Finally Feasting on Freakshakes at Patissez

Freakshakes are part shake, part dessert, part artwork and they have definitely changed the milk shake game! These are the milkshakes that literally brings the boys to the yard! People have lined up for up to 4 hours to taste these treats! The average waiting time at one point was 2 hours – there’s definitely been a lot of hype over these crazy looking milkshakes.

The place that created these delicious and decadent looking drink desserts is called Patissez. Don’t be fooled by copy cat creations – the originals (and the best) are found at Patissez! (And don’t ask me how to pronounce this French word because I struggle pronouncing it!)

The thing with this place is that they don’t take bookings or reservations – you just have to rock up and hope for the best! I guess it’s a way of making the place more exclusive yet in demand… A lot of places in Canberra have stated following this little trend and it does appear to work!

Like many people in Canberra (and beyond) I wanted to try these amazing creations. I tried to get a delicious treat around 1pm on a Saturday with my man, but when we were told it would take 2 hours before we could even get a seat, we decided to skip it and try it another time.

Then my nacho loving friend and I decided that we needed a break from all the nachos and tacos we eat and we decided to go for a brunch date. We decided to try out Patisse so we could both finally try Freakshakes. We got lucky when it got quieter in Canberra just before the summer holidays – We went for a Sunday brunch at 10.30 and got a table straight away. Both of us were pleasantly surprised as we expected at least a small wait. It must have been a good day for us!

We decided to get a proper breakfast meal as well as a shake. We were recommended to get the small version, but we were determined to get the full size one… We didn’t come here to eat half of a shake! But I think our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs…

For my meal I chose to get the vegan tofu breakfast called Like a Vegan and my friend got the pancakes. The Freakshake I chose was the Freakin Nuts Shake which was Nutella based and my friend chose the BanoFreak shake.

When the Freakshakes came out I realised why the server recommended we get a small one. I was definitely unsure if I would actually be able to finish it! It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be… When it came out I realised that we could have easily shared one and probably shouldn’t have ordered a meal as well.

The food was absolutely amazing. Whilst it was not super quick, it was worth the short wait. The food was presented in an amazing “mess”. It was like a pretty artwork of food. The tofu looked crumbled but had a nice texture to it – not tough but not slimy. It was complimented well with the tomatoe chutney, eggplant, onions and mushrooms. The rocket gave it a light finishing touch and it is definitely a breakfast dish that I would buy again.

The service was really good. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Even though they were fairly busy, the staff never appeared to let this affect their customer service and the experience the customers received. They were always happy and it looked like they enjoyed working there. They were happy to have a chat with us when we paid for our meal, rather than the standard “thanks for coming but I don’t really care” attitude that I have seen way too many times. This kind of customer service always makes a difference to a dining experience.

My rating of Patissez

Atmosphere: 4/5 | Customer Service: 4/5 | Speed of Service: 3.5/5 | Presentation of Food: 5/5 | Taste: 4.5/5 | Value for Money: 4/5

Total: 25/30

Overall thoughts: I definitely think that this place deserves all the hype it got – it’s got something different yet delicious and I would definitely be going back! But I would probably choose the smaller freakshake next time!

Have you been to Patissez? Have you tried the Freakshakes? Let me know what you thought about them in the comments section!

Bye for now,


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