall Thoughts

I really liked these products and would definitely be buying these when I need to stock up. They have been great on my skin, plus I’m able to progress towards a cruelty free and more natural lifestyle.

I’m really excited to see what other products are going to be released by Keisha & Co – there are four new products likely to be released by the end of this year! I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes pealed for these new products!


So now that I have tested and tried the products, it’s your chance to win some for yourself! You could be the lucky winner of the both Clay Cleansing Balm and Skin Saviour Oil with a total prize value of $99.90. Head over to the blog Facebook page to enter into the comp. The competition ends on Sunday 25th June and is open to Australian residents only.

If you want to buy Keisha & Co products for yourself, head over to the website:

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