Natural Force

I fell in love with a green boho inspired dress on …It was one of those dresses that looked amazing on the model but I was unsure if it would look nice on me. Sometimes I feel so frumpy when wearing clothes that you have seen on a model…

This specific dress had 3/4 sleeves which can button up at the end. It also has buttons from bust to about knees, then it was a split straight down the front. At first I wasn’t sure about this, but when I got the dress I was so so happy with how it looked on me! I knew I had to snap some photos of me in this dress cos it was just so pretty on!

I was super sad when five minutes into wearing it/taking photos, I realised it was faulty: it had loose stitching around the hemlines. I’m not sure if it was just this dress or if other dresses would be the same, but to be quite honest, I didn’t want to risk returning it and getting back another one that was the same. I know that this could be probably be easily fixed but I honestly don’t have the time to mend my clothes at the moment. So I reluctantly took off the dress and sadly returned it to Showpo.

I have to say that Showpo has really great customer service and happily took my return. They were great with their email correspondence and fairly quick with responding. The customer service representative made me feel valued as a customer and I find that so very important in any customer related experience.

Because of their fantastic service, I bought a pair of jeans and a new top the next day – post to come on that too!

But for now, I want to share the pics of the pretty long sleev dress I bought, called Natural Force.


Details: Dress – Showpo | Belt – ICE (old) | Snake Ring – unsure | Gold rings – eBay | Boots – ICE (old) | Flower Crown – My own DIY

What do you think of this dress? Have you bought anything from Showpo? Be sure to leave your comments!

Vintage Barbie xoxo


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