Weekday Dinner at Little Brooklyn in Kingston

As many of my readers may have guessed, I love anything vintage and vintage inspired. My favourite decades are the 1920s, 1950s and 1980s. I particularly love how there are vintage inspired restaurants and cafes popping up everywhere at the moment.

Little Brooklyn is a funky restaurant and bar in one of the restaurant suburbs of Canberra: Kingston. It has vintage posters spanning various decades plastered all over the walls. There are cute round tables with red and white checkered table clothes and larger booths up against the walls. It’s cosy yet spacious.

I actually had my “vintage inspired” 25th birthday party here just after it had first opened. It was lots of fun and I had been thinking that I should return again, but I guess I never got around to it.

This time my mum, my sister and myself happened to be in Kingston around dinner time, so we decided to grab something to eat at Little Brooklyn.

From memory, the menu has changed quite a lot in the last 18 months. There was no risotto like I remembered having for my birthday. There also did not seem to be many gluten free dishes available. What is in abundance is a good choice of burgers and lots of American style food.

We happened to be there on a Wednesday which was the $15 wings night. The deal gives you 1kg (that’s right a whole kilogram) of chicken wings, and a drink, for just $15. I was pretty tempted to get it, but no one wanted to share with me and I definitely wasn’t going to be able to eat 1kg of wings for myself… Or could I? Challenge accepted, pending the availability on a later date…

I decided on nachos, because, well, they are my favourite food. They were listed in the “Fingers” section, so I didn’t expect them to be a large serving. The menu didn’t say that they were gluten free, but I was willing to risk it for my favourite meal.

When it came out, I realised that it was creamy sauce-like cheese, not the grated tasty cheese I have come to expect from nachos. I think this is just the American style of food that this place offers, so I probably should have thought about that beforehand.

I’m not a big fan of these creamy sauce cheese. It reminds me of mayonnaise, and I’m fairly certain mayonnaise comes in a bottle… I don’t think cheese should come in a bottle. Cheese is not liquid and comes in a solid block – and I should know – I come from Bega, the land of Bega Cheese!

Anyway, enough about cheese.

So the nachos had a delicious bean and tomato salsa mixture. This was supposed to be mixed through pulled steak…but there was hardly any meat in my nachos. I’m actually perfectly happy with vegetarian nachos, but if I am told that I am getting meat in my nachos, I expect a good meat to chip ratio.

Speaking of the chips, they were not the usual corn chips that I am used to. They had a different kind of aoperance to them – they almost looked translucent. But they tasted pretty good!

There was nothing special about the presentation of food. The nachos and burgers my mum and sister bought all came out in woven baskets and gave it a casual feel. This definitely tied in with the restaurants rustic 1950s look.

My mum and sister both got the Big Brooklyn Burgers. I was surprised the burger wasn’t bigger when it was advertised to be a “big” burger. I was informed by my mum and sister that their burgers were alright, but nothing to special.

The burgers came with a side of chips and aioli dipping sauce. I had some of this with a couple of chips and it was enjoyable.

I left the restaurant not feeling quite satisfied with my meal, but I love the vintage quirkiness of the place, so I guess I would probably still come back… Actually, I do want to try the $15 Wings deal so I will be back to give Little Brooklyn a second chance.

My Rating of Little Brooklyn

Atmosphere: 4/5 | Customer Service: 3.5/5 | Speed of Service: 4/5 | Presentation of Food: 2.5/5 | Taste: 3/5 | Value for Money: 3.5/5

Total Score: 20.5/30

Overall: Little Brooklyn if funky and cute place to go for a casual dinner. I wouldn’t recommend the nachos but I am keen to return for the $15 wings!

For more information on Little Brooklyn go to their website by clicking here


Have you been to Little Brooklyn in Kingston? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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