Forever Warm and Stylish in Forever New

Even though I stopped working at Forever New for 9 months, I still love shopping there. They always have lots of great clothes for all year round, but I especially love the jeans and coats in winter. I still love shopping at Forever New as there are so many great items that are stylish yet affordable.

This year I made sure I didn’t do too much shopping before my volunteer trip to Cambodia. When I returned, it was a much different temperature here in Australia compared to what I experienced in Cambodia. So I definitely needed to update my wardrobe with some warm winter pieces.

I bought this high neck long sleeve stripe dress from Forever New and so far it’s my favourite purchase this winter! It is a classic navy blue with thin white stripes. This style and colour dress is great for all different types of outfit combinations – it works great with a fur vest and tan knee high boots, a waist belt and white pumps, or (like below) a warm winter scarf and ankle boots.

Boots are always a necessity in winter. Whilst it is great having knee high boots, ankle boots are also a great addition to any winter wardrobe. I would recommend that everyone gets a pair of boots they love as you’ll be wearing them all winter!

I was very lucky with finding these amazingly comfy black ankle boots. I was looking for boots at places like Joanne Mercer and Wittner, but I came across these beauties at Big W. They are the comfiest (and cheapest) boots I have ever bought!

The details

Dress: Forever New – $79.99 | Scarf: Forever New – $24.99 | Bag: Forever New – $39.99 | Earrings: Lovisa – $9.99 | Bangle: Lovisa – $14.99 | Stockings: Clio – 2 for $7.99 | Boots: Big W – $39

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