What to Wear: On a Wine Tour

I’ve only been on a few wine tours but they were lots of fun and I’m keen to do some more! I’ve been to the Hunter Valley and also the Yarra Valley – some of Australia’s best vineyard areas. I most recently visited the Murrumbateman area for some tasting of wines in my local area. I definitely want to do a wine tour in the Barossa Valley and would be happy to go back to any of the wine regions I have already visited.

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The thing about wine tours is that you can do them all year round. Obviously there are better seasons for some vineyards, and there may be times when it is busier, but I would recommend everyone go on a wine tour at least once.

For someone who is new to wine tours, you probably have questions about what to wear. This is where my style advice can help you!

Top Style Advce Tips

There are three key fashion and style tips to keep in mind

1. Wear the right footwear. You’ll need something that is comfortable enough to wear all day – because you don want to be that girl who takes her shoes off! You may also have to walk on uneven surfaces, unsealed roads, and even step through the grass to get to your location (or photo op!) I suggest that you go for ballet flats, boots, or a chunky heel.

2. Make it smart casual. Wine tours are about class, but a casual style. If you think you are too casual, wear a boyfriend blazer and add some jewellery. Layers are definitely your friend, as you may find it gets warmer after a few glasses of red, or it gets cooler as the sun goes down. When in doubt, wear your nicest pair of jeans

3. Skip the lipstick or too much gloss. You’re going to be sipping wine all day so rather than waste your lipstick on constant touch ups, choose a lip stain or a light lip balm.

4. Don’t wear perfume. The smell can confuse your receptors to the taste and smell of the wine, which are integral parts of wine tasting! You also do not want to upset any wine connosoirs with your wafts of perfume interfering with their tasting.

Wine Tour Outfit Inspiration

And what kind of style advice post would this be without some beautiful outfit combinations from my Polyvore account? I decided to split up the outfits depending on the season to tshow how you can dress for this event or hobby any time of the year.

Wine tour outfit #4

Autumn Wine Tour Outfit: this is a great example of keeping it casual and simple, but dressing it up and making it classy. The blazer not only brings some colour to the outfit, but instantly makes the outfit dressier. And accessorising with the scarf is a great idea because it gives interest to the outfit without having to go overboard on the accessories

Wine tour outfit #6

Winter Wine Tour Outfit: you will want to keep warm in winter, and you can’t go past a knitted turtleneck dress for winter. Knee high boots mean you will stay warm, and you can pair this with patterned stockings. You may choose thicker stockings if you are in a cooler climate. The fur vest not only keeps you warm, but also gives it a great sense of style.

Wine tour outfit #5

Summer Wine Tour Outfit: stripes always signify summer, and this combination is a classy way to stay cool whilst sipping on various drops. The hat is perfect for those bright days – it will keep you protected from any harsh sun rays. The combination of coral wedges makes it fun and very summery.

Spring wine tour outfit

Spring Wine Tour Outfit: the playsuit means you are kept comfortable, while the print keeps it fun. The long sleeves mean that you can wear it on a cooler day, even with beige stockings underneath. The heels give a slight peeptoe and they are a chunky heel meaning there will be less likelihood of sinking into the ground. Don’t forget your coat and scarf as it can get cooler later in the day during spring.

Want to see what I wore on a wine tour in the spring of 2015? Then click here for my outfit post!

What do you wear on a wine tour? If you have a wine tour outfit, please share links to it in the comments section – I would love to see your outfits!

Bye for now

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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