Italian Dinner with a Sea View at Sorriso Italian


One of my favourite things about travelling away is eating out at new and exciting places. My recent getaway to the South Coast was no different.

It’s often super busy at this time of the year up and down the East Coast. Without a doubt, most of Canberra leaves the territory around Christmas Eve and will stay down there until New Year’s Day (or whenever they have to return to work). Because of this, the accommodation is usually expensive and you often need to book a year in advance. We were lucky that we have family we can stay with (and have the Christmas celebrations with too) so we decided to capitalise on that this year and stay longer than our usual Christmas dash.

Because we got our free accommodation, we could spend more time fully enjoying ourselves at various places. We spent a lot of time in and out of Narooma, which is a great holiday destination on the South Coast of New South Wales. It is about halfway between Batemans Bay and Narooma and is always bustling with tourists at this time of the year.

We noticed an Italian restuarant on the main drag, with a view of the inlet, and we decided this would be a great place to spend our last night down the coast.

We were lucky that we got an early reservation (right on 6pm) and that meant we also got to sit in the “outside area”. This area resembles a small deck that people may have off their own house, but it is mainly enclosed by a painted brick wall and fly screen mesh over the windows. So unfortunately it didn’t have the best view but we still got to see some of the inlet and feel the cool summer afternoon breeze

The rest of the restaurant is a typical Italian restaurant – cosy; dark colours; lots of pictures of Italian landmarks like Venice and Milan. Sorriso had the typical and genuine Italian restaurant atmosphere.

When we sat down we were promptly greated by a friendly and helpful waitress. She was always smiling and was happy to answer any questions we had.

We were given the wine menu but then told that they don’t have most of the wines in there… I was curious why they would give you the menu but then say you can’t have any of the wines in there. I suppose that during the busiest time of the year they may sell out of products quicker than expected…

Once our food was ordered it was not long before it was brought to the table. My entree was Kilpatrick Oysters, because when at the coast you must enjoy the fresh local produce! They were large and juicy and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my entree… Until the last bite when I had a crunch that somewhat too crunchy to be the just bacon. Unfortunately it was a piece of oyster shell that had fallen into the main part of the oyster. This piece of oyster was lodged in my back tooth for almost two days so unfortunately that put a negative spin on an otherwise delicious dish.

Other entrees eaten where garlic breach, bruschetta, and a deconstructed prawn cocktail. The bruschetta appeared to be average – nothing special but not bad. The deconstructed prawn cocktail was quite interesting though. It was not described as ‘deconstructed’ in the menu, so it was a bit surprising for us.

It was presented with the full, fresh, still with heads attached prawns in a bowl. Then there was a trio of sauces in a separated serving dish. The sauces included seafood sauce, tartar sauce, and some kind of avocado mayonnaise. There was a bit of salad scattered over the plate but I am unsure if this was meant to be garnish or part of the dish.

For main I had a seafood risotto. This was only risotto on the menu. It was a tomato and white wine based sauce which zucchini bits and prawns. I chose entree size and was glad I did as it was quite filling. There were three large prawns in this dish, and that’s probably all that was needed. I loved that I was given a whole bowl of Parmesan cheese to use when I wished – usually you get a sprinkling and then that’s it but I was pretty happy with this arrangement!

I had a small bite of my partners pork dish. The presentation was basically some meat with a mushroom sauce slathered all over it and a bowl of vegetables on the side. The dish was ok – definitely edible but nothing I would rave about. It was definitely a rustic Italian type of presentation, however, I think the presentation made the meals look less appetising and restaurant worthy.

One friend ordered a pizza for his main and he was very disappointed with it so he decided not to finish it. I’m not exactly sure which pizza he ordered. He was fairly disappointed to find out that the dough was not actually made at the restaurant (or the pasta, or the gnocchi). However the waitress said that there is a particular company that makes the pizza bases especially for the restaurant… But my friend really wanted the authentic pizza base and it sounds like he was disappointed anyway.

Our other friend had an entree as a main – the mozzarella dish. The menu claimed that this is the best mozzarella in the world! So with this big claim to live up to, it was a little bit disappointing to see a white blob on the plate resembling something that comes out the other end of the body…

There was also large slices of tomato and a small bowl with gherkins and other pickled vegetables. One of the pickled vegetables was a small red looking raindrop shape, and it tasted very acidic. We had no idea what this was but it perfectly completed the mozzarella.

The prices were mid range with entrees around $16-22 and mains around $28-40. I cannot remember how much the wine cost, particularly as most of the wines weren’t even available.

My rating of Sorriso Italian Restaurant Narooma

Atmosphere: 4/5 | Customer Service: 4/5 | Speed of Service: 4.5/5 | Presentation of Food: 3/5 | Taste: 3.5/5 | Value for Money: 3.5/5

Total: 22.5/30

Overall thoughts: I thought Sorriso was a cosy seaside restaurant with great customer service. Whilst I enjoyed the choice of meals, my three other companions were not so impressed. Their feedback was that it was mediocre and the price did not match the quality of food. Also, we were not impressed with the wine (and the lack of choices).

Have you been to Sorriso Italian Restaurant in Narooma? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

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