Summer Stopover at Historic Tilba Tilba


My Christmas and New Years break consisted of a relaxing time on the South Coast of New South Wales. We had to do a lot of visiting family, as is expected at that time of year.

On our way from Potato Point to Pambula, we decided to have a quick stopover at Tilba Tilba. I had never been before, but every time we drove past, my partner would always say that I would love it – it’s a vintage town filled with tea and handmade goods. I replied: “you had me at vintage!”

So because we had some time on our hands, we decided to have a quick stopover and wander through the Main Street.

It was actually so cute and I loved it! I definitely want to go hear for a weekend and stay in one of the bed and breakfasts, dine at the vintage pub, have tea and scones at the tea house, nibble on cheese at the factory, taste the town fudge, and buys lots of souvenirs and products throughout the town.

When we wandered up the street, I went into Bath Patisserie which was a deliciously smelling shop filled with bath bombs, soaps and other bath products. There was so many products I didn’t know what to chose. There were even Pokeball inspired bath bombs!


We also wandered into a shop filled with crystals, incense and dream catchers. I have always loved these stores.

The lolly shop was absolutely amazing! The walls were filled with new and old sweets and it was hard to decide what ones to pick. We narrowed it done to just four bags of lollies. There is also a 50s style diner here which would be cute to dine at.

I didn’t go into the cheese factory but would love to try it out next time I go.

I definitely would be interested in trying the fudge at the shop at the top of the Main Street, it was so cute with its vintage petrol station!

The woodwork shop was filled with a variety of clever works, but pretty much everything was out of my price range. As much as I would like to spend $100 on a decent chopping board, I wasn’t able to afford it at the time. I definitely would be interested in buying one in the future.

The tea house looked like a nice shady spot to rest after shopping. There were scones and tea and I would love to dine here on my next visit. I actually bought some loose leaf teas from the shop – I got vanilla roobios and blackcurrent black tea and they are so delicious.

There are also wineries and wine tasting or tracks and trails to go on. It looked like horse riding was also an option. I definitely want to come back to Tilba Tilba because there is so much to do and so much I want to see!

Have you been to Tilba Tilba before? Or have you been to a vintage style town? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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