How to Make a Flower Crown

Flower crowns or flower headbands are so popular right now, and they are so fabulous for many occasions. I’ve seen them at festivals, at weddings, the races, and just on a normal day.

I made two to wear to Future Music Festival. I decided to go with the large red rose design on the day, because it seemed to suit my crazy crimped hair. But after a few too many drinks, and a bit of crazy dancing, the flower crown left my head to be passed around my group of friends. Eventually it ended up on the ground in a muddy and dishevelled mess. Good thing it only cost me a couple of dollars to make!

I definitely love seeing flower crowns worn in bridal parties too. They look great for weddings that are rustic and situated amongst nature. Sometimes these are real flowers, but often it’s a lot easier to get a pre-made own from the fake variety.

Flower crowns have also become the go to hair accessory for the races. Fascinators now take a back seat with flower crowns taking front and centre! You could even make a hybrid fascinator flower crown by adding netting, lace and fabric when a flower crown, if yo want to make it more races appropriate.

Making flower crowns is really quite easy. It can be a little time consuming, but it is worth the time to get a unique headpiece for a variety of occasions.


  • A bunch of fake flowers – find a bunch with the colours and size that you like. I buy mine from cheap stores like Hot Dollar, Top Bargain and The Reject Shop.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Headband
  • Optional Items: ribbon, feathers, glitter glue, beads, pearls etc.


Take apart your bunches of fake flowers. This means pulling the flowers off the top and taking off any leaves or greenery that you may wish to use.

Start to arrange or figure out how your flowers will sit on the crown. For example, do you want 6 perfectly placed flowers so it seems symmetrical? Or would you want them all on one side? Also think about how the headband will be worn – will it be placed right on the top of your head like a usual headband, or will it sit around an updo or bun and look like a crown? These type of things will influence how you will place the items on your headband.

You may need to cut flowers at the base where the flower meets the stem. Cut it so the flower can sit flat on your headband. You can also cut leaves if you want them on there as well.

Start glueing items onto headband.

If you want to change the headband colour, wrap some ribbon around the headband and glue in place. Once that dries, start gluing the flowers onto the headband. Gluing one by one, add some glue to the bottom of the flower and place into the headband. You will need to hold it in place for at least 15-30 seconds so the glue can dry. Also be careful not to accidentally bump the item before it dries as you may move it to a position you are not happy with.

Depending on the style of your headband you may want to glue leaves, lace or a base to the headband first. For example, this flower crown required gluing the thin stems of leaves to the base one at a time. Once this was dry, then the flowers cold be stuck on between the leaves.

If you want to secure the flowers in place even further, you can use leaves at the bottom of the headband to do this. Place hot glue down the centre of a leaf and fold it under the headband and to the lower sides of the flower. Eventually it will look like this:

This task will require a bit of patience to begin with. But it is surprisingly quicker than yo might think. And it is well worth it to have a beautiful and unique headpiece for multiple occasions!

Some headbands will look great with extras like glue, diamontes, or pearls stuck inbetween or on top of flowers.

And it’s that easy! For those of you who want something for your Pinterest boards, here is a pinnable image:

Have you made a flower crown before? Have you used my method to make your flower crown? Let me know in the comments section!

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