Canberra’s Annual Multicultural Festival 2016

Canberra’s Annual Multicultural Festival is a three day event in Canberra that aims to celebrate the many cultures we have in our society. The celebration is through performances, food and drink, products for sale, and awareness raising.

I’ve been to the festival before but it’s primarily crammed into Garema Place and City Walk, there’s a stage in Garema Place for some performances and music and then there’s heaps of food and alcoholic drink tents in between. It’s crammed full of most of Canberra and it’s often stinking hot. A lot of people end up not going for this reason.

I decided to head in after work and check it out, and I was surprised. It seems more spread out than last year with the bus interchange moved to make way for stalls. With the festival being spread out over a large area of Civic, it made it a lot easier to go between stalls and the multiple stages set up. There was lots more than just food and drinks – there were different embassies offering awareness of their country, national airlines with travel deals, local creatives with traditional artworks products for sale, and so much more.

I also went on Saturday, the busiest day of multicultural festival. However, it was less crowded than last year. This might be because it has been spread out to allow easier access to each part of the festival.

I’m honestly surprised this festival isn’t moved to a more open location. It makes sense to have it in the city, but wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to experience the festival of they weren’t stuck behind a snails pace trail of people? I would have thought something like this would be great down at the lawns of Old Parliament House.

Another thing that the organisers should think of: shade and seats. It’s hot out there and it’s too hard for people to eat food and walk around. I really wanted to try a variety of foods but didn’t as I couldn’t eat and walk at the same time… The risk of spilling your food over someone Je who bumped into you was way too high!

My friend said that last year there was a Shisha tent that had beanbags and cushions and you could relax in this tent and smoke some Shisha. We spent all day trying to find this tent but alas, I think it was not at the Multicultural Festival this year.

Other than that, it’s a great place to try a variety of alcoholic beverages: from all kinds of cider to coconut cocktails, and from Peruvian summer drink to beer from all around the world. Most people I know go for this, but I would actually like to try more food next time. Not that this is a gluten-free-friendly event, but I still want to try some of the delicious tastes from around the world!


Have you been to the Multicultural Festival in Canberra? What’s your favourite part about it? Let me know in the comments section!

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