Cooking Classes at Le Tigre de Papier

When you go to Cambodia there are so many delicious foods to try that you probably have not had before. My two favourite foods were Amok and Lok Lak. But to truly immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture, a cooking class is just the thing! It is slightly touristy but the cooking class was one of the best things I did in Cambodia.

I chose to go to Le Tigre de Papier on Pub Street in Siem Reap. They offer a classes at a few different times: 10am 1pm and 5pm. The classes go for around 3 hours with the last 30 mins being the time you sit and eat your delicious meal.

You are split into two small groups do it’s asked to teach. You pick your entree and main and then as a group you pick a dessert to make together.

I chose Papaya Salad for entree, Fish Amok for main, and our group chose this delicious fried banana dessert.

After you pick your meals, it’s time to head to the market where you learn all about the produce in Cambodia and little tips and tricks on using local produce.

It was so much fun and our teacher was this darling Cambodian lady called Samana. She was actually so cute! She was happy to let us take photos and even let us take photos with her at the end of the class.

It was all fairly easy and I knew I could recreate these dishes at home. The place emails you a copy of the recipes. To be quite honest – the recipes are very hard to follow as they are not written very well. But you get the gist of the recipe. In fact, I recently made Chicken Amok for a get together.

I would definitely recommend for others to do this cooking class. It was $15 very well spent! If you think about it, you would probably pay more for a three course meal at a restaurant on Pub Street. So at least this way you’re getting a meal AND getting a fantastic experience with it!

For more info on the cooking class at Le Tigre de Papier click here

Have you done a cooking class at Le Tigre de Papier in Siem Reap? Or was there another place you went and did a cooking class at? Let me know all about it in the comments section!

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