Review: LipSense Kit by Senegence

I was luckily enough to be given the chance to review the LipSense Kit by Senegence.

The kit comes with a lip colour, lip gloss and the remover.

The cost for the colour is $35 and the full kit is $74. I thought this sounded reasonable for 3 items in a kit.

Despite the reasonable price, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to try this kit because I am usually not a fan of gloss, especially if it is over the top of lipstick or lip colour. I find gloss makes my lips look smaller and makes the lip colour slide off easier. This is why I am a big fan of using lip liner only or using a combination of liner and matte coloured M.A.C lipstick.

But I was certainly happy to give LipSense a go. I was lucky to get a choice in the lip colour, and as you can see there are quite a few to choose from:

The colour I chose was Roseberry as it seemed like a nice pinky plum colour – and I thought this colour would be approriate for work as well as on the weekends.
This is what I received in the kit:

When I received the kit, I also received the following instructions and tips:

So only use these products hey? Is that one of those “rules” that a makeup company makes to try and prevent you from using products that aren’t their brand? Should I be worried if my lips are tingling – isn’t this a sign of an allergic reaction? And gloss gloss gloss? Hmmm… So many questions so I guess it’s time to get to work using this product and see what happens!

Day 1 of LipSense

I decided to try it on a weekend when I could just test it for the day and see how it went. This is the colour I put on at 11am:

When I first put it on it stung my lips a bit. Apparently this is normal though, according to the above tips. My lips also stuck together at the sides if I closed my lips. I had to do 4 layers of the colour to get the coverage that I was after. Because I did so many layers I think the colour was darker than I thought it would be. I used a little bit of the Opps Remover to tidy u the edges – this is great for making sure it is smudge free and you have solid lines of colour.

I probably would have preferred a proper bristle style brush to a sponge applicator. I personally find it is easier to apply lip colour with a thin brush, so it was not easy applying this for the first time!

After the colour I then gave it a light coat of gloss and went on with my day. I had lunch, then had to brush my teeth and unfortunately the colour faded a bit after that. I reapplied the colour and gloss and went along my day again. Throughout the day I used the gloss only once again (so three times that day). The gloss is not sticky gloss like many cheap ones that have made me dislike lip gloss. I was actually pretty happy with the gloss.

By bed time, I still had the colour on my lips – I was surprised! It didn’t fade quickly this time.

Day 2 of LipSense

I woke up with very dry lips and random bits of the plum colour on my lips (like the picture above). This happened despite washing my face and using makeup remover the night before. This is definitely not something I had experienced before with makeup so I decided to message Suzy of Lip Envy to ask for some tips or find out what I’m doing wrong.

The Opps Remover can be used to help with this. Apparently when you use the Opps Remover, you let it sit on your lips for a little bit and then the colour should come straight off. Also, it depends on how long the colour is on and whether you glossed through the day.

I was also told that some lips initially go through “the exfoliation process” where LipSense products essentially help remove dead skin cells from your lips. This is why my lips looked chapped and had some colour stick to them from the day before. So if this happens you are meant to keep using the gloss only.

After hearing this from Suzy, I put just a light layer of colour on my lips and followed the tip of “gloss, gloss, gloss” throughout the day. My lips felt nicely moisterised by the end of the day and the chapped lips seemed to slowly be fixed.

Day 3 of LipSense

I woke and and experience lips that were no longer chapped and dry! They felt super smooth even before I put the colour on. I was putting on lots of gloss throughout the day and the colour was lasting nicely – it had faded slightly but there is still a good amount of colour on there.

I made sure I used some Opps Remover on my lips before bed. I put a layer of it on my lips and waited a couple of minutes before wiping it off. It still doesn’t remove as easily as I thought it might but I can see that my lips are a little chapped again so it is likely that my lips are still in the exfoliation process…

I put some gloss on to moisteriser my lips and then headed to bed.

Day 4 of LipSense

My lips seem a little chapped again today. I put a light layer of colour on and lots of gloss until lunch time. The gloss definitely does not stay on as well as the colour – every time I had a sip of my coffee, some more gloss transferred to the coffee cup. So I had to keep topping up my gloss quite a lot.

I found that after lunch I needed to top up the colour because I did not put much on before work. I noticed that if you still have some gloss on your lips, the colour will suck away the moister and it will feel like when you first put on the colour. Then you can top up the colour to your desired intensity, and pop the gloss on over the top. At this point I was starting to really like this lip kit and the colour I chose.

Day 5 of LipSense

I’ve settled into a good routine of using this product. The colour seems to be a little dark for work so I like to use just two light layers. If I use one layer, the colour does not stay on as well throughout the day, as I experimented with the previous day.

By day 5 the chapped and dry lips had gone away and I had very smooth lips. I was impressed with how long the colour stayed on my lips, even when I didn’t gloss much throughout the day.

Overall Thoughts of LipSense

I’m actually very happy with the product. However if I had used it one day and did not have a consultant to ask questions, I probably would not have been happy with the product. This is mainly because it dried out my lips and made them flaky in the first day.

The colour is really nice, it’s relatively easy to apply and the colour actually lasts. The gloss is not sticky and actually moisterised my lips, so I more likely to use gloss now! I’m also not usually a gloss fan, so this was something new for me to try but I ended up really liking the gloss.

I have even decided to buy a few more kits so I can try out some other colours! Make sure you follow me on social media (especially Instagram) to see my updates of the new colours I will try.

Have you used LipSense before? What are your thoughts on this product? Would you try it after seeing my post? Let me know in the comments section!

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All opinions in this post are my own.

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