Beach Life Essentials in Australia

It’s summer here in Australia – and it’s my favourite time of the year! Like most people, I’m heading to the coast for my holidays, but I also want to be rocking stylish clothes. If you’re like me then you love finding new outfit inspo. So here are a few outfit ideas for your next beach or coastal trips this summer.

Eat, Tan, Swim, Repeat

One thing many people do in Aussie summers is spend a day at the beach relaxing with a good book, getting a tan, having a dip in the ocean and then getting some delicious fish and chips. The next day – do it all over again!

Eat, Tan, Swim, Repeat.

Cocktails and Beach Days

Summer is definitely about relaxing with some cold bevies (aka Australian slang for beverages). This outfit is perfect for relaxing during the day and then strolling to the bar for cocktails later on. This could be worn anywhere from Bali to Bondi Beach.

Cocktails and Beach Days

Festival of Summer

Summertime is known for music festivals in Australia. Many people will wear their swimmers to festivals as they know there will likely be a foam stage, water guns, kiddie pools, or even the beach right for a midnight cool down.

Festival of Summer

Treks and Trails

One of the best things in Australia is that you can easily find your own secluded part of the beach… If you are willing to trek there! Whether it’s by bike or by foot, be prepared and look stylish in the process with this cute outfit ensemble.

Treks and trails

Surfer Girl

Not everyone goes to the beach to get a tan – lots of girls love being active in summer too. Surfing, body boarding, swimming, snorkelling are just a few activities perfect for summer fun. Make sure you have the right outfit ready for the fun in the sun!

Surfer Girl

Reel me in

Some girls love going to the coast because it means catching some tasty seafood. And why not take a dip off the boat in between searching for ultimate fishing spots? Make sure you wear something comfy and protect yourself in the sun!

Reel Me In


Pool Party

Ok so I had to throw this in because not everyone will be heading to the beach when they are at the coast. Some would rather bathe in the pool with the view of the beach. Perfect for any glamour girl who still wants to be close to the summer action.

Poolside Fun



Which one would you pick for your favourite summer activities? Let me know in the comments section!

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