How to Make a Travel Makeup Kit

If you’re anything like me, you like to still look good when travelling. But unless you are a makeup artist, you probably don’t want to be dragging along a full make up kit. It’s even harder to figure out what to bring when you’ve got luggage weight restrictions.

Lucky for you I have perfected a small travel make up kit that is perfect for overseas trips, road trips, or even for a short break. It have all the essentials you need and can easily fit into your hand bag or carry on luggage.


Primer – I love this sample size primer by Napoleon Perdis. It is the perfect size for travel and can be used to give me that perfect base before makeup.

Tinted Moisteriser/BB Cream/CC Cream – anyone of these can be used as a light foundation and also as sun protection. My favourite is Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream.

Foundation – skip the foundation if you are going to a hot and humid destination. For domestic travel take your favourite long wearing foundation. For international trips, pick up some foundation at the airport in the duty free section. My favourite duty free makeup is M.A.C and I usually buy this foundation in duty free.

Concealer – a stick or solid concealer is best because you don’t have to worry about restrictions with liquids this way.

Pressed Powder – I bring this if I don’t bring foundation as it can set my BB cream in place. However you should only bring this if it is something you regularly use.

Bronzer – can be used for contouring or all over to give you a summer glow. It also helps finishing the look. I love Sephora Powder Bronzer.
Blush – I usually love having different colours of blush, but I usually just pick one to take travelling with me. My favourite travel blush is by The Body Shop.


Eyeshadow palette – this is fantastic for travel as it allows you to have a choice of looks in a variety of colours throughout your travels. You can have smokey eyes or one simple light colour – the choice is yours. There are so many eyeshadow palettes that you can find, but I would recommend a palette of neutral brown and gold colours such as the Naked Palettes.

Mascara – take your favourite with you. Make sure you pack a waterproof one if you are going to areas where you might get wet (whether this is relaxing by the pool or exploring waterfalls and rivers).

Eyeliner – taking a brown eyeliner is best because it gives a softer, more natural look, but it can also be used for more dramatic looks such as smokey eyes. You may also choose to take liquid eyeliner liner for night time looks.

Eyebrow pencil or shadow – an absolute must in my makeup kit! My all time favourite eyebrow pencil is from Australis and my eyebrow shadow kit is from The Body Shop.


Lip balm – you may stick to simple paw paw, or go with a tinted balm such as Mabeline Baby Lips.

Lip gloss – only take this if you are a gloss person. If not, the don’t let it take up valuable space. I love Napoleon Perdus lip gloss as it has a shimmer to it and doesn’t disappear as soon as you apply it.

Signature lip colour – if you love lip colour then either a great lip stain or your favourite lipstick should definitely come with you. Just keep in mind that some lipsticks and Kiplingesque may melt in hot climates.



Makeup remover wipes – great for quickly and easily removing the days makeup.

Make up remover – take some for the makeup that is more stubborn to remove, like waterproof mascara.

One ‘must have’ product – you know that there is always something that you want that is never on these lists but you know you must take it its you! For me, it’s The Body Shop lip and cheek stain.

Brushes – unless you apply everything with your fingers (which I personally don’t do) then you’ll need to bring your brushes. You only need a handful of brushes: foundation brush, blush brush, bronzer/powder brush, concealer brush, round/full eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blending brush, spooley brush (for tidying brows) and lipstick applicator brush. My Forever New 7 brush kit has served me well and has been great for travel (with a couple of additions such as my foundation and bronzer brushes).

Top Tips

  • Any liquids you take in carry on will need to go in your clear 20x20cm liquids and gels bag.
  • Don’t take your expensive makeup if you will be upset if it is lost or damaged.
  • Wrap your makeup bag/pouch will clothes to give it protection when travelling.
  • Make sure everything is packed tightly in your makeup bag to avoid any powders crushing and breaking.
  • Contact lense cases can be used for making travel “sample sizes” of your favourite lipstick.
  • Pack products that have multiple uses like a a lip and cheek stain.
  • If you feel you can, why not go makeup free!?

Is this everything on the list for your travel makeup kit? Is there anything you would remove or add from this list? Tell me in the comments section!

Bye for now,

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