What to Do in Hong Kong – Night Time Activities

My last Travel Tuesday post focused on some fun things to do in Hong Kong during the day, but Hong Kong is also a vibrant city at night. I did not do as many night time activities as I would have liked, but there is still a selection of fun things to do.


Karaoke: There are so many karaoke places around and the locals love karaoke, so I would definitely recommend trying it out one night! Most songs are K-Pop and are not in English, though but it still is fun to try!

Ozone Bar and Sky100: the tallest building in Hong Kong is called the International Commerce Centre. Below it has the Ritz Carlton Hotel but you can easily go up the top to the worlds tallest/highest bar called Ozone. You can look out down on the city at Sky100.

Obviously this is something to you do during the day, but I would recommend going up, having dinner and wine, and then looking out over the city at night. This is what we did and it was spectacular! A word of warning though, the bar is not cheap – we spent around AU$400 on wine and three tapas plates. It was definitely worth it though because the wine and tapas were quite delicious.

The View from Ozone Bar

The View from Ozone Bar

Click here for more information on OZONE

Symphony of Lights: At 8pm each night there is a laser show where around 40 buildings display a lightshow of laser beams, search lights and coloured lights. Even when there is cloud cover, you can still see some of the display, which lasts for about 15 minutes. There is also music and narration that goes with the light show, and you can listen to this outside Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Personally I would suggest the best viewing point is either from Sky100 tower or on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. We were staying on the Kowloon side and went to the top of our hotel to view the laser show the first night we were there – this was definitely the best viewing point. Having said that, seeing the light show from Ozone while we were sipping on expensive wine was also pretty cool!

Where you can hear the Symphony of Lights music

The best place to view the night,y lazed show!

Night time Junk Cruise: a “Junk” is an older styled boat with red sails. There are not many left that do cruises around the harbour, so this is something everyone should try and do. It takes approximately 45 minutes and give you a different perspective on the harbour. There are a few different types of vessels, and the prices and times they leave do vary. If you want to ride the traditional red sail Junk, called th Duk Ling Junk, it operates hourly from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and will cost you around 320HKD.

The Junk Boats are seen cruising the harbour both during the day and at night

Dinner at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant: this gigantic floating tourist attraction was something that I missed out on. From what I know, it has a restaurant and bar, a fine dining restaurant, a cooking school, a Chinese Tea Garden and even a shopping plaza. It has appeared in mobs and many famous people have visited this attraction. The floating restaurant is also impressive at night, where the lights glisten on the water…I definitely want to go to this attraction next time I am in Hong Kong.

Click here for more information on the Floating Restaurant, including their menu. 

Dinner with a view

Happy Valley Racecourse: for something a bit different to do on a Wednesday night, take a tram ride to Happy Valley and experience the night time horse racing. The racing season is from September to July and the first race usually starts around 7pm on Wednesday nights. It costs only HK$10 for public admission for a standing entry, and an extra HK$20 for a seat on the Terrace. Even if you only stay to watch a couple of races, it’s definitely a fun and social night out. If you want a BBQ buffet dinner, you can get a seat down at Stable Bend Terrace, but this will set you back at least HK$550.

 Click here for more information on Happy Valley.

At the rooftop pool at our hotel – beautiful view of Hong Kong Skyline!

Have you been to Hong Kong? What would you recommend for people to do at night in Hong Kong? Post you thoughts in the comments section of this post!

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