Mayfair Espresso Lunch Date

I love when new Cafes or restaurants pop up in Canberra. I’m always excited to try them out and see what the fuss is about. It’s even more exciting when you are one of the first of your friends to find and try these new places!

Mayfair Espresso is one of those new cafes that is not yet well known. It has just opened up in the corporate central of Canberra at the bottom of the brand new apartment complex, Mayfair.

It is an Italian inspired cafe with modern decor that would rival any Melbourne hipster joint. Speaking of hipster, the cafe is situated in “No Name Lane”, the funky lane way with sparkling new globe lights strung diagonally across the lane. It’s very modern and very hipster.

I went here for a quick Friday lunch as it is a few blocks from my work. A colleague had actually been here the day before and said everything was fantastic so I definitely wanted to check it out.

The menu is small but it has those quick and inexpensive lunches that people love. My friend got a cheese and tomato croissant. I ate a gluten free quinoa and kale salad. It was only $9! To only spend that money on decent sized lunch is practically unheard of these days. So I was definitely happy with this.

The food was fresh and had a slight hint of chilli to the dressing. I thoroughly enjoyed this lunch. The presentation of the food was average, but it’s a cafe so I’m not fussed much by this.

There was also some special type of coffee on offer. I chose the Raspberry Candy version of the ONA coffee which was said to have a berry twist to it. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this in the coffee. Perhaps my tastebuds are not as evolved as I thought? Nonetheless, the coffee was still delicious.

I would have to say that there is fantastic service! The staff were incredibly chirpy but not over the top. It was a real genuine welcome you get when you enter the cafe. We also received a free biscuit each which went down nicely after lunch. 

The chairs outside were not particularly comfortable so that would have to be a small negative about the place. I also think that it would get very chilly in winter as the sun is blocked by buildings and it’s a notoriously windy area of civic. But other than that it is a great place to go for lunch and coffee. 

My rating of Mayfair Espresso 

Atmosphere: 4.5/5 | Customer Service: 5/5 | Speed of Service: 5/5 | Presentation of Food: 3.5/5 | Taste: 4/5 | Value for Money: 5/5

Total: 27/30

Overall thoughts: I would definitely recommend going here. There’s great food, great service and all for a great price.

Have you been to Mayfair Espresso in Canberra? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments section!

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