Wedding Outfit Ideas for Various Wedding Locations

Now that spring is here in Australia, wedding season has begun. You might remember my post from last year where I explained what to wear to a wedding (and what not to wear!)

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I’ve decided it might be useful to give some ideas on what to wear to weddings based on the location or type of wedding. Obviously every wedding is different, and thus sometimes what you would wear to one wedding, you wouldn’t always wear to another wedding.

The key is to check the dress code on the invitation. If it is formal, be careful about wearing a cocktail dress. If it is cocktail, a long dress is not necessary. Also check the location of the wedding, and think about the time of the year the wedding will be held. You might have a perfect outfit but what about keeping warm in the cooler months?

For some people, thinking about all of these factors is enough to make their head explode. So to take the pain out of deciding, and hopefulyy to give you a decent guide, here’s some of my outfit combinations and ideas based on various wedding locations.

Resort Wedding

If the wedding is held within the confines of a resort, like in a tropical location, it will most likely be warm. So you want something that is going to keep you cool but is still ‘formal’ enough for the special occasion. You can easily pull off a maxi dress with some loose curls or waves in your hair. Add a cute clutch and shell detail jewellery to dress it up without being over the top.

Weddin guest attire



If the wedding is more formal, I recommend finding a chiffon style dress. Also keep in mind that the ceremony may be in a ‘natural surrounding’such as a rock cathedral or a sandy bank, so you may need to have flats for the ceremony. If you’re staying at the resort for the wedding, then you can always go and change into your heels for the reception 🙂

Bohemian Inspired Wedding

If you are invited to an alternative style wedding for a boho or hippie couple, you might find that you are going to a more casual wedding, possibly surrounded by nature. This is not a reason to slack off in dressing nicely! A tribal print maxi dress keeps the look casual, but it can easily be dressed up with chunky wooden heels and boho inspired accessories. I particularly love this belt – so classy whilst perfectly going with a boho theme.

Wedding guest attire



Vintage Inspired Wedding

If you are asked to wear something vintage inspired, or the event is in an older style venue, then this outfit would be a great choice. The dress comes in at the waist and has a full skirt, similar to the styles of dresses in the 50s. The length makes it great for weddings, and the style means you can use all different types of accessories.

What to wear to a vintage wedding


Pearl jewellery is the best choice and if the event calls for it, maybe even a pretty fascinator or hat could top of the look.  Closed toe shoes work great with this style, especially if they are Mary-Jane style heels.

Winery Wedding

Wineries or vineyards are popular places for weddings, and it will often be one of the prettiest weddings you will attend. It’s romantic but classy. This is the time when you want to wear a cocktail inspired dress (of appropriate length), as longer dresses can sometimes become dirty in the grass and dirt of the vineyard. A pretty lace number would be recommended for this kind of wedding, as it will reflect nicely in photos. Easily accessorize a lace cocktail dress with dainty earrings and accessories.


What to wear to a wedding


Thicker heeled shoes would be best so you don’t sink into the ground. You may wish to invest in some heel stoppers if you are wearing skinnier heeled shoes – they generally don’t look the best but they will keep your heels from being ruined.

Black Tie Wedding

A lot of wedding invitations ask for guests to dress in formal wear, but many people are not as “formal” as they probably should be. But if it says “black tie” then it means guys must be in tuxes and ladies must be in floor length dresses. Chiffon dresses full length dresses are the best option that are readily available in many shops and very much in fashion. Forever New is my favourite place for this style of dress.


What to wear to a wedding - flack tie


A black tie event may also call for gloves to be worn by ladies, which makes your outfit especially formal. Make sure your accessories properly match such as having silver jewellery, shoes and clutch.

Garden Wedding

When you think of a garden wedding you think of springtime, flowers and sunshine. Most garden weddings will be during the warmer months, and they are normally a little less formal than other weddings. You might even be invited to a backyard garden wedding. This calls for a pretty cocktail dress, and a floral print is perfect for a garden wedding.


What to wear to a garden wedding


Wedges are a great alternative to stilettos, as they keep you comfortable and stop you from sinking your heels in the ground.Keep the accessories in neutral tones if you have a floral dress, as this will keep the look romantic and dainty – perfect for a garden wedding.

Beach Wedding

Similar to the resort wedding, summer beach weddings are always romantic and pretty, but the casual nature of the location often makes it hard to decide on what to wear. To keep it more formal, a maxi dress would be the best option. Add some large embellished jewellery such as a necklace or earrings.


What to wear to a beach wedding


I would also recommend wearing pretty sandals during the beach ceremony and you can always change into heels for the reception. Or the casual nature of the event may call for you to stay in your pretty sandals. And don’t forget to pack the sunglasses in your clutch!

Church Wedding

Many wedding ceremonies are still in churches, and guests should be particularly considerate of being respectful when in a church or a place of worship. Churches usually mean that the dresses should be more conservative and a cover up such as a shawl should be worn inside the church during the ceremony.


What to wear to a wedding


In summer this may mean a nice silk shawl, or in winter a faux fur shawl. These are both classy and stylish ways of staying conservative – and remember you can always ditch the shawl at the reception… or use it afterwards when it is cool outside!


What do you think of my outfit ideas? Do you have links to pictures of outfits you have worn to weddings? Share your thoughts and links in the comments!

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie xoxo

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