Lash Extensions at Zheanae Salon

I’ve heard lots of good and bad stories relating to lash extensions. Despite all the stories I’ve heard, I’ve seen so many good lash selfies! What I soon came to realise was that lash extensions are often very expensive and I wasn’t quite sure why. Couldn’t I just get the same effect with single use fake lashes and not deal with the money or drama?

After months of thinking about this question, I finally decided to take the plunge and get eyelash extensions done. I decided to go to Zheanae Salon here in Canberra to get a glimpse into the world of lashing – and I was quite surprised by the results.

Zheanae Salon is a cute little home salon in the fairly new Canberra suburb of Coombs. There is a nice little sign out the front and the salon is on the ground floor of the two storey unit. The owner of Zheanae Salon is Sally, who also does makeup and she is also a beautician, but she is looking to branch out as a specialising in lash extensions. This is definitely something that is missing in Canberra at the moment so it’s great to see that she is looking to be a specialist.


Photo courtesy of Zheanae Salon

With many people having bad experiences with dodgy lash technicians, I had lots of questions for Sally throughout the appointment. Whilst she is relatively new-ish to the lashing business (about 6 months of lashing) she still does a great job. Sally really cares about her clients. Not just because she wants them to look and feel beautiful, but because healthy lashes are important for happy eyes. Seeing this care and knowledge, I knew I was in good hands.

The Process

For those who have not had lashes done before, it can be scary when you are not aware of the process. I went in completely blind and unaware so I thought it would be helpful to give you some idea of the process.

Firstly, it’s best to come to the appointment with no eye makeup on. If you do, it will need to be removed anyway, after all, a clean palette is needed for lashing to be done correctly! I had to use a makeup wipe at the beginning of my appointment. 

For my appointment we discussed what type of style I wanted… But I had absolutely no idea! I was told of a few different styles: for example the natural look; some people want very full lashes the whole way across the eyes; and some girls want the “Kylie Jenner look” with alternating lengths of lashes. I decided that I wanted a natural look, particularly as this was my first time.

Then you lay down on the lashing table/bed/whatever-it’s-called and the work will start to begin. There is a sticky gel like pad that goes on the underneath of your eyes. It’s definitely not comfortable having this stuck on but you get used to it.

Tape is also needed to slightly “raise” the eyelid so that the lashes can be done properly. It’s definitely not comfortable with all of this slight pulling around your eyes, particularly because it takes a while. The lashes are then glued on one by one and done one eye at a time.

The whole lashing experience is a long one. You also have to be ready to lie down for a while – it took about 2 hours for mine to be done. The right eye took longer than the left eye – Sally said she is always quicker at the second eye. I’ve heard a lot of people have naps during their appointment because it is long but also relaxing. I could definitely go for a relaxing nap during a lash appointment!

Review of Zheanae Salon

At the start of the appointment, Sally explained the basic procedure, which was really helpful for someone like me who was completely new to this process. Sally also said that half way through we have a short break as it will take a while and we may need to stretch etc. Having this break was good because it meant that I could also see one eye when it was finished, which I think is important for people to check and see that they are getting what they want.

Sally also makes sure that she gets her clients to read through her tips and tricks for long lasting lashes. She’s not just a knowledgeable technician, but she is passionate about what she does. When someone is like this with their business, you know that you will get a great service and product. In fact, Sally is so passionate about lashing that she now runs Zheanae Salon full time.

In terms of the type of lashes use, Sally does the “classic” lashes, as opposed to the “volume” lashes, but she is looking to start doing the volume lashes in the future. She uses mink lashes which are quite light and natural looking.

There is a great little rewards program now too so you can get some sweet discounts off your lash extensions or infills when you return to Zheanae Salon. I love things like this because it not only encourages you to return but you get rewarded for being a loyal customer.

Why get eyelash extensions

  • They open up your eyes.
  • No need for daily makeup like eye makeup.
  • Save money on makeup products like mascara and eyeshadow, and on makeup remover.
  • Save time on your daily makeup routine. I’ve cut my routine in half – I have to do my foundation, powder and eyebrows now.
  • Try something different.
  • Great for a special event like weddings, or if you are going to be travelling and don’t want to take extra makeup with you.
  • No need to fuss around with fake eyelashes (and no need to buy them)
  • There’s different styles or types that you can try, so it can be a different look each time if you like.
  • As long as you look after them like daily brushing and not wetting them too much then they can last for a couple of weeks. Obviously it depends on the rate that your lashes grow and if they are already in a good condition or not.

Reasons I wouldn’t get eyelash extensions

  • Can be expensive if you get them done all the time.
  • Need to put effort into maintenance like daily brushing if the lashes. Luckily Sally gave me 3 little spooley brushes so I had no excuse not to look after them!
  • It’s recommended to sleep on your back to protect them, especially for the first night when the glue is still setting. I personally don’t sleep on my back very often so this was uncomfortable for me. However you can get eye sleeping masks to help protect your lashes when sleeping.
  • Is not a quick process and not good for people who don’t like being still for extended periods of time (I’m one of those people!)
  • Some people are not properly trained in doing them – do you research before getting them done!
  • Sometimes I felt like my face was never fully cleaned because I had to use a makeup wipes to remove makeup or use a gentle cleanser but avoid the eye area. I also had to use baby shampoo once a week to cleanse the lashes, which felt a little strange!
  • I only wore my iconic winged liquid eyeliner once when I had lashes as I was afraid of ruining the lashes with excessive cleaning – I love my waterpoof eyeliner so sometimes I didn’t feel like myself without the winged eyeliner and this is actually a (somewhat silly) reason that I may not get them done too often.

Some Warnings

Occasionally people experience allergic reactions to eyelashes due to the adhesive glue. Sally said that if people have allergic reactions to glue used for acrylic nails, then it is likely they would have a reaction to eyelash extension glue.

Those who experience allergic reactions will often experience discomfort, itching, redness, watering of eyes. Always tell your lash extension technician if you experience this because they may need to remove them. The sooner they know the easier it is to remove. You may also have to take anti-histamines.

This is a very small amount of people who might have these reactions but I was lucky and didn’t have any issues.

Overall Thoughts

I was really happy with the overall result. It was really natural, so I didn’t have anyone saying “do you have eyelash extensions/false lashes on?” It was noticeable enough but it wasn’t over the top.

I would definitely go back again and I would definitely go to Zheanae Salon. I found the application and appointment experience relaxing and would happily go back. I’m actually really looking forward to getting them done by Zheanae Salon in future.


Have you had lash extensions done before? What have your experiences been like? Have you been to Zheanae Salon? Let me know in the comments section!

Bye for Now,


All opinions in this post are my own. The service provided by Zheanae Salon was a once-off free service in order for me to write this review for The Adventures of Vintage Barbie.

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