Honkytonks Night Markets

Going to the markets was something I did quite often as a child. My mum and Grandma used to love going to the local markets on the weekends: there was the one of a kind jewellery, home cooked jams and relishes, unique artworks, cute knitted clothes and some random trash and treasure.

It was always fun going and checking out the markets with the family. However I think the treats like ice cream were probably the reason why I loved it so much!

I still love the markets, but now it’s a different kind of appreciation. I love seeing eutreprenuers establishing their business. Everyone starts somewhere and a lot of people start their business at the markets.

There are a few different markets in Canberra: the Old Bus Depot Markets every Sunday in Kingston, the Belconnen Trash and Treasure Markets also every Sunday, and Fash’n’Treasure¬†Markets once a month out at EPIC.

Something that I have not seen in Canberra before is the Honkytonks Winter Night Markets. They were held on Wednesday 19 August, right in the centre of the city in Garema Place, in the marquee that usually holds the patrons of the bar.

The marquee had been extended for the night, tables and chairs had been removed, and lanterns were hung under the walkway. It was a cute and funky setup.

There were only small stalls and it was a tight squeeze trying to get around, but everyone was polite in manoeuvring around one another.

I had a quick wander around and a bit of a chat with different stall owners. I also found a few things to buy:

1. Resin Doll Collar Chain

Resin Doll was so cute and so very vintage. This stall had so many things I wanted to buy! I first saw the collar chains and decided I simply must buy them. The were also so many cute broaches like ice creams and cats. Then I saw the sunglasses adorned with jewels and diamontes. After speaking to the store owners, I found out that each pair of sunglasses are decorated by hand, and are all unique. I’ll definitely be buying more from this store!

2. Body Food Honey Soap

When something smells so delicious, it’s hard not to buy it. I am obsessed with delicious smelling body care goods, so it was definitely hard not to resist the goods on display! The owner said this was her first markets, and she was already sold out of her grapefruit scrub (which by the way, the tester asmelt devine, so it’s no wonder it sold out so quickly!)

3. Meraki Body

Another stall with delicious body products. The scrubs smelt so yummy, and the charcole face mask looked like it would work wonders on tired, dull skin. I found a strawberry lip scrub hiding away, and I decided that this is definitely something I should purchase. It was only $5, so I thought why not let my lips enjoy a nice tasty exfoliant?!

4. Pawscents Anxiety Calmer for Cats

Anyone who has met my cat knows that she is a tad crazy. I came across this stall just as I was leaving, and at first I just thought they were handmade candles. But after talking to the stall owners, I found out that the candles are for calming anxious cats and dogs. There are different types depending on your pet. Plus all the candles are uniquely designed with a cute cloth covering, just like old school homemade jams! I got a small Pawscent that can be used in an oil burner, and I’m curious to see if it calms down my crazy cat.

Although it was a quick visit to the markets, there were lots of stall with a variety of goods available. There were also records, vintage clothes, handmade jewellery, homewares, artwork, children’s goods and more. There was even a taco stall set up outside the entrance to Honkytonks. And of course, people could still go into Honkytonks to enjoy a drink.

I hope that these night markets run again as it was great to be able to do something fun and different on a weeknight, without it having to blow the budget.

Bye for now,

Vintage Barbie

All opinions in this post are my own. Unless otherwise stated, this post has not been sponsored and I have not been paid for this post

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