Review of QT Hotel Canberra

In December 2015, my work Christmas function was held at a bar contained within the QT Canberra hotel and we had a room to use for getting ready. Whilst I didn’t stay in the actual hotel overnight, I thought it was worth doing a post on the hotel anyway.

I remember when this hotel was the Rydges Lakeside hotel only a few years ago. It was filled with a 70s feel of muted beige, yellows and dark browns. The hallways were dark and clearly needed an update.

The hotel was only taken over by the QT franchise in the last couple of years. They completely revamped and refurbished this hotel. Now, it has come in line with societies wants and needs with modern furnishings and lots of light.

The room given to us was a standard room. I really liked how the bedroom has been styled. It is feels welcoming despite the modern trimmings. I particularly liked the geometric styled table near the window.

The bathroom obviously didn’t get the same treatment in the refurbishment, as it still had the old yellow tiles. However it was clean, tidy and had plenty of complimentary amenities to go with it.

As I said before, I didn’t stay in the room itself, but it looked to be a nice hotel to stay at. It is close to the city centre, but you will need to walk about 15-20 minutes to get to the shopping mall, bus interchange and main square called Garema Place. A big positive about this hotel is that you have a balcony with every room and this gives you great views of the city with some higher rooms giving you views of the lake.

My parents stayed here for their anniversary in May 2015. They were not fans of the hotel, but my guess is perhaps this the hotel is too “hipster” for them. They felt that it was “cold” an “un-personable”.

Based on what I saw, I think it would give you all you need in a hotel. I would definitely like to stay here at some point give a full review.

Click here for further information on QT Hotel Canberra

Have you stayed at QT Canberra? What are your thoughts on this hotel? Let me know in the comments section!

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